Sunday, August 18, 2013

Radioactive: True Blood Season Finale Pros and Cons

This is pretty much my reaction to this episode.

Well, after what was a very very disappointing lead up I didn't have much faith in this season finale.  And I was right not to.  How can such an epic show, with such and EPIC season fail so miserably in what should be it's pinnacle episode?!  They built me up just to fall so, so far!  What happened?!  How did you mess this up so so terribly!  We had something True Blood, WE HAD SOMETHING GOOD!  AND YOU BROKE IT!  Ugh I feel so much like a disappointed and unsatisfied lover.  Here are my notes, even though I really don't even want to write this


  • The scene opening with Sookie watching a grave being dug was so exciting.  I thought she was watching Warlow dig the grave they would spend the night in only to be extremely let down that it was FUCKING TERRY'S grave.  We get it, Terry died.  Then to add insult to injury Alcide shows up.  Great.
  • WHAT THE FUCK Sookie??!  Do not go for a walk with Alcide.  HE IS A BAD DOG!
  • Why are the suddenly setting setting something up between Sookie and Alcide.  They haven't even seen each other in like, 5 years.
  • Why are the suddenly WAYYYYY more daywalkers then there were in the last episode?
  • Uhhh, what was with that weird Violet/Sookie sister kiss.  I didn't even find it funny.  Or sexy.  It was just weird.
  • Ummmm.... did Warlow have a literal twinkle in his eye while he talked to Sookie about getting married.  Really?!  REALLY?!
  • How are Jason and Jessica still kind of friends and why the fuck are they playing the most awkward game of couples volleyball of all time.  No.
  • There is way to much talking in the episode.  This is a season finale!  I want action!  I want violence!  I. Want. Blood.
  • All I could thing for during the scene where Warlow was basically beating Sookie into marring him was "Well that escalated quickly."
  • As Bill and Warlow fight the most intensely boring fight that has ever been filmed all I could think was "Where' Eric."
  • Boo to Warlow dying!  There is two reasons I Boo this, 1.  That was way too early in the episode and 2.  He was a hottie hot hottie.
  • 6 months later.  How about 6 months no.
  • Oh GOD Bill wrote a book?!  No... Also... his "interview" face is a little ridiculous.
  • "Hun watchu watching."  NO!  NO!  YOU ARE NOT WITH ALCIDE!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO! NO! I am intensely angry about this.
  • WHAT!?  SAM is MAYOR?!  He can't even run a BAR!!!!!!!!!
  • Bellefleur's Bar and Grill?!  WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS HAPPENING!  WHY!??!
  • Asking people to feed vampires is a lot to ask.  Even I would be like "No."
  • Why did Violet just walk into the barbeque, weirdly stare at Jason, and then walk out?  What did that happen?
  • Jessica's scene at Andy's was weird, especially since it happened 6 months later.
  • Why are the Hep V vampires acting like a zombie hoard.  Is True Blood trying to jump on the zombie bandwagon.  Don't do that True Blood, just don't.


  • Whenever there is a scene with random extras having sex I have to wonder how much they are getting paid.
  • Violet: I am offering you my blood.  Jason:  Yeahh but....  Violet:  TAKE IT!  It is nice to have a strong woman on this show who is in no way a victim.

