Monday, April 29, 2013

Bates Motel: The Man In Number 9 recap (spoilers)

I know this pic is a commercial but I think it's really cool

Oh.  I can't.  I'm too broken by this episode to write a coherent opening paragraph.  I'm sorry.  This show is amazing, but it literally defeats you.  I mean, I guess that's it's purpose, but you are exhausted emotionally after each episode.  In a way I'm kind of happy the seasons winding down because I may have a mental breakdown soon.

The episode picks up where last weeks ended.  Sheriff Romero shows up to find Shelby dead, Norma beaten, Norman bleeding and Dylan shot.  Just when you think he is going to snap, Romero turns and kind of anticlimactically says "We'd better talk."  Alright...  Cut to Norma saying "And now you know the whole truth."  You're not sure how much she's told, but it slowly unfolds that the whole truth really did come out.  Romero admits he had suspected Shelby was up to no good and makes up the perfect cover story, spinning the whole thing so the Sheriff Romero is the hero and Norma is off the hook.  Norma and Norman are ecstatic and do some creepy "boyfriend/girlfriend" looking hugging.  But not everybody is happy.  Dylan was not only shot, but given the short end of the stick in the cover story, being "the guy who got in the way."

Cut to Bradley and Norman back in bed.  Oh I was so ecstatic   I was so happy my theory about Norman raping her was wrong.  They tangle in the sheets and Norman insists that Norman is downstairs and won't hear them.  There is a pubescent awkwardness captured, those strange and beautiful moments you had a teenager as you figure out what the hell is going on with your body... and other peoples bodies.  I am so relieved that they are in bed, that when Norma yells "NORMAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"  I nearly pooped my pants.  Norman throws back the sheet and OH MY GOD THANK GOODNESS IT'S JUST A DREAM!  So Norma chats with Norman about the motel opening as he nurses his morning wood.  Ah, the creepiness... it never gets old.

Before going to school, Norman fixes some lattice work under the house.  He finds a dog under the house, its snarls and growls and Norman, and Norman calls to it hammer in hand.  In my heart of heart I thought we was going to bash it's brains in but thank the Lord Jesus, he lets it run by him.  Meanwhile, Norma is in the kitchen being the perfect 50s Mother to Dylan... until he tells her that he is still moving out.  She gives him the now famous Norma passive aggressive guilt trip, and sends him out with the trash.  As Dylan struggles with one arm at the dumpster a man drives up looking for the Seafair Hotel and Keith Summers.  He serves extreme creepiness to Dylan before driving away.  Jere Burns is an incredibly gifted actor, creepiness and insanity being his specialty.  Its great to see him in a role on this show.

Norma begins trying to promote the motel, first going to a restaurant with an amazing 60s vibe.  But, they won't help promote the business because of all of the controversy   With no booking and no backing, Norma starts to freak out.  She stares at her empty booking list, but when she looks up she sees a man trying to get into a room.  It's so creepy but Norma in classic Norma denial looks past it, giving him the key to #9 which he wants booked for one week every two months.  Burns' character, Jake Abernathy is SOOO creepy and you have to wonder why he wants the room.  I started thinking about what it must be like to run that kind of motel, the kind of trust both you and your customers need.  I could never handle that.

Dylan comes home to find Abernathy in residence.  He isn't happy about the arrangement, and tells Norma that he is going to check him in.  He asks Abernathy for his license and credit card.  Abernathy is not happy to oblige  saying he's in the system, but when Dylan explains that the system is new, Abernathy gives his license and a boatload of cash.  A suspicious Dylan goes back to the house to find Norma trying in Vain to scrub Shelby's blood from the steps.  "You can't get blood out of stone Norma," Dylan comments as he drops the wad of cash in her face.

The next day Norman and Dylan use the cash to buy paint for the stone.  The whole episode Norman tries to get Bradley's attention, but she has given him the cold shoulder.  This is the first time Dylan meets her, and you get the weird feeling he may be into her.  He asks Norman if he has slept with her since the first time, but he says he hasn't, but he puts in on the fact that she just lost her dad.

That night Norma has trouble sleeping, and when she hears a noise she is out of bed in a flash.  She goes downstairs to investigate and finds her kitchen door open and slamming against the wind.  Have you ever heard of locking your door Norma?  Well, Norma can't figure out how the door could have possibly opened and just goes on back inside.  Oh come on.  You just know it's Jake Abernathy.

The next day Emma shows up looking for Norman.  Norma answers, and Emma asks if they have gotten a dog, as Norman has left food out for the dog under the porch.  Norma goes to tell Norman that Emma is here, but he tells her to make up and excuse for why he can't see her.  Norma snaps, she is suddenly all team Emma, but Norman says he doesn't want to lead her on.  So, having not much else to snap about, Norma yells at Norman about the dog food and storms off.

Norma, tells Emma that Norman doesn't feel well, but when she notices Emma leaving in tears, she offers a bit of a girls day out.  It's kind of sweet actually.  In the car they start a bit of gossip about Norman.  Norma asks Emma if she knows whats been up with her son and Emma kind of TOTALLY SPILLS THE BEANS ABOUT BRADLEY!  WHAT THE FUCK EMMA!  And then THEN EMMA TAKES HER TO BRADLEY'S YOGA CLASS TO SPY ON HER!  WTF WHY!  But when Norma see Bradley and realizes she is the girl who took Norman to the party she has a bit of a mini-stroke and starts imagining them having sex.  WUT.  Norma storms off nearly leaving Emma in the dust.

Later that day, the dog is back and now Norman has given it a name, Juno.  Norman gains it's trust, but Norma scares it away.  I can't help fearing for this dog's life... Oh GOD!  Later that night, Norman asks if he can keep the dog, and even though at first Norma is resistant, when Norman says "Normal families have dogs," she agrees... but then things get weird.  Norma sits Norman down at the table to have "the sex talk" holding his hand.  "Sex is a serious thing" she tells him, but then basically tells him that Bradley is a whore, "You don't know that girl well enough to be screwing her."  Norma talks about women after sex as like, crazy witches that have crazy juices flowing through them after sex, practically touching her boobs as she explains.  Norman is building in anger, and when Norma drops the bomb that she's hired Emma, Norman freaks, telling her she has no right to pick who he should date.  Norman storms out and Norma freaks out screaming and slamming doors.

Norman goes to Bradley's house and it all goes to shit.  Norman gives her this big romcom speech, confessing his feelings... but then the big let down.  Bradley doesn't have feelings for Norman, it was just a thing that happened.  Well... I'm glad he didn't rape her, I've never been happier to be wrong.  Norman is devistated and he storms off, ticking off everything his mother says as the ringing that signifies he's losing it builds.  Bradley chases after him and you want to scream "NO BRADLEY DON'T!  HE'S GONE PSYCHO!"  She finally catches up to him, asking if he's okay, but he only responds "I don't think you're a nice girl" as the ring builds.  I thought he was going to strangle her, but his trance breaks as Bradley hugs him and apologize.  Thankfully all Norman does is walk away.

