Monday, April 22, 2013

A Pre-Bates Motel Theory

So since I apparently have nothing better to do sit around thinking about my TV obsessions I had a scary epiphany about Bates Motel that I really hope I'm wrong about...  So two episodes ago, Norman slept with Bradley in a romantic blue tones love scene that really looked beautiful and made you say "awww".  But then, in last weeks episode, Norman tries in vain to get in touch with Bradley, but all of his phone calls and text messages are ignored.  As I made myself some lunch I nearly dropped my peanut butter filled knife when I thought:

What if Norman actually blacked out.  What if he didn't sleep with Bradley, but raped her in one of his Psycho moments.  Just like he doesn't remember trying to kill Dylan or he envisioned his mother telling him to go get the belt from Shelby's house.  Maybe Norman remembers a romantic evening, when in reality he took advantage, and maybe even hurt Bradley.

Thank you for reading my shortest blog post ever.