Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trask Industries: First Viral Commercial


I love this kind of real world marketing.  When Colverfield took over the internet in order to promote their movie I was all over it.  From the Slusho website (Slusho) to the myspace pages set months ahead for each character, even a website for the drilling company that supposedly woke the beast (Tagruato), though most people believe the monster fell from space into the water during the last and infamous Ferris wheel scene.

Okay, so this blog post has gotten a bit away from me.  Basically, OMG LOOK AT THE SENTINELS!  They look so awesome!  The new poster for X-Men: Days Future and Past also looks amazing!
So good, I know.  And not to mention Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask, rocking a serious 70s 'stache.

But the BEST part of this whole thing, the website.  Oh yes, a Trask Industries website HAS BEEN LAUNCHED!  Check it out:  Trask Industries.  AMAZING!  AMAZING!  I love this kind of marketing, it makes you feel like part of the universe, and who HASN'T wanted to be a part of the Marvel Universe?  All of us went through puberty hoping against hope that our mutant powers would manifest.  Sadly, it never happened, but now we can look at purchasing Sentanels!  So what if they aren't real!  THIS IS AWESOME!

Sorry I am freaking out.
I'll stop now.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

In The Evening: True Blood Pros and Cons (spoilers)

This may be one of the most epically heartbreaking episodes of True Blood ever.  I don't know who has been writing this season, but kudos to him/her because this season is truly fantastic, the show hasn't been this good since season 2.  I am not a crier, but I won't lie, tears almost broke my waterline at least four times, and as a woman who wears a ton of makeup nearly breaking the waterline is basically balling.  I am so happy with the season that my heart has grown two sizes... or, unlike Lafayette I forgot to take my betablockers.


  • I watch True Blood on HBOgo, and Alcide's face was the thumbnail for this episode.  I am so over Alcide that even his face annoys me.
  • Gross Sarah, who the fuck not only touches, but kisses a severed head.  Your crazy ass is disgusting, you get mad at Jason for having sex with a vampire, but your making out with your hours dead lover's severed head.
  • I am not digging this Sarah Newlin plotline, there was never any evidence that Sarah was this smart.
  • How come time didn't pass weird from Fairy world?  Shouldn't it be like a year later that Sookie comes back?  Seriously, the fairy rules make zero sense.
  • It is weird to see the girl I watched growing up on Full House have a shower sex scene.  Especially since I don't care at all for either character.
Did I just ruin your childhood a little?
  • The wolves are either disgusting or boring.  Why do they exist again?
  • Didn't Nicole get bit by a werewolf?  Why is she okay like three days later?
  • Sookie seems to get so annoyed when she doesn't understand what's going on, like with Andy's fairy kid.  Well no shit Sookie, you haven't bothered with anybody in ages.
  • Woah, Sarah is not rocking the beehive.
  • Oh stupid Alcide.  Why would you lie to your white trash wolf pack.  Now their going to do white trash things to you.
  • I have never been a fan of the flashbacks on this show.  The only flashback I enjoyed was Pam's, but this Eric/Nora flashback looks like a bad imitation of Interview With A Vampire.  They literally copied what happened to Claudia.  That's not okay True Blood, I will always the Vampire Chronicles more.  Always.