  • Pam being happy to see Sookie is adorable.  
  • Warlow made a Maypole.
  • Good for you Sookie!  FINALLY remembering you have friends who love you and trying to take it slow with Warlow.
  • OH SNAP!  I knew Warlow wouldn't stay good forever, but daaayyyuuummmm.
  • Tara and Pam's relationship is perfect and the fact that Pam asks Tara to look after Willa is sweet.
  • OH!  Bill say "Sookaayy" like in the old days.  Before Lilith.
  • "Bill Compton would have walked through FIRE to save her life."  I wonder if Jessica knows that he actually did that once.
  • We are learning more about Violet.  Apparently she is 800 years old.  Good to know.
  • Adalynn "I'M LIKE, TWO WEEKS OLD!"  That's weird.
  • Violet scaring Adalynn to use her light was awesome, I really like her, "HARNESS YOUR FUCKING POWER!"
  • Oh, it's been a while since Sookie's house has been destroyed.  I forgot how nice it is to see her things get broken.
  • WOAH!  Where the fuck did Nial just come from!  That was random and yet pleasantly enjoyable.
  • YES!  Eric reading in the mountains of Sweden naked.  That is exactly what he should be doing.  Exactly.  And... oh.. OH!   DID WE JUST SEE PENIS!  PENIS!!  ERIC WILLIE!
  • Violet is my hero.  She has life/men figured out in a way I could only dream of.  I am an team Violet.
  • Jason has a vampire feeding off him and yet he is afraid of a finger stick.
  • Awwww I hated Willa, but her sisterly relationship with Tara is really cute.
  • The scene with Tara and her mom was brilliant and beautiful as Tara's mom admitted to forgetting to feed Tara as a child and then offering her blood.  But I am calling it now $10 BUCKS says that Tara's mom is a carrier of hep V.
  • "You can growl all you want bright eyes."  That may be Bill's funniest line ever.
Look, I see where True Blood is trying to go with this, obviously trying to reconnect the town vibe that got so horribly lost, but I think they have gone about it all wrong.  I am sorely dissatisfied with this episode and honestly, if I find out Eric is dead, I really am out.  I mean it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Life Matters: True Blood Pros and Cons (SPOILERS)

Sooooo, in my humble opinion, this was the worst episode of the season.  I was hoping for an epic season finale build up and I certainly did not get that.  It was kind of boring, even with the violence the whole episode was yawn worthy.  It was one of those episodes where I waited and waited for something to happen... and nothing happened.  No, seriously, nothing happened.  And let me tell you, I took some pretty passionate notes....  most of my Pros are pretty passive aggressive and mostly just quotes.