Back at the motel, Norma is in the office and is nearly scared to death by Abernathy.  He tells her that he likes the motel better now, offering to spread the word.  Then, he asks to book the entire block of rooms for the first week of every moth for his "sales" people.  Norma looks leery, half-joking "it's not anything illegal."  When he laughs off her accusation she turns on the Norma denial and books the rooms for him.  What the fuck Norma.  I actually thought the words "you dumb bitch".

I don't even want to talk about this last part.  Don't make me.  Please.  Oh God.  I didn't even really watch.  Because I knew...  Norman gets home, broken up about Bradley and find his dog on the other side of the street.  He calls for Juno just as a car comes.  He tries to stop her, but she is already running toward him and that HORRIBLE DOG YELP comes and you know Juno is dead.  Norman screams "I KILLED MY DOG!"  And I vomited up my heart.  WHY DO THE DOGS ALWAYS HAVE TO DIE!  I have had dogs my whole life, I have two now and I know the pain of losing a pet is one of the horrific feelings in the world.

Norma runs out in the confusion, but Norman demands to be taken to Emma's father because "Emma's dad can fix dead things!"  And now we know why Norman loves taxidermy.  Take a good hard look Norma this is your future.  Norman spills the beans about Bradley, and Norma tells him that he will take him to Emma's Dad.

I'm so upset about the dog dying I have nothing left to say.  Dead inside.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Macbeth: Alan Cumming Is A One Man Wrecking Machine

The whole idea of this blog is to express what it is to be a nerd.  There is more to it than just what you watch or how you act, it's about having intense passion.  And I have an intense passion for theatre.  I am a self proclaimed theatre nerd.  I see as much as I can, but it's tough with theatre being so expensive.  So, I go to my fair share of more affordable off and off off and off off off Broadway shows, which, honestly, are sometimes are better than many Broadway productions I've seen.  But when I was walking to work and saw the Macbeth with Alan Cumming sign erected I knew, that no matter how much I had to spend, I was seeing this show.  And last night I did.  Never in my life have I been so blown away by a piece of theatre.  Never.  Half of my brain actually fell out of my head.  I'm writing this with half a brain.

Now, before I get into the show I have to be honest.  I am a monster Alan Cumming fan.  I was first drawn to him in the 90s when the commercials for Cabaret started airing in New York.  I never got to see him in it, but I remember being drawn to him, dying to see it, but by the time I got to, he was long gone.  Then, I saw Spy Kids.  How could that be the same man!?  And then I realized it was too late.  I was in love.  Alan Cumming is a chameleon and I think that is the sexiest thing in the world.  He is a fearless actor who is not afraid of any role, even if the movie is crap it doesn't matter to him.  He cares about his craft and he is brave in it.  No two Alan Cumming performances are the same, and when I found out that he was actually SCOTTISH, well, my head fell off.  His mastery of accents is unbelievable from a staunch American in  Reefer Madness the Movie Musical, to a posh English in Emma to thick German in X2: X-Men United.  When I was in high school I was involved in the school choir. We had to have plain black binders, but we decorated the inside.  While other girls had Leonardo DiCaprio or boy bands, my binder had a full body picture of Alan Cumming, and a small picture of Johnny Depp next to it.  I just adore him.

Now to Macbeth.  This was just an absolute piece of genius.  Set in a psychiatric ward, the audience walks in to find a sterile green room.  The set is amazing, and in the half hour I sat waiting for the show to begin, I tried to take in everything that was going on.  The set was littered with little things, every detailed seemed important.  The walls were a bricked in hospital green, a doll lay lifeless under a metal staircase, a viewing window for doctors to watch patients from hummed with a harsh florescent light and an old fashion white porcelain bathtub gave a sort of creepy feel.  The whole set made you want to shiver, this is the kind of place people have nightmares about, the kind of hospital horror movies come to life in.  I was already put slightly on edge before a single thing even happened.

Finally, the show begins and we see a Doctor and an Orderly taking all of Cumming's things and stuffing them into evidence bags.  They also take DNA samples from both his mouth and deep scratch marks on his chest the resemble the letter M.  As they go to leave, he takes one of the evidence bags, and the Doctor allows him to keep it.  Just as the Doctor and Orderly walk out the first line of the play is delivered "When shall we three meet again?"  And then the magic begins.

Cumming takes on nearly every role in Shakespeare's famed tragedy.  Going in I couldn't believe this was possible.  How could one person play so many characters?  Especially when most of them are killed... especially when most of them kill each other?  But it happens and it is glorious.  I was hooked by the first scene with Macbeth, Banquo and the Weird Sisters.  Now, Banquo was represented the entire show by an apple Cumming tosses around.  Macbeth was the only character that had no specific representation.  But I kept wondering... how the hell are they going to pull off the three weird sisters?  And suddenly, three security cameras that I hadn't noticed came to life, each one attached to three different TV screens that hung above the set.  Cumming talks into each camera corresponding with a different TV screen hanging above the set giving you three weird sisters.  It was amazing.  As the play went on, little things signified each character, Malcolm was represented by the creepy doll, the King Duncan has his throne (a dilapidated padded hospital chair) and a posh English accent.  But most impressively, Cumming gave what maybe my favorite version of Lady Macbeth, a sensual, sexual woman who we first meet in that horrifying bathtub.  The scenes between Macbeth and his wife were the most incredible as Cumming jumps around the room having a conversation with himself, true insanity coming through as his Doctor watches from the viewing room above.  

The set is used the entire time, lights going on an off, psych bells ringing, the Orderly and Doctor coming in and out to make sure he hasn't hurt himself.  Your senses are assaulted constantly as horrifying music and sounds play as Macbeth falls deeper and deeper into madness.  When the lights go out, the security cameras show us whats going on in the terrifying green hues of night vision before the lights snap back on momentarily blinding the audience.  You start to go a little mad yourself as Cumming starts playing three and four characters at a time, leaping and bounding around this mad stage, the cameras following him, the Doctor watching him.  I literally sat at the edge of my seat, and even as small bits of humor shined through, but they end I had my hand on my mouth, tears in my eyes, literally shaking and waiting for that cathartic moment that couldn't come soon enough.  I wish I could tell you everything about this, but my hope is that Macbeth has been taped because the world needs to see what happened on this stage and I don't want to ruin everything.