  • Sorry Eric, but your no Lestat.
  • Jason is really good at acting apparently.  Then again, he's on and off hated vampires since season 3.
  • Eric is really sexy when he's a bad boy and even sexier when he is caring for Nora.
  • Pam could be sexy even in scrubs, even if her downward facing dog was a hot mess.
  • The exchange between Willa and Pam was interesting.  They were obviously feeling each other out, but it was a great mixture of tension and respect.
  • Eric is BREAKING MY HEART!  "Please heal her for me!"
  • Yummy Warlow tushy.  Also, Sookie's body is ROCKING.
  • Oh good.  Sookie remember's Arlene is her friend.
  • Yo, Arlene is giving some award winning acting here.
  • It seems like the cast is reconnecting over Terry's death.  Characters who have been separated for seasons are talking again, even Sam is getting involved, "Not being there is not an option."  It's nice to see the cast falling back into place as a unit and not several off-shooting plotlines.
  • Jason's gentleness with Jessica was so beautiful, it almost made me a little weepy, even if he did say "Stockholder Syndrome."  Then Jessica had to go and ruin it.
  • To see Sookie helping her friends again feels right.  It's been too long with her being kind of selfish, even though the whole idea of her character is that she helps people to a fault.  I'm happy she is helping Arlene.
  • Sexy, non-sex vampire is sexy.  I may be falling in love with James.
  • It's good to see Bill and Eric having a "whose dick is bigger" competition again.  Even as Eric pleads to Bill to save Nora, you know he still totally thinks his dick is bigger.
  • Drunk Arlene is both sad and hilarious.
  • Bill walks in, "Holy Fuck."
  • When was the last time Arlene interacted with Bill (or any vampire but Jessica)?  That interaction was fan-fucking-tastic.
  • Lala always knows how to be awesome, "I'm so glad I took my fuckin' beta blockers, DUECES!"
  • I LOVE Pam's therapy sessions.  She plays that therapist like a vio-fucking-lin.  Between her sexy couch poses and slipping in lines like "I was a whore in my human life."  Go deep Pam, go deep.
  • FUCK YES TARA!  SAVE JASON!  Tara you are so awesome this seaosn... I don't know about this prison bitch, but I'm interested to see where this goes.
  • OH!  OH NO!  ERIC'S TEARS!  THEY ARE KILLING MY HEART!  I WANT Nora to die, but Eric's devastation is devastating me!  OH MY GOD!  This is the most heartbreaking scene EVER on True Blood.  Ok, maybe it ties with Sookie's grandma's murder.  But OH ERIC!  OH, I almost has a tear spill over!
This season is so good!  I get so nervous that every new episode is going to ruin the awesome, but they haven't!  And we are so close to the end!  This is a season to look back on and say, "Season 6, that was the season that saved True Blood."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

True Blood Pros and Cons: Don't You Feel Me? (spoilers)

After last week's episode it's going to be hard to impress me, and this week's episode did fall a bit short.  That's probably because it dealt mostly with the plot lines I greatly dislike, if not, hate.  And be warned, an early spoiler, they finally killed a main character.  I'll get to that, but first I want to say that even though they set up this inevitable death early, I think a lot of people will still be upset.  I am not one of those people, but True Blood has absolutely coddled it's viewers.  This has not been Vampire Diaries where a character dies, like, once a week or dare I say Game of Thrones where literally nobody is safe.  The True Blood audience is only used to those fair-weather characters that come in mid-season dying.  In fact, we expect those people to die.  In the books, most of the characters on the show are dead or so unimportant they don't even have their own plotlines.  So, I'm interested to see if there is an internet uproar.