  • "Eric took our deal and fucked it in the ass."  That kind of perfect True Blood line in the opening that gave me hope this was going to be a great episode.  I wish I could go back in time and tell the me that wrote that note not to get my hopes up.
Fucked that deal right in the ass.
  • I love how after Sookie light blasted Bill the fuck out of fairy world, she casually handed her wrist to Warlow, like she was so over feeding vampires.
  • OOOoooo yes, daylight Eric, I could get used to this.
  • OH SHIT!  Tara's mom!  Another True Blood blast from the past!  She is still a hot mess express.
  • Warlow may be an overly attached boyfriend, but the way he looks at Sookie makes my heart melt.  
  • HOYT'S MOM!  Bringing back all the True Blood mom's we forgot about, but didn't really miss.  Glad to hear Hoyt is well, though I wish he was back on the show.
  • I love that severed hands have become the access keys to all the vampires inside the Vampire Concentration camp.  I need to get in this door!  Somebody rip off a guard's arm!
  • Woah, so Eric strait up ripped that crazy ass Doctor's wanger off.  That seemed like an excessive amount of blood for a castration.  I'm going to chalk it up to femoral artery blood.  (I'M STICKING IN A GAME OF THRONES SPOILER) Theon Greyjoy, how did you feel about this scene?
  • Oh good, not only does Eric use his severed arm to open doors, he also uses it as a speaking prop to release vampires.  "Gentlemen, you are free to go!"
  • Well, smushing somebody's face like it's a rotten pumpkin is one death we haven't seen on True Blood yet.  Even though, I think should have just left the doctor alive to either slowly bleed to death of live penis-less after Eric went Lorena Bobbet on his ass... or penis as it were.
  • +1 for Andy giving us some serious hot nugget's of acting during his eulogy. 
  • I love the therapy session the freed vampires were giving the psychologist, "You are going to tell me what you did to your rabbit.  Did you hurt it?  Did you touch it?"
  • The scene between Eric and Jason was epic.  Eric- "Have I ever healed you before?"  Jason- "I don't think so."  Eric- "Well, you are in for a treat."  YEY!  ERIC AND JASON SEX DREAMS!!!!!  I don't need any of Eric's blood to have sex dreams about him, wink, wink.
  • During Sam's eulogy he says "I don't think he ever missed again."  Sookie gave the BIGGEST guilt face EVER.  GOOD!  She knows she is the worst employee ever.  Does Sam even still pay her?
  • Eric is the best part of this show.  He gives dialogue like nobody's business.
  • Lafayette's funeral lashes be fabulous.  Best eulogy ever.
  • I do have to say, I will miss Terry's goofiness.  He was so much better early in the show, I forgot how crazy he was until the flashbacks.
  • I would watch an entire episode of Lafayette making fries.
  • "I know that scream!"  IT'S GINGER!
Everybody reacting to Ginger's unique reactions.
  • I forgot how adorable Sookie was.  She used to smile and be shy and be adorable and sweet.  That flashback made me realize what a bitter betty she is now.
  • Steve Newlin's dying words "I LOVE YOU..... JASON STACKHOOOUUSSSEEEE!"
  • I know every episode is a song title, but this is the best use of a song title in the episode.
  • The cut's between Sarah and Jason's scene and the song "Life Matters" were actually really interesting and built a huge amount of emotion.  I like the direction.
  • Oh GOD I am so happy Jason didn't kill Sarah.  Don't get me wrong, I want Sarah dead, but it would be against Jason's character to do it.
  • The moment between Pam and Eric where the stared misty eyed at each other across the sunlit lot and she says "Don't you dare leave me," BROKE MY HEART!  Where is Eric going?
  • Really Sook?  You're gnawing at your own arm?!  Go get a stick or a rock or something.  What's wrong with you girl?  Use your head.
  • WTF BILL.  WHO ARE YOU NOW?!  I am starting to like you as much as I like the werewolves.
  • Side note:  Why are HBO show opening titles SO LONG?!  I mean, all of them are like, 2 minutes long.  Just get to the fucking show already.
  • Look, it's sad that Terry died but they are REAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYYYYY dragging it out.
  • Arlene looks like she raided Lydia Deetz's closet.
  • Why is Alcide at Terry's funeral?  Did they even know each other?  He couldn't have gone to support Sookie because they have't seen each other in like 20 years.
  • Why is Sookie suddenly pining for all the men she could have banged but never did.  First Sam and now she is giving sex eyes to Alcide.  Are you afraid of commitment Sook?  Now that you have a man who love you are you freaking out?
  • This whole season Bill has giving this kind of serious anger face, and it is suddenly starting to really piss me off.  It looks like you think everything smells slightly off.
Is something burning?  It smells like something might be burning.
  • This is exactly how I wrote this note:  WHY IS THIS FUNERAL SCENE SO LONG?  WHAT IS HAPPENING!  SOMETHING GOOD BETTER FUCKING HAPPEN.  Maybe Warlow will come kill everybody.
  • Oh GOD did we really need flashbacks?  I mean, what purpose are they serving?  What important plot point are we getting here.
  • WHAT!  How the eff did Sarah Newlin survive the vampires killing LITERALLY every other person.
  • As seen in my notes:  Wait, what?  Another flashback?  NO!  NO!  WHYS IS THIS HAPPENING!
  • Uhhhhhh Why did we not see Eric's therapy session?  That would have been just as awesome as Pam's.  They should make some mini episodes of Eric's therapy session.
  • More exactly from my notes:  OK, why is this funeral so fucking long.  WHY IS PORTIA TALKING?!  WHY!  THIS BETTER BE GOOD!  THERE BETTER BE A REASON FOR THIS!
  • I was really hoping Sarah Newlin would die.  I mean, I am glad that Jason didn't kill her, but really, why is she still alive.
  • Okay, so, this Vampire Concentration Camp is the most high tech place in the world and yet it takes an old fashioned hand crank to open the skylight.  So... that's what they didn't spend money on... skylights...  special contacts, special guns, hand crank skylight.  Okay.
  • Okay, is Bill's Jesus-y pose as all the vampires fed from him was lame.  Sorry, it was lame and stupid and I hated it.
  • More from my notes:  OH GOD!  NO!  NO!  I AM OVER TERRY'S DEATH!  Don't beat a dead Terry.
  • Yeah... that was not Arlene's nipple.  Prop nipple.
  • What is with this weird hippy scene post Bill-feed?  Ring around the puddle of Steve Newlin... no.
  • How come all the vampires went full retard with Warlow's blood but Bill and Eric didn't?
  • 50:29 time stamp- Something better happen at this funeral.  Imagine my disappointment when the episode ended AND NOTHING HAPPENED!
Here's to hoping the season finale is more epic than this boring shit show.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We Have A New Doctor, But Nobody Is Asking The Real Question: What Will He Wear?!