Cumming is not the only one to be commended.  The direction of this show was insane, they made it work, but I can understand why it was a two person undertaking.  The show was directed by both John Tiffany (who directed Once which I just saw a few weeks ago and loved, highly recommend) and Andrew Goldberg.  I would love to sit and pick their brains about this show, because while it was Macbeth, I want to know about the mental patient.  When the Doctor and Orderly are in the room, we see the shell of a man.  It's not Macbeth or any of Shakespeare's characters, it's just a man.  But who is he?  What name is written on his ID bracelet?  How did he get here?  The madness is apparent, but how did it all come about?

I could just go on and on about this show, but the truth is there are no words to describe how it made me feel, how even a day after it's still making me feel.  I left the theatre actually shaking, which has never happened to me before.  I only wish that more people would be able to experience it, but I think Cumming would drop dead if they did any more performances, because what he is doing is grueling.  At 26 I can't imagine doing all of the physical work he is doing for this show and he is nearly 20 years older than me.  At the end of the night, I walk away with Cummings autograph, but that's not what matters.  What matters is that in that performance he somehow changed me, and I think every person at the Ethal Barrymore Theatre.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Jim Parsons: Just When I Thought I Couldn't Love You More....

So tonight I had kind of a unique experience.  As a member of the Screen Actors Guild I get a lot of opportunities to go to things like film screenings or Q&As... generally I can't make it to any, but when I saw that there was a Q&A with Jim Parsons tonight through the SAG Foundation, I moved mountains to clear my schedule... only to get wait-listed.  And then this morning the glorious e-mail came.  Somebody cancelled and I got a spot.  So tonight I got to experience Parsons in two totally different ways, first as himself and then as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory and realized how wonderful he really is.

Now, this isn't the first time I've seen Parsons speak.  At the end of the second season of Big Bang, they screened and episode with a Q&A after.  I remember showing up super early wearing my "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock" shirt, thinking it would be packed.  In actuality the screening was in a small room and maybe only like 12 people showed.  After, I ran into Parsons in the lobby, expressing my love for his character, to which he kindly and humbly thanked me as he walked down Madison Ave.

Tonight, we were in a fully packed theatre.  I got a second row seat, and since I didn't have my "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock" shirt, I settled on Doctor Who and eagerly awaited.  When Parsons first walked in, I  first thought, "THERE'S SHELDON!" but as he sat and spoke so casually, I couldn't even marry the character and the actor together.  Parsons didn't even look like Sheldon in his snappy clean cut outfit and stylish thick framed glasses.  How could they possibly be one in the same?!  Parsons is relaxed personable and HILARIOUS!  I spent 90% of the hour and a half laughing as he admitted he's never watched an episode of "Star Trek" in his life, to which literally the entire audience gasped.  He responded "Oh!  Come on!  I don't have to!  I'm an actor!"  Then, when the conversation moved toward Parsons theatre career (which is extensive, he is a genius) the moderator spoke of "The Normal Heart."  Parsons gushed about how much he loved the production, but also how devastating the show was and he was brought to tears.  There he was, crying in a raw moment and he was so human... nothing at all like the character he plays on TV.  By the time I left, I couldn't even think of what Parsons was like as Sheldon.  (The video of this Q&A will be on The SAG Foundation's Youtube channel in a few weeks).

Good thing Big Bang was on tonight.  I practically ran to my DVR, and tonight's episode gave us full frontal crazy Sheldon Cooper.  The awkward, rude, smart, anal-retentive Sheldon Cooper.  Throughout the episode, Amy tries to break Sheldon of his compulsion to have finality to everything.  Sheldon nearly has a nervous breakdown as Amy stops him sort of finishing a multitude of tasks, much to Sheldon's complete and total chagrin.  It was some serious Sheldon Cooper gold.  And that's when it really hit me.  So many people in the world just see Sheldon Cooper... but the actor behind that mask is a genius. Not just at this one character, but in every part he plays from stage to screen, but 99% of the world will just see Sheldon Cooper.  I made a promise to myself tonight to see Jim Parsons first, and Sheldon as his incredible creation.

On a side note, the secondary part of Big Bang tonight was Penny wishing she was as passionate about things as the "nerds" are.  Penny finally realized what it is to be a nerd.  It has nothing to do with the type of things you watch or what your career is, it is the all consuming passion that I can never understand how other people don't share.  We nerds may be a lot of things, but we are intensely passionate people.  When we love something, we love it to its core.  But seriously Penny.  How could you not like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Shame on you girl.  I kind of wish they tried watching Charmed next though, it would be hilarious if Penny was like "this is awesome!"

Anyhoo, another great CBS Thursday night (nerd thurs?) was made even greater by realizing the awesomeness that is Parsons.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bates Motel: The Truth (spoilers)

OH MY STARS!  Just when you think this show can't get any more intense you have a mini-stroke from tension.  How do they do it!?  How do they keep me so glued to this show!?  HOW DOES IT KEEP GETTING BETTER!  Ugh, before you know it the season will be over and we will be back to... well A&E really doesn't have much else.  Anyway, in tonight's episode we get the tea and lots of shade.  Sorry, I watched RuPaul's Drag Race first so... Here's the breakdown.

The episode starts with Norma in strait up shock over the news about Shelby's sex trafficking.  As she sits comatose, Emma seems to think water is the key snapping Norma out... But Norma snaps out of it all on her own, running strait to the car.  Norma and Norman struggle over the wheel, but cooler heads prevail as Norman gets that Psycho look in his eye and is able to convince Norma that justice will be served, but not right at this moment.  As Emma watches their car spin in circles she looks weirdly turned on by the whole family crisis.

Dylan is dealing with a crisis of his own.  His buddy Ethan is dead, and he ran the killer over... so he's dead too.  It would seem Dylan is in a pickle.  In complete and total fear, Dylan goes to his drug boss, terrified of what is going to happen, and as he tells his story your heart pounds.  Please don't let this guy kill Dylan!  But quite the opposite happens... He promotes Dylan who now becomes the boss of the older, wiser and crankier  Remo.  And The Truth, Remo is not happy to have this kid as his new boss.

A kind, gentle Norma, goes to check on the Asian sex slave.  She brings the girl food and water and in with warmth and kindness  checks the girls wounds before covering her with a blanket.  Emma is ready to get to the police ASAP, but until Norman and Norma get the belt from Shelby they are stuck.  Norma does some great voodoo and convinces Emma to let the girl rest.  This seems to pacify Emma.  Norma asks if Emma is okay to drive home or if she need to call her mom.  When Emma explains that her mom abandoned her, Norma seems to soften toward the girl immediately  even telling Emma that she is brave and the she would be proud to have a daughter like her.  Emma grabs Norma in a vicious hug, which at first is totally weird, but Norma softens and gives a proper "mother/daughter" hug.  Norman even tells his mom "That was really good.  You were really good with her."

Things get weird with Norma and Norman again, as he sits with her at the vanity while she puts on makeup.  Norman asks if there is really anything wrong with him, but Norma deflects trying to focus on how to deal with Shelby.  Dylan walks in, and suddenly he is in on the plan.  You know what they say, "The family that's fucking crazy together.. well no yeah they are just fucking crazy together."  Norman tells Dylan about the boat and the brothers head out to search it for the belt.

