Monday, September 8, 2014

The 12th Doctor: Math wiz?

So, it's been a while since I've blogged, work/play/life has been getting in the way as they are want to do.  First off let me say, BRAVO on the Peter Capaldi casting.  I don't seem to be going through the same "who is this guy and why should I like him" thing that I've gone through with every regeneration (yes including Tennant, how can I trust a doctor who cant get out of a coma?)  He opened his Scottish accented mouth and I say "Yes."  This sort of acerbic, scathingly funny doctor is a welcome change from two back to back goofy charmers.  Not that 12 isn't charming, he is just charming in a "I'd always like to be on his good side" kind of way.  I just adore him!  He even elevated my opinion of Clara, now that she isn't the doe eye puppy love of 11.  She actually is developing a personality beyond being in love with the Doctor.

Kinda TARDIS-y?

Alright, enough Capaldi love, time to get to the meat of this thing.  We are already getting lots of hints about the over all story arc here, the connection to the mysterious Missy and the promise land/paradise/heaven.  Speculating on it this too early would be pointless, but my favorite theory is that Missy is a TARDIS.  But I don't want to speculate too much as Doctor Who tends to absolutely pull the rug out from under its fans (River Song is Melody Pond?!)  What I am more interested in is 13's relationship with his past and time.

That time the Doctor went all Beautiful Mind of us

In one of the billion interviews Calpaldi has done promoting this new incarnation, he offhandedly said that his Doctor has a "unique relationship with time."  This is the most interesting nugget of information we've gotten from the tight lipped Scott.  We see in his very first episode "Deep Breath" 12 is sprawling some Galifreyan math all over the damn floor after sniffing out some chalk.  Chalk the presumably was planted by Missy, because why would their be chalk in a bedroom.  So far in every episode that has proceeded "Deep Breath" we have seen some sort of chalk board covered in strange markings.  What is the Doctor doing?  What does all of this math mean.  Certainly Moffat wouldn't keep showing these images without some kind of purpose.  That sly devil always has a purpose!  Also, is it just me or is this doctor the best at flying the TARDIS.  With the exception of is Glasgow screw up, he seems to be getting Clara exactly where she wants/needs to be.  Does this have something to do with the Doctors new interest in theory?

Beyond 12's beautiful mind math, time seems to be catching up with him in all sorts of odd ways.  First off- the face.  The Doctor knows he has seen this face before.  Because he has.  In Pompeii.  The Scottish accent, apparently taken from Amy Pond, his old companion and final hallucination before regeneration.  The clockwork robots connected to the Madame Du Pompadour ship 10 came across in "The Girl in the Fire Place."  And was it me or did that crack in the Dalek look strikingly like the crack in Amy's bedroom???  Could this have something to do with 11 entering his own time stream?  Is the new regeneration cycle messing with the Doctor's time line?  And isn't it interesting that he finds himself once again with his good old friends Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax who he spent quite a lot of time with as 11?  Speaking of those three, would somebody just GIVE them a spin-off already?  Seriously we all want it.

So what do YOU think?  What is going on with the Doctor and this whole new Timey Wimey craziness?  Whats with the Galifreyan theorems, the new face, the Scottish accent, the reoccurring characters?  WHAT IS HAPPENING!