So this weekend it was announced that Peter Capaldi will be taking on the iconic role of the Doctor in his 12th regeneration.  Now that the question of who the new Doctor will be has been answered, a more important question as arisen:  WHAT WILL HE WEAR?!  Maybe  its just the girl in me, but the Doctor's outfit as been the defining image of each Doctor, from celery pinned to a lapel, or a really cool bowtie.  Each Doctor faces villains, and has different personality quirks, but when somebody yells out "THE FOURTH DOCTOR!" you think "ludicrously long scarf."  Why that situation would arise is beyond me, but you know 4 = scarf.  Like your favorite cartoons, the Doctor is a character whose outfit is always the same, only changing slightly between each episode (maybe a blue suit instead of a brown one, but still exactly the same suit).  So how will Doctor 12 play it, sleek and tough like 9 or absolutely batshit crazy like 6?  Lets take at 50 years of Who fashion.

THE FIRST DOCTOR:  William Hartnell

The 1st Doctor always makes me think, "this is what Dracula would look like if he was your grandpa."  With his high pointed collar and small cravat, the 1st Doctor looks a bit menacing.  That is until he has to go outside sporting a loose cloth beanie looking thing and scarf.  Maybe it's just me, but with his slicked back hair and uncomfortable looking collar, I find the first Doc creepy.

The Second Doctor:  Patrick Troughton

With a bowl cut only a mother could love (or give) and conflicting patterns between his vest and pants, the 2nd Doctor constantly looked like he just rolled out of bed.  With a teeny tiny often askew bowtie (11 wasn't the first one to think bowties were cool), a plethora of fun hats and a bizarre fur coat, I think 2's most defining fashion choice was that haircut.

The 3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee

If any Doctor's fashion embodied the time period he was in, it is easily #3.  This doctor flounced about in loudly colored velvet suits, capes and ruffled shirts WITH some sort of bowtie or cravat.  With his curly white hair, this doctor karate chopped his foes in style.  He may have been a bit of a dandy, but #3 is one Doctor I would not want to mess with.

The Fourth Doctor:  Tom Baker

One of the most iconic and easily recognized Who outfit was worn by Doctor 4.  With his dangerously long scarf and absolute mop of crazy curls, the fourth Doctor would hide his Jelly Babies in his long coat to take out at the most inconvenient times.  Going back to the cravat, this doctor often wore earthier tones, a stark contrast to his predecessors loud velvet get-ups.  Let's not forget his frumpy hat for outdoor adventures!

The Fifth Doctor: Peter Davison

The most adorable Doctor in my opinion, the fifth Doctor was always dressed to play cricket, with a sweater-vest and candy-stripped pants, he was to date probably the most fashionable of the Doctors.  Well... that would be with the exception of the inexplicable celery pinned to his lapel.  Seriously, why celery?  In a pinch it would provide little to no nutritional value.  Later, the Fifth Doctor's get up got a bit darker and a question mark was added to his collar, but pretty much this was his get up, day in and day out.

The Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker

With the exception of keeping the question marks on his collar, the 6th Doctor wore the polar opposite of muted tones of his predecessor.  What looks to be the product of a rainbow having sex with a clown, we get this rejected member of Godspell.  While I love all the Doctors, I will never understand how this crazy colorful outfit came about.  Despite the insane outfit, Baker was able to shine through, and the Doctor never lost his edge.

The Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy

Taking the question mark motif to a whole new level, the clownish yet sad #7 carried a question mark umbrella while wearing a question mark sweater-vest, paired with tweed pants and some form of overcoat.  Often wearing a straw hat and some kind of loud tie, #7 was the last to carry the question mark, going out with a questionable explosion.... of gunfire.

The Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann

Rock me Amadeus!  That's what I think every time I see this Doctor.  With his strange old fashioned parted in the middle hair and 19th/18th century style, I don't get this Doctors fashion choice.  Maybe it's meant to hearken back to the 1st doctor, but when you are in the 90s and have so many great fashion choices, why would you go here?  It is a nice cravat though.

The Ninth Doctor:  Christopher Eccleston

I do, I really do love this Doctor, despite what others say, but my GOD did he have the most boring outfit.  A leather jacket is the only real iconic piece in the 9th Doctor's wardrobe.  Other than that it's black, black, black.  In a few episodes this Doctor tries to play off this boring wardrobe as fashionable in any age, but considering how his previous regenerations dress... well... yawn.

The Tenth Doctor: David Tennant

SEXY BEAST!  Oh, oh... sorry.  With his pinstripe suits, Converse, floor length over coats and occasional thick framed glasses I would call Ten, dapper as fuck.  Sorry, this Doctor just does things to me.  When I get married one day, this is how my husband will be dressed, minus the 3-d glasses of course.  Or not.  I guess it will depend on my mood.  

The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith

If our reigning Doctor has taught us anything its that bowties are cool.  An so are tweed jackets, often with elbow patches, suspenders, pants that are always a little too short, lace up boots and of course,  Since the reboot, 11 is the first Doctor to wear something a bit out there.  With his kind of nerdy outfit, he is most known for his bowtie, but I have always been more into his high-water pants that show off #11's strange leg movements that make no physical sense.  With hair that defies gravity, whenever 11 wears a fez... or a stetson, it makes me a little sad.  11 you will be missed!

The Twelve Doctor: Peter Capaldi

So what will our newest member of the TARDIS wear?  Will they bring back the question marks?  Or keep it sleek and modern?  Well we go batshit clown crazy or will we keep the bowtie?  The Doctor's outfit is just as important as his companion or catch phrase.  Both 11 and 10 spent an entire SCENE picking out a new outfit.  IT. IS. IMPORTANT!  I almost wonder though... will they do a nod to Capaldi's previous stint on Who in "The Fires of Pompeii".

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Personal Thoughts: Peter Capaldi, The New Doctor

So yesterday as the clock ticked away I counted down to 2:00 to watch the big reveal of the new Doctor Who.  I felt like a patient waiting for test results.  I was legitimately nervous.  As I waited while BBC America experienced some technical difficulties that made me want to throw my TV out a window, I held onto a pillow and repeatedly told my mom how much I was going to miss Matt Smith.  My mom did not care.  I was so worked up in fact that I needed a day to process before blogging about the big news.   

Here is the thing though.  As I waited in heart pounding anticipation my rational mind told me "It will be fine."  I believe in the Doctor.  When Matt Smith came on I thought, "No way.  No way is this young, kind of doofy looking guy the Doctor.  Not my Doctor!  You can't replace David!"  But you know what?  He has been an incredible Doctor.  I will miss him with everything inside of me, I have come to love him just as much as David Tennant, and being nearly the same age as Smith has made me really appreciate his performance and ability to stuff 900+ years on a 20 something year old face.