On the car ride to the boat, Dylan tells Norman that he put a first and last payment on a great house, and that he still wants Norman to move in with him.  "No crazy people," he tells Norman, it will just be a peaceful easy life without their mother.  But Norman is not ready to let her go, no matter what Dylan says.

We find ourselves back on the God Damn boat.  Seriously, if I never see that boat again it will be too soon because every scene on it is fucking terrifyingly, heart pounding to the point where you feel like you might throw up.  Well done.  As the boys looks for the belt, music rises and tension builds and Dylan tells Norman that he thinks Norma killed his biological father for the insurance money.  When Dylan asks Norman for a screw driver I half expected Norman to stab him with it, but thankfully, Norman left the crazy at home.  The boys find the belt and dump it.  Step one: complete.

Norma anxiously waits for the boys.  When a car pulls in, she thinks it's them, but of course fucking not.  UGH THIS SHOW IS GOING TO GIVE ME AN ANEURYSM!  It's Shelby looking for a quickey.  Can I just stop here and say Vera acts the pants of in this scene, looking horrified as Shelby gets all up on her.  If she doesn't win any awards for this show I will be sad.  Anyway, Shelby brings her down to the Motel to get it on... but the slave girl is staying down there... OH BOY.

Shelby plows away at Mama Bates, but she is not having it.  Of course, we all know why she is giving him the dead fish, but Shelby is not getting what he wants.  Norma lies and says she's just worried about Norman, resolving to get more into in... until a shower turns on in the motel.  Fuck.  Shelby goes into cop mode and before Norma can think of a good lie, the girl opens the door.  Seeing Shelby she freaks out and runs into the woods.  Shelby tries to shoot her, as I say "Oh shit" about a thousand times.  Norma knocks him down, but Shelby gives Norma a mini-beat-down before running after his goods.

Just then the boys pull up, but before Norma can tell them what happen, Dylan states that he and Norman will be leaving.  Norma starts throwing a mini-temper tantrum  but does explain to the boys what just happened.  The brothers freak out and try to get Norma out of there, but she is still having a hissy fit about Norman possibly moving out.  Well that Norm freak-out just made them lose time they needed as Shelby holds the three of them up at gunpoint.

Shelby brings them back up to the house, pacing the kitchen with the mantra "What are we going to do."  The scene is so intense I actually got a knot in my stomach as Shelby holds his cocked gun to Normans head.  For a full minute I think he really may shoot, until I rationally realized that Norman is the only one who actually has to survive this show.  Norma gets Shelby away from her son, but as Shelby starts to beat her up things get intense.  We start to see the world from Normans psycho point of view, as he gets that look in his eyes that tells you he is gone.  His vision begins to blur, his ears begin to ring, and before we know it, Norman has knocked Shelby to the ground, hitting his own head in the process.  As Norman lays unconscious (from both the blow to the head and his psycho moment) a gunfight breaks out between Shelby and Dylan.

As the firefight between Shelby and Dylan rages, each man getting shot in the process, Norma is able to drag Norman out to the car, but not before calling the cops.  Dylan nearly kills Shelby, his own psycho look in his eyes, but he runs out of ammo. Dylan runs up to his room to reload, and Shelby follows him up the infamous Psycho staircase.  Meanwhile, Norma has gotten Norman in the car, but Norman is just not there.  As Norma freaks out that she left the keys inside, Norman just stares blankly.  BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.  The world freezes.  Who has won the gunfight?  A shadow passes through the front door, and Norma (and myself) tries to see who the staggering figure is.  It could easily be Dylan or Shelby... FUCK ITS SHELBY!  But wait.. where's his eye?  And just before he is able to shoot Norma dead, Shelby keels over and dies.  Thankfully, Dylan is okay and Dylan and Norma have a mother/son moment as he whispers to her that she is now safe.

Norma wonders out loud what they should tell the cops, and Dylan says "the truth."  But Norma scolds him, telling him that he doesn't know the truth, that he has no idea what the truth is.  And you feel it coming, that moment we've all been waiting for... the truth about Norman's father's death.  Oh it's so sweet.  We flashback, Norma and Norman's father are fighting.  Norman starts to get that look, and when Daddy starts hitting Mommy, Norman smashes his brains in with a blender.  Norma puts Norman in his room and stages the whole thing to look like an accident.  That bitch is good at cover-ups.  She should have been in the FBI.  Anyway, the entire opening scene is replayed as we see Norman devastated over his dad's death, having no clue that he caused it.  Now, I had written earlier that I thought Norman may have killed his dad, but it doesn't stop the whole thing from being totally tragic.

Dylan is appropriately horrified.  He asks Norma what's wrong with him, but she admits she doesn't know.  The reason she holds him so close is to protect him, just in case he ever did something like that again.  She gives Dylan an ultimatum as the cops come, you either help, or get out of the way.

THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD!  Unfortunately, the question I posed in my earlier post (Did Norman actually unknowingly rape Bradley ) wasn't answered, but with all we learned about Norman this week, it's a strong possibility.

A Pre-Bates Motel Theory

So since I apparently have nothing better to do sit around thinking about my TV obsessions I had a scary epiphany about Bates Motel that I really hope I'm wrong about...  So two episodes ago, Norman slept with Bradley in a romantic blue tones love scene that really looked beautiful and made you say "awww".  But then, in last weeks episode, Norman tries in vain to get in touch with Bradley, but all of his phone calls and text messages are ignored.  As I made myself some lunch I nearly dropped my peanut butter filled knife when I thought:

What if Norman actually blacked out.  What if he didn't sleep with Bradley, but raped her in one of his Psycho moments.  Just like he doesn't remember trying to kill Dylan or he envisioned his mother telling him to go get the belt from Shelby's house.  Maybe Norman remembers a romantic evening, when in reality he took advantage, and maybe even hurt Bradley.

Thank you for reading my shortest blog post ever.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Supernatural Saturdays: The New Snick (Doctor Who & Orphan Black Spoilers)

Oh BBC, you filthy genius you.  If CBS was smart they would follow your lead with their Thursday night lineup because Supernatural Saturday may be on of the smartest programming moves in a long time.  You are talking to a kid who grew up in a generation where we had TGIF, Saturday morning cartoons followed by SNICK Saturday night PLUS we had Nick at Night giving us specific TV programming every night in the summer (I Dream of Jeanie Wednesdays, Bewitched Tuesdays or whatever).  I like my television programming bundled by day and category because that's how the children's TV lineups programmed me.  Now, to be fair, Saturday programming is tough because I'm usually out but God bless DVRs because I just watch my shows when I get home.