  • YEY!  Bill still has a connection with Sookie!  Warlow saves the day!
  • Warlow really seems to love Sookie.  Okay, I am biased, I love a bad boy, especially a British bad boy (I love you Loki),  But Sook, I'd get on that, literally and figuratively.
  • OH GOD PAM AND ERIC!  YOU GUYS ARE SO BADASS I DIED!  Fuck yes team Pam and Eric.
  • Steve Newlin is the best pussy vampire ever.
  • I love that Walow obviously like Lafayette.  He was clearly getting a kick out of his fabulousness.
  • While I love that the fairy realm saves Walow, but if Sookie can just pop there and it's empty, why doesn't she spend more time there to save herself.  Also, when they come out will it be like, two years later?
  • I love that when Bill can't call Warlow, his first question that he asks totally nonchalantly "JESSICA!  When I summoned you, how close to killing you did I come?"
  • OOOH!  Jason!  I am so proud of you!  Look at you being so smart!  Joining the LAVTF to save Jessica.  Look at you use your small little brain.
  • Oh yeah Sookie, tie Walow up, tie him up good.
  • Adalynn is a pretty name.  The four other names took it too far, but whatever.
  • Lala be looking FAB-U-LOUS.
  • "Terry you are acting real strange, even for Terry."
  •  I think Sookie and Warlow have the best chemistry so far, even despite the fact that Bill and Sookie are married in real life.  Even though Warlow is asking a lot from her, I'd still do it.
  • The Gov and Eric have an awesome good guy/bad guy thing going.
  • Nora, I may have wanted you to die for a while, but that's rough.  I forgot about the vampire STD.  It will be interesting to see how that whole thing plays out.
  • You can see Lilith's merkin through her dress.
  • I'm glad Sam gave Emma back to her Grandmother as that seems best option.  I just hope this whole thing is over now.
  • That is some fabulous vampire glamoring Terry, but shit they fried his brains.  They took away everything that makes Terry Terry.
  • I love Jason.  This is his best season.
  • When Sarah walked in while Jason was joining the LAVTF I was like "Oh shit!"  Even though I knew it was coming.  I never would have thought that Jason would have handled it so well though, he blew her mind!  Maybe Walow's blood healed Jason's brain a little more than he meant it to.
  • "It is not God, it is science."  That is the smartest thing a True Blood "villain" has ever said.
  • Can I just say, Jessica's "Copulation Study" scene is maybe the most heartbreaking thing that has ever happened on True Blood, it made me sick, but it was poignant and tastefully done.  To think things like this have happened in real life makes me sad and sick and I think True Blood handled it fabulously.  Also, the male vampire needs to be in True Blood for the rest of forever.
  • I knew Terry was going to get killed.  I saw it coming... but that didn't stop me from saying "Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God."  They handled the scene between him and Arlene beautifully, but it was still heartbreaking, despite the fact I have been begging for this plot to be over.  Rest in peace Terry.
  • OH YES!  Bill hasn't done anything this fucked up in a LONG time!  Bill fucking with peoples heads.  Or fucking while twisting peoples heads.  Oh well, goodbye Gov, but your death was immanent.
  • Tara, I just want to say I'm happy you're awesome this season.
  • OH!  Great escape Eric!  Bravo!
  • I love when Eric is incognito, he said "Fantastico".
  • This is literally what I wrote in my notes for this last bit:  "Oh gosh Sookie what are you doing!  WHAT!  Oh, hey, you haven't been naked in a while!"  That's what I wrote about that, but yey for Warlow/Sookie sex! 

  • Sookie's father's field of dreams exit was super lame.
  • Since when can vampire Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon float like that?  If I was Pam and Eric I would float everywhere, Beetlejuice cartoon style.
  • Guess what?  I still don't care about Nicole OR Sam.
  • The filter they use to film in Fairy World is Barbara Walter's dream filter.
  • Gross.  Alcide and his family and his pack a gross.  Take a shower.  Ya'll need Jesus.
  • What the fuck is Arlene wearing?! Is that a blue valor jumpsuit.
  • This episode is focusing way too much on plots I hate.
  • What the hell is with that vampire concentration camp doctor?  Who the hell cast this guy?
  • I really hate Willa.  Is she gunna die soon?
  • "Oh God" I said with an eye roll as Alcide approached Sam.
  • I'm just saying, I don't think a werewolf could beat a shifter.  They can shift into ANYTHING.
  • The afterglow after Bill drank Walow's blood really pissed me off.
  • SERIOUSLY?!  GLOWING SEX LIGHT!  That totally ruined that sex scene for me.
So, another episode down and we are really winding down to the end.  I'm interested to see where this goes.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wholockians! If You Haven't Been Watching Game Of Thrones, You Will Be Now!