So when the internet guessed correctly and Peter Capaldi walked out on stage as the 12th Doctor, I was extremely please.  Just looking at Capaldi, I could see the Doctor.  No, he won't be the lithe jello-like, constantly moving, extremely physical Doctor that Matt Smith has been.  I see Capaldi being a more cerebral Doctor, and that is in part to do with his age, which seems to be the biggest complaint I have read about his casting.  But here's the thing, he is not the first "older Doctor."  The first Doctor was the exact same age as Capaldi when the show started (though he looked much older due to illness).  Jon Pertwee, one of the most popular Doctors was also in his 50s when he took on the role and he karate chopped his way through foes!  Patrick Troughton was in his late forties when he sported his bowl cut and hopped on the TARDIS.

What I am most interested in is seeing Capaldi's relationship with Clara.  Let's be honest, Clara was never really the 11th Doctor's companion, she was the 11th Doctor's challenge.  Amy and Rory were the 11th Doctor's companions.  Clara will really be taking on her companion role with the newest regeneration and I think she will be known more for being the 12th Doctor's companion.  I always felt that her relationship with Smith was oddly awkward and somewhat strained, due in part to the fact that the Doctor was more curious about who or what Clara was.  Now that he knows the truth about this girl who saved his lives, he will be able to settle into a relationship with her closer to that of other Doctor/Companion relationships.  It will be interesting to see how her character shapes to fit in with Capaldi's Doctor.

No matter what anybody says, I think Capaldi is an excellent fit and I look forward to saying hello to a new regeneration as I tearfully say goodbye to an old one.  On a side note, I ran into an old companion this weekend and had a minor mental meltdown on the streets of Manhattan, the city that killed him off the show.  That's right folks, I saw Rory aka Arthur Darvill coming out of his performance in Once as I walked out of seeing Kinky Boots.  Needless to say I had I geeked out hard and may have pushed a girl out of the way to take a picture.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dead Meat: True Blood Pros and Cons (spoilers)

So tonight's episode "Dead Meat" was obviously a build up episode to what should prove to be an awesome finale.  With only two more episodes left, they needed an episode like tonight's in order to get us antsy for whats to come.  Also, it kind of feels like True Blood has had terrible amnesia and this season the writers were all miraculously cured and they remembered plot lines/relationships and characters that have been long gone.  Though I was displeased when I got the "Nudity" and "Sexual Situations" warning at the beginning of the episode just to see a teenage pair of tata's an no actual sex.  Total cock-tease True Blood.  Not cool.


  • Oh Eric, you said your sister's blood is still warm on your chest but how can that really be possible.  She has a brief fever before she died.  Now she's twice dead, ain't no way that blood is warm.  Oh, yeah, rest in peace Nora, now let's move on.
  • Great, Alcide and his pack still exist.  And they are still awful.  Seriously, the hatred that builds in me every time they are on screen could give me the powers of the dark side.
  • I'm throwing feminism out the window for a sec.  JESSICA YOU ARE A MEGASLUT!  You do not deserve the love that every single man gives to you.  What the fuck Jessica, what the fuck.
  • Alcide and Sam: WORST BROMANCE OF ALL TIME. 
  • Sam, why are you apologizing to Nicole.  Her stupidity and blind righteousness got her into this mess.
  • Remember when Alcide was on How I Met Your Mother and he has awesome chemistry with Marshall and they had a beautiful bromance and had brunch together?  Alcide should go back to that.
  • Andy's fairy daughter is a MORON!  
  • How do you LOVE Nicole Sam, how do you LOVE her.  She got you into a lot of trouble and you banged.  That's not love Silver Fox.
  • Why is Sookie RANDOMLY coming to Sam with all this info?!  WAY TO LEAD SAM ON!  Maybe Jessica learned all this from you.  Shame on you Sookie, SHAME!
  • The funeral parlor scene could have been good and touching but that dragged on way too long.  Like the Afirit thing.
  • Sarah Newlin's "Thank you Jesus."  Post-murder.  That is bad, even for True Blood.  I couldn't help shake my head and say "No.  No..."