This week's Supernatural Saturday was a doosey, with new terrifying episodes of Doctor Who, Orphan Black and The Nerdist.  Now, I didn't watch The Nerdist this week, but I have to give it a shout out because it as an awesome show for all types of Nerds.  Last week they even did a great segment about the prices of collectible items that is worth a watch.  I collect Nightmare Before Christmas items so it was really helpful to learn how things are valued, some of the things you think would be worth a mint really aren't.

Any-who, this week's Doctor Who may have been the scariest ever.  I mean, really freaking scary.  I mean I watched it at 9 am and was terrified.  The plot followed the Doctor and Clara going back into the 70s to help a ghost hunter and his empathic assistant solve the mystery of the "Well Witch" that has been haunting this spot for centuries.  The pictures of the ghost (see below) scare the poop out of me.
As if the scary ghost wasn't scary enough they add in a terrifying "Silent Hill" looking monster that made the Silence look like fun.  The episode was fantastic, maybe one of my new favorite episodes next to "Midnight" and "The Impossible Astronaut".  Of course in Doctor Who fashion it wasn't actually a ghost but a time traveler stuck in a pocket universe.  And the monster?  It's just been separated from it's monster loved one in our universe.  In the end it's all happy sunshine, but the real goodness of the episode dealt with Clara's beef with the TARDIS.  It seems for now the TARDIS and Clara have reached a temporary truce, but it is really clear that the TARDIS does not like Clara.

WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU CLARA??  Some new theories buzzing around seem to suggest that she may be the daughter of the Doctor and River.  Now, I do think that River and the Doctor will be having a kid, because in "A Good Man Goes to War" when the Doctor takes his cradle out for baby Melody, River mentions that it had been a while since she's seen it.  But we've already met Clara's parents... and also, a version of her kissed the Doctor so... that's weird.  I really don't think she is his kid, but I wonder if the TARDIS has something to do with why Clara is the way she is.  The TARDIS lives throughout time, does the TARDIS want Clara out because she know's she will be the cause of what I will call "the Clara anomaly?"  We will see.

I am LIVING for this show right now.  If you have not watched Orphan Black yet, GET. ON. IT.  NOW!  This week's episode was a nail biter from start to finish.  You need a stiff drink to watch this show because it is just too intense.  In this week's episode, we find out that the crazy clone that is killing her sister's (who may be Russian based on the accent but I'm not sure) is part of some psycho religious cult.  Despite the fact that Sarah stabbed her with rebar, she is still on her mission from God, doing everything to blow Sarah's cover as Beth.  Just... just go watch it, go watch it right now.

Created by letsplaybamboozled on Tumblr.

While the episode was awesome, I just have to shout out to Tatiana Maslany for being amazing.  Sometimes when an actor has to play different characters in a show or movie they come out feeling... well.. a bit cheesy.  It's usually two totally different sides of the spectrum, good character vs bad character.  But Maslany is playing several complicated characters, but she does it with grace and finesse.  She gets down to nitty gritty details, whether it's Sarah pretending to be Beth having accent slips or being a psycho killer clone that you also have a bit of empathy for.  The show could have fallen into a super cheese category, by Maslany is making each performance totally believable.  You go girl!

So, another Supernatural Saturday (or as I generally watch it Sunday) down and I cannot wait for the next, especially with both Doctor Who and Orphan Black leaving me wanting more and more and more and more.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bates Motel: Ocean View (spoilers)

Oh gosh, I need a Klonopin after every episode of this show because IT MAKES ME SO NERVOUS!  I mean, I know that's the point, but my God, I'm going to have a stroke.  Literally every moment is charged, even if it isn't with tension.  Every shot is precise, ever facial expression well thought out, this my friends is good TV.

The episode starts with Norman leaving Bradley after their night of passion.  As she sleeps, Norman gives us some super creepy post-coital hover hand, then walking home with some pep in his step.  But before Norman can start singing "Zippidy Doo Dah" Dylan drops the bomb that Norma was arrested.  Well fuck, there goes his buzz.

The boys visit Mother in jail where she serves passion aggression hard.  Even as Norman begs to help, he gets nothing but the cold shoulder, and now that she knows Dylan knows everything she looks like she is about to burst with hatred.  Norman pleads with her, telling her he will put the motel up as collateral, but she just ignores him.  Vera Farmiga has created a sly monster.  There is something that consistently irks you about her, but she stays just on the bubble of normal to confuse you.  Is she being passive aggressive on purpose or does she really believe her own crap?

While Norman searches for the deed, Emma comes over to extend her condolences about Mama Bates' arrest.  Norman finds the deed and Emma drives him in her adorable, very vintage bright orange VW Bug.  While they wait for the bond office to open, Norman tells Emma about finding one of the Asian prostitutes in a cop's house.  Emma freaks out and starts to ramble about how to help her, but Norman won't do a thing until Mom's out of jail.  Before she leaves, Emma kisses Norman in a cutesy, flirty, adorable way, but Norman just gets really awkward about it.

Well, Norman isn't the only one trying to get money.  Dylan asks his partner, Ethan about getting some money in advance.  Ethan warns against it, I mean, they did just set somebody on fire and tie them to a flag pole.... but when Dylan explains that all he wants is to move himself and his brother into a more stable environment Ethan softens.

As Norman tries in vain to reach Bradley, he gets the bail money and gets Mom out.  He goes to the jail with flowers, but Norma blows him off in the coldest way possible, giving him nothing but anger and guilt.  Her coldness hurts ME and she isn't even my mother... hell she isn't even real!  Anyhow, they end up at a lawyers office...  AND OH MY GOD NORMAN STARTS EATING CANDY FROM HER DESK!  I LOVE seeing these bits and pieces of the Psycho villain coming through.  Anyhoo, when Norma's lawyer starts talking self defense plea, Norma goes ape-shit screaming that she didn't do it... and you start to wonder... does she believe she's innocent?

During the car ride home, Norman finally grows a pair and confronts Mother, but Norma puts it all out there.  While she sat in her room, bawling and scared of being arrested, Norman went out and got LAID, and she blames Dylan for letting him go.  When Norman tells his mother that he is afraid of her and the way she acts sometimes.  Norma literally pulls him out of the car 10 miles from their home... Luckily, Dylan comes riding in on his motorcycle to save the day.  We get some beautiful cinematography as the brothers drive home.  Dylan tells Norman that he thinks that Norma is addicted to drama.  Dylan wants Norman to move in with him, to finally cut the cord, but Norman wont leave his Mom... the closer Dylan and Norman get, the more I fear for Dylan's life.

But, Dylan is still serious about getting his own place, and when his partner Ethan gives him 5 grand of his own money, Dylan is truly touched.  Ethan says he's happy to help, and that he knows Dylan is good for the money...  but then... HOLY FUCKING SHIT!  SOME JUNKY UP AND SHOOTS ETHAN IN THE FUCKING NECK!  WHAT THE HELL?!  WHY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!!???  Dylan rushes his buddy to the hospital, but quickly bails before he gets involved with the cops.  Wut.

Norma sketchily meets with Shelby.  He apologizes for arresting her, but he gets the full Norma fridged bitch routine.  It isn't until she storms out of his car that he manhandles Norma, but when he confesses his love for her, she melts   He promises to fix this... and he does!  He goes to the station and sneaks around stealing the carpet fibers that make the case.  Well, either Norma is an excellent fuck or something is going on because it doesn't seem worth risking his career for a women he hardly knows... WHAT IS GOING ON!?

As Shelby gets himself into some deep shit, Dylan is driving around town in shock, his buddies blood still drying on his shirt.  As he drives, shell shocked, he finds the junkie who shot his buddy.  Here is how my notes on the show literally read as I was watching:  oh shit oh shit oh shit he... HE RUNS HIM OVER!!!! WHAT IS WITH THIS FAMILY!?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?  OH GOD THOSE CRAZY EYES!

Meanwhile, at the Bates home, Norma gets the phone call that exonerates her, they lost the fiber sample, she is saved.  She runs to Norman who has just finished leaving the most awkward message on Bradley's phone... AND OH MY GOD HE HAS A BAG OF CANDY!  Norma decides to forgive Norman as they rejoice in her new found innocence... but there is a catch, Norma tells Norman the Shelby is the reason she's in the clear... But Norman just sees this as another way for Shelby to manipulate this family and storms out.

Emma picked a good time to show up, Norman gets in her car and asks her to drive him anywhere away from the motel.  Emma tells Norman that she thinks she knows where the sex slave might be.  She did some research with the assumption that the cop (who she doesn't know is Shelby) was in cahoots with Keith in the motel/sex trade business.  She is about to give the location of the girl when Norman blurts out that he slept with Bradley.  Emma gets really upset, insisting it was just a hook up, but Norman gets her back on the sex slave route.  She tells him that the girl is probably on Keith's boat.


So they find the girl and bring her back to the motel.  As they help her, Norma stumbles upon this weird situation, trying to deny Shelby has anything to do with this.  Norma shoves a picture of Shelby in the poor girls face, and she admits everything, Shelby did this to her.  And Oh shit, now we know why Shelby is helping Norma... because it they really investigate Keith's death, they may stumble upon this whole sex ring.

Shit Just Got Real.  I am in love with this show.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doctor: This Is Your Life!

Oh yes!  The rest of this season will prove to be interesting!  Now last season with the Doctor, everything was new!  In season 6 we met the Silence for the first time, the Doctor met the personified TARDIS, the Doctor got married!  No Daleks, no Cybermen, new, new, new.  But this season, we start with Daleks, move to Silurians and lost some companions to the Weeping Angels.  So whats up season 7?  Are we winding our way toward a very exciting 50 year anniversary... I really freaking hope so!

Now, in last night's episode "Cold War," we get re-introduced to an old Doctor foe, an Ice Warrior.  Now since the reboot in 2005 the Ice Warriors haven't been given the same attention that the Daleks or Cybermen have.  In fact, they haven't been given any attention at all, even if they were a fan favorite back in the day, but last night they finally got an update:

But the Ice Warriors are not the only thing that showed up again last night, Captain Avery from last season's "Curse of the Black Spot" was back... but this time as a Russian Cold War submarine Captain.  Ok?  So here is the thing, the Doctor never mentions it.  Why?  Obviously he is a different person, but Captain Avery played a pivotal role last season, so how could the Doctor not recognize him?  What made this different the Clara/Oswin situation?  Now, all Doctor Who fans know, that since the reboot in 2005, every Doctor companion (with the exception of Rose) showed up in a previous episode, sometimes as the same character sometimes not.  Of course, Clara showed up as Oswin in "Asylum of the Daleks," and then again as Nanny Clara in the year's Christmas episode.  Freema Agyeman played Martha of course, but she also played Adeola, Martha's cousin in "Army of Ghosts."  Donna Noble was in an episode completely separate from her time as the Doctor's official companion.  Then there is Karen Gillan who not only played our beloved Amy Pond, but was one of those creepy, eyes on the backs of her hands soothsayer chicks in "The Fires of Pompeii."

So with this season turning out to be Doctor: This is Your Life!  You have to wonder, has Steven Moffat or Russell T. Davies been planing this 50 year anniversary for longer than the audience can imagine?!  Is this Doppelganger story line been building since Rose left?!  Probably not, but then again none of us live in the mind of Moffat or Davies and we all know some brilliant things are going on in both those brains.

Now, as far as the 50 year anniversary episode is concerned, here is some things we know.  David Tennant AND Billie Piper are coming back.  Now, I assumed that it would be the human version of the Doctor that lives with Rose in an alternate universe coming back, but I have heard/read some rumblings that it will be the actual Time Lord version of Tennant.  But, with the way this season is shaping up it almost makes more sense for 10 and 11 to literally confront each other.  It wouldn't be the first time two Doctor's have met, but we shall have to wait and see...  Check out some cool pictures from the filming:

The past seems to be attacking the 11th Doctor pretty hard this season, and there have been rumblings of Captain Jack returning!  So are you ready Doctor?  Are you ready?  Because this is your very, very long life!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bates Motel: If You're Not Watching This Show, You Should Be

This is the kind of tension you just don't get on TV anymore!  A heart pounding thriller that needs little blood, nearly no gore or extreme violence to prove it's point.  Seriously in the first 5 minutes of this weeks episode "Trust Me" had my heart racing, but all of it was done with the delicacy of Alfred Hitchcock.  So little entertainment now-a-days doesn't shove sex and gore and CGI and blood in your face.  This show has sex and violence but none of it is over the top.  We just see enough to get our emotions to peak and leave us wanting more.

This weeks episode starts where last weeks ended.  Norman is doing his creepy Psycho walk to Shelby's house to get the belt he took from Keith when they dumped his body.
During last weeks episode, we saw a motorcycle drive by, it looked to just be for artistic effect, but in actuality it was Dylan.  Dylan sees Norman sneak into Shelby's house, and provides distraction for Norman to get out.  Little does he know that Norman is being clawed by a drugged up sex slave in the basement, but Norman gets out with just a few scratches.  Dylan calls Norman out on his actions later, but Norman denies, denies, denies.  It's becoming hard to figure out what Norman believes verses what he's made up.

Norman goes to visit Emma, to tell her what he's seen, but her father comes to the door.  Oh, hello Professor Quirrell, it's weird to see you without Voldemort on the back of your head.  Glad to see you got that cleared up.  Anyway, Emma's father tells Norman that she is sick and can't be seen.  He then goes on to tell Norman that he knows Emma has a crush on him, so Norman needs to be respectful.  Norman promises.  Meanwhile, poor Bradley's dad has passed.  She begins spending more and more time with Norman as she feels he is the one person who understands how she feels.  LOOOVVVEEE TRIANGLE!!!