Buckle up ladies and gents, this is a long one.
  • Alexander Skarsgard has really stepped up his performance this year.  Is True Blood sniffing around for next year's Emmy's?
  • I absolutely adore Bill/Eric scenes.  They are such bitch fests, it's like being a college theatre major all over again.  But this scene has me basically going Oh DAYUMMMMM because for a hot second I really thought Bill was going to kill/maim Eric.
  • "You out of your fuckin' mind bitch?!"  Said the only werewolf with common sense.  Ever.  Somebody make that guy pack master.
  • Look, Tara hasn't been on screen much this season, but she has really stolen every one she is in.
  • "I am talking badass medieval times Catholiscim.. I'm the real fuckin' deal."  This new vampire is a psycho-bitch, but she was awesome on House M.D. so I will give her a chance.
  • OH SNAP!  Warlow is like "Overly Attached Girlfriend" only worse.  Those two deserve each other.
You've loved her for centuries? 
 Guess what.  I don't believe in fairies.  Don't clap for that bitch, just let her die.
  • I love that when Eric walks by the fairy world portal it goes dark.  Cool effect.
  • Double walk of shame with Jessica and Pam.  At least we know sex with the therapist was "Oozy but productive."
  • Aw, Sam remembers he had other friends!  Watching him clean out Terry's locker was touching and made me not hate him.
  • Tara mouthing "I know" to Pam about True Blood melted my heart.
  • These are my notes here:  STEVE NEWLIN DOESN'T KNOW!  DON'T DRINK IT STEVE I LOVE YOU!  Needless to say, I was happy that James saved Steve.
  • I knew Nicole was going to get pregnant I KNEW it.  The second Sam sniffed her my suspicions were confirmed.
  • They need to give Pam her own show.
  • Violet is obviously one crazy biotch, but every woman needs to be on top of her shit like she is.  Seriously, her views on sex and relationships with men is the healthiest thing I have heard on this show.
  • It's lovely to see everybody helping Arlene, especially Lala.
  • Sookie looks cute in pigtails.
  • That was the first Bill/Sookie scene in what seems like forever.  I know they had one at the begining of the season, but they have been so disconnected for so long I forgot that they had such a history.  It was an intense conversation though.
  • Steve Newlin is running in a hamster wheel with limp wrists.  This may be my favorite season.
  • When was the last time Sookie even SAW Sam?!  They were so close in the first two seasons and it was so refreshing to see two old friends talking.
  • HEY LOOK!  Portia still exists!  The amnesia of True Blood is cured!
  • Somebody give Arlene some kind of award, "Ya'll are burying a lie!"
  • +1 for Sookie's best scene/monologue ever on this show ever.  Let's not forget Anna Paquin is an academy award winner.
  • Hell yeah for a "Strong Woman" bitch fight!  Nobody realizes how hard a neck is to break but damn a kick in the vagina really hurts.  It's happened to me, I know.
  • Oh look!  Sookie has finally realized that Nial is missing!
  • "And you most certainly didn't get her shirt off.  Sorry I have to take that one away from you."  GOD I love Eric's flippancy.
  • The first time Sookie was with Bill (and most of season one) she wore white.  Now she is wearing a black dress.  She is dressed for her own funeral.  This is very deep for True Blood.
  • I GASPED when Warlow was unconscious but OH SHIT!  ERIC CAN WALK IN THE LIGHT!
Only two more episodes but my faith is going strong!  Every episode my cons list gets shorter and my pro list takes over!  I am just SO HAPPY!