Anyway, the show becomes a lot of set up from here on in, but I was happy to watch because I know this is the kind of show where every interaction, every shot has a purpose.  Basically, Norma is still screwing Shelby.  Norman begs her to stop in the creepiest scene ever, even defending his jealousy of his mom's new relationship with, "You're my mother not my girlfriend!"  Norman goes as far as to tell his mother about the sex slave, but when Norma checks out the situation she finds nothing.  She explains to Norman that he sometimes sees things, but Norman won't hear it.  So what does Norma make her possibly totally insane son do?  Go FISHING with the one guy Norman would potentially try to kill, Shelby.

Tension builds throughout the episode, "Oh God, Oh God," became my mantra as Shelby tries to bond with Norman over fishing.  It's awkward and painful to watch and just as Norman's face starts to turn Psycho, Shelby gets a phone call.
You know they found Keith's body and your heart is pounding.  It turns out only to be his hand, but its enough to make you wish you were dead.

Norma get's taken in for questioning again.  Turns out they found carpet fibers under Keith's watch which they will be able to match to the carpet Norma threw out.  Norma tries in vain to get those carpets back, but she knows she's screwed and spends most of the rest of the episode crying.  Norman screams at her, telling her that she should have just called the cops like he said, but she admits that killing Keith wasn't self defense. Norma's been through some shit, it's obvious her back story is an epic one and I cannot wait to hear it.

As Norma weeps away in her room, Norman storms outside to find Dylan drinking and smoking.  They have some brotherly bonding as Norman confesses everything that happened with Keith and Norma.  In a touching moment, Norman takes a shot of whisky and coughs on it.  When Dylan giggles Norman says in the most wounded voice ever "Don't laugh at me."  After Norman gets the murder off his chest, Bradley texts him.  Dylan convinces Norman to go be with Bradley.  And then...

******NORMAN GETS LAID!!!!!******

With some beautiful blue filtered cinematography we find Norman and Bradley under the covers.  Okay so we don't know if that actually were having sex, but that's what was implied so I'm going with it.  I'm really surprised at the choice of getting Norman laid, but I'm sure somehow Norma will psychologically torture him about it.

At the end of the episode, Norma realizes that Norman isn't home.  Dylan tells her that Norman is out with a girl and he hopes he's getting laid.  She freaks the fuck out.  But she doesn't have time to get too upset because SHE FUCKING GETS ARRESTED FOR MURDER.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doctor Who: Who The F Is Clara Oswald?

In last night's episode, "The Rings of Akhaten" we got some real juicy tidbits about the current life of Clara.  I say current because we already know that she has lived (and died) twice, at least.  But looking past the question of who she is, I think this episode was pivotal in just allowing the audience to fall even more in love with the character.  I found the first the first incarnation of Clara we met, Oswin the Dalek, a but cloying and slightly obnoxious though she was clever.  The second version, the late 1800s Clara, was sweet, kind and even ballsy, but I felt like she lacked the fire that other companions have, something felt incomplete.  But this Clara is a perfect mix of the two, she super smart, super kind and full of bravery and adventure.  Not to mention the fact the Jenna Louise-Coleman is drop dead gorgeous, but we all know the Doctor enjoys his hotties.

"The Rings of Akhaten" starts with the Doctor spying on Clara's parents.  You see, Clara's life starts with a leaf.  The most important leaf in the universe.  The leaf that fell in the right moment, by the right gust of wind, into the right face.  You see, this very special leaf smacks Clara's father in the face, blinding him from an oncoming car.  Thankfully, Clara's mom was there to push him out of the way and of course they fall in love. The Doctor then travels through points in Clara's life as she grows up with her parents, all the way through Clara's mother's untimely death.

This whole sequence obliterates every theory I've had about Clara.  My top theories were that she was the Doctor's daughter from the episode... well "The Doctor's Daughter".  Of course there is a huge hole in that theory because when the doctor's daughter regenerates in that episode she looks exactly the same.  My other theory was something like in the episode "Night Terrors" in which an emphatic alien becomes the child his adoptive parents always wanted using a perception filter.  Now, this theory isn't totally thrown out the window, but it doesn't seem likely.

Now, the doctor takes Clara to the Rings of Akhaten, the first time Clara has actually taken a trip through time and space in the TARDIS.  She's only actually traveled in it in her own time, on her own planet.  Anyway, on the planet there is a market place that reminded me SO much of of the Troll Market from Hellboy 2.  Now, as Clara looks around in wonder, the Doctor tells her that he has been here before with his Granddaughter.  HIS GRANDDAUGHTER!  To my knowledge this is the first time since the Doctor Who reboot that the Doctor refers to Susan.  The Doctor has talked about having children, but Susan is the first companion we ever see the Doctor with in the very very first episode those fateful 50 years ago.  I nearly did a back flip with joy.  But I can't do back flips, so a squeaky noise with rapid clapping was the best I could do.

Anyway, invariably, the Doctor and Clara get separated and Clara runs into a little girl in need.  Clara is unbelievably amazing with children, and when the girl, who turns out to be Merry, The Queen of Years, needs to hide, Clara takes her to the TARDIS.  Only, there is a problem, the TARDIS doesn't like Clara and won't let her in.
OOOOOOHHhhh.  Now, we all know that the TARDIS doesn't like paradoxes.  That's why when there were two Amy's in "The Girl Who Waited" only one could be saved, or why the Doctor left Jack behind when Rose saved him and he became undying.  If the TARDIS doesn't like Clara she must be one big fat timey wimey anomaly.

Anyway, it turns out that Merry is just scared because she has to sing a song to a God and she is nervous that she will get it wrong.  Clara encourages her by telling her a story about how she was terrified of getting lost as a child, but her mother would tell her  "Wherever you are I will find you."  Well, Clara seems to exist throughout time.  Does her mother know that?  Juicy, juicy, timey, wimey, goodness.

SO Clara convinces her to sing, Yada, yada, yada, everything goes wrong, the God wakes up and now wants to feed on peoples soul's, aka, their memories.  Now things kind of run like regular Doctor Who episode, but for me this episode is all about the clues to Clara.  Basically, the God they thought was a mummy wakes up, but it turns out the God.. is actually the sun, ready to feast on thousands of memories.  Well who has thousands of memories, THE DOCTOR of course!  He tries to sacrifice all of his years of memory in a beautiful bit of acting (I love you Matt Smith):
This scene of sacrifice only solidified for me that Matt is ready to leave.  I don't think the 11th Doctor can take much more.  Anyway, his memories aren't enough, so Clara sacrifices something huge.  The most important leaf in the universe.  The leaf that represents all of the days her mother never lived.  All of the potential energy of thousands of un-lived days is enough to tame the God and save the worlds surrounding it.

Weirdly, at the end of the episode, the Doctor takes Clara back home.  You swear she is going to stay in the TARDIS, but she goes.  She obviously knows the Doctor will be back and she will go on adventures, but she is the first not to just stay on the TARDIS indefinitely.  Before she leaves, however, she asks the Doctor why her, and he admits that she reminds him of somebody who died.  Clara tells the Doctor that whoever she was, Clara is her own person and doesn't want to be compared to the dead.  Of course, we know the Doctor is talking about exactly the same person.

I CANNOT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHO/WHAT CLARA IS!!!  Anyway, check out who comes back in next weeks episode:
Seems like this whole season is going to be a Doctor Who: This is your life!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elementary: Miss Hudson The New Transexual Voice On American TV

As if I couldn't love and respect this show more for breaking the boundaries of whats on typical American network TV, Elementary does it again.  First, they change Doctor Watson from a stuffy dude, to a stuffy dude-ette, an Asian women no less, one of the least represented cultures on American TV, then they update a classic nearly flawlessly, give the fantastic Johnny Lee Miller a platform to be brilliant, and now, NOW they have cast a transgendered woman to play one of the most beloved Shelock Holmes characters Miss Hudson.  How can you not love it?

Meet Candis Cayne, formally Brendan McDaniel, a very successful transgender actress.  This is the kind of confidence, talent and bravery that doesn't get awarded enough in the country.  Bravo CBS, you have just done something no network show has successfully done.  You have cast a LGBT actor in a role where they are neither the victim nor the comic relief, she's just a normal person.  Yes, they make it known that she was once a man but it is quickly breezed over it.  It doesn't really matter and I LOVE it!  And she's some kind of genius   Oh I am loving this, I am eating this up!  That's right CBS, Bravo!  And not to mention, Cayne is FABULOUS.  I mean, yes she is gorgeous, see above picture, but she is a talented actress.  The scene where she Sherlock's apartment was my favorite part of this very blah episode.

Tonight's episode "Snow Angels" may not have been a knock out episode, but the introduction of Miss Hudson made it for me.  I hope to see her in many more episodes now that she is going to be the housekeeper at the Sherlock/Watson abode, especially because she has great chemistry with both Miller AND Liu.  In fact, I find her repartee with Liu a lot of fun, I can see them having a great girls night out.  Can you see a Joan Watson/Miss Hudson get their kiki on.  I can.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bates Motel: Trust Me (spoilers)

Oh, this show!  I'm just loving it!  Okay I know this post is a day late, but I just had to blog about it because this show is just too good not to.  In last night's episode "Trust Me" we were given a lot of info in one episode, but luckily they pulled it all off without jumping the shark.  The Norman Bates from Psycho is really starting to shine and boy is Freddie Highmore a delight to watch.

Last night's episode starts with Dylan fooling around with a gun.  It's pretty obvious that he will be working for the drug lords that are tending the enormous weed field that Norman and Emma ran into in the last episode.  At the weed field, he stands guard (which really consists of drinking beers) he bonds with his fellow guard.  They hunt and chat.  Dylan explains the weird relationship with his family, including that he literally knows nothing about his mother or half-brother.  It is then explained that the burning body was just one of the men involved with the marijuana trade who was there to send a message.  Kind of boring but whatever.

Meanwhile, Norman goes to school, acting totally normal as if in the last week he didn't help cover up a murder and then get chased by drug lords.  Well, Emma isn't as together as Norman is and freaks out threatening to go to the police with the book.  Suddenly cool calm collected Norman snaps and practically screams at Emma, he will not let her go to the police.  He apologizes but he is obviously shaken after their encounter.  While in class, Norman seems totally out of it.  He stares at the test sitting in front of him, totally motionless and LORD is it creepy.  Miss Sexy Teacher leans over Norman, asking if he's okay, but Norman is in another world as he pictures Miss Watson as one of the women tied up and tortured from the book.  And then he passes out.

Norman ends up in the hospital and mother is FREAKING OUT!  The doctor keeps trying to get information from her, but it seems Norma is incapable of telling the truth.  When the doctor asks if this has ever happened to Norman before Norma gives him a blank look but quickly denies it wondering why the doctor would even ask a question like that.  But, we know this is a lie.  The first time we even meet Norman he is passed out, waking up groggy from some sort of episode.  Now we have to wonder... was it Norman who killed his father?  OooOoooOooo.

While waiting for tests to come back, Norma gets a phone call that the new carpet for the motel has arrived.  Norman encourages her to go.  Norma agrees and goes back home... and it seems the cops follow her because they burst in with a search warrant.  Well shit.

Back at the hospital, Norman gets a visit from the beautiful Bradley who has brought him flowers.  They talk about what it's like to lose a parent, though her father isn't dead yet, it doesn't look good.  She snuggles up next to Norman in his hospital bed and whispers that all she wants is to be happy.

While the cops continue to search the Bates Motel, Norma runs back to the hospital.  When she walks into the room she has a horrified expression, and the audience hearts collectively  drops into their asses as we all fear that Bradley is still snuggling with Norman, but thank GOD it's just the doctor to explain the tests are negative.  Despite the doctors urging to keep Norman overnight, Norma quickly shuffles him out, explaining to Norman the the cops are searching their place.  Norman FREAKS OUT asking her over and over again if they found anything, but Norma insists there is nothing to find.  When they get home Norman runs upstairs... you see.. he kept the BELT...  when he realizes it's gone he weeps asking "What's wrong with me" over and over".  What the hell is wrong with you!  WHY WOULD YOU KEEP THAT!?  Oh, Norman.

Norma, thankfully, is able to finagle a meeting with Shelby.  She goes to his house and he explains that he found the belt.  He asks Norma to explain, but he promises to protect her as they start making out.  Norman, however is home freaking out that Mother isn't home.  Dylan does come home, and after his conversation with his fellow guard decided to try to bond with Norman, and then this happens:

Later Norma comes home and explains that Shelby will protect them.  All seems like it will be ok... until while Norman is asleep Norma comes back and blames it all on Norman.  She tells him he knows he has to do.  "I have to get the belt".  Norman walks to Shelby, giving us full face serial killer realness.  GOD does Highmore nail it.  He looks around the house in a high tension scene and comes across what we never expect.... one of ties up Asian girls in his basement:
Norman asks her is shes okay just as Shelby pulls up and BOOM!  The episode ends!

OH.  MY.  GOD.  Norman is already displaying a multi-personality disorder.  How long can Norma protect him.  And it makes you wonder... is the drugged up girl in the basement real?  Or is she a figure of Norman's disillusions... I CANNOT WAIT to find out the answer.