MARK GATISS HAS JOINED THE CAST OF GAME OF THRONES!  I am avoiding doing actual work right now just to right this post because I am FREAKING OUT.  I love Mark Gatiss, not only as an actor, but as an increadbly talented writer.  Without him, we wouldn't have the brilliant writing of Sherlock (or anybody to play Mycroft) and he has penned some of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who including The Idiot's Lantern, A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song and The Lazurus Experiment.  He took a starring role in The Lazurus Experiment, but has played roles in several of the episodes he's written.  Gatiss has also penned 4 Who novels.

Now, I have not read the GoT books, but I watch the show with the ravenous soul of anybody in a fandom.  I even cosplayed as Daenerys Targaryen (which I will possibly revise at NY ComicCon).  Which character he will be playing is being kept firmly under wraps, but I am sure the readers of the books have figured it out.  I can't see Gatiss as anything other that a stuffy British guy, you know, the basic Mycroft character, but I would kinda like to see him as like a wildling or a crazy magic weilding sorcerer or something that can only exist in the GoT universe.  As if I wasn't excited enough for next season after the Red Wedding, now I have to wait a year to see Gatiss' role.  Ugh!  At least Sherlock should be back soon!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

F*ck the Pain Away: True Blood Pros and Cons (Spoilers)

Okay, first of all when I saw the episode title I nearly flipped my lid.  I think the song Fuck The Pain Away by Peaches is hilarious.  My sister and I love to blast that song in the car with the windows down just to watch peoples reactions as we dance like pageant girls to the repetitive symbol beat.

Any-hoo, just from the title I. WAS. IN.  Little did I realize that I would be watching one of, if not the, most intelligently written episodes of True Blood ever.  I may go as far as to put it in my top 3 favorite episodes.  I am so happy right now.  I'll start with the cons because there are so few.

  • I am probably a truly, deeply, horrible person with nothing but darkness where my heart should be, but I really do not care about Andy and his now deceased fairy kids.  I'm sorry, I just don't.
  • The actress who plays Sarah can literally play no other character.  Watch "Pitch Perfect" and tell me I'm wrong.
  • Seriously Bill, I am so over the Jesus-y-ness mixed with your absolute self-righteousness.  This character point is getting real old, real fast.
  • What happened to Fae being gross Gollum-like monsters?  I thought their human form was just something they put on for the halflings.  Is this just a character point we've abandoned?  I mean, its fine, I'm down with the hotties... but I'm just acknowledging that the fae were gross in their natural habitat.
  • Sorry, but does Sarah really need this big of a plot line?  And I mean come on Jason, screw her once, shame on you... screw her twice?  Well... also shame on you.
  • We need Hoyt back.  I miss him and the show he left True Blood for got cancelled.  Come on!  Give that 8ft puppy dog a job True Blood!
  • "The Unfriendly Possum".  Of course the fucking werewolves would hang out there those white trash SOBs.
  • Alcide... in what universe does Sam have salt & pepper hair?  It's Sandy blonde with streaks of grey.  If your going to give a description do it right.  God I hate you guys!
  • Really though, why do Sam and Alcide have plot lines?  No really?  Why?  Can somebody explain it to me?  Please?
  • Willa can die.  Really.  I won't care.
  • What the eff is this vampire handball/paintball thing.  I love Eric but that scene was fucking stupid.
  • NO!  NO MORE TERRY AFRIT MURDER THING!  Honestly I love Terry, I've loved him since he was a kid on Gilmore Girls, but I don't care.  Kill him if it will end this plot.
  • How was last season only 1 week ago?
  • I don't care about Holly or Andy.
  • Why is Bill suddenly just Lilith?
  • Lala girl, I love you, but you need to stop getting possessed.  Stop helping people girl, you never get anything back for it.
  • ADULT CONTENT!  STRONG SEXUAL SITUATIONS!  OH YES!  These are the warnings I have been waiting for!
  • Damn, Sookie's got some body.  As a strait woman, I still have to say "dayyyyyuuummmmm"
  • Jessica is probably one of the best actors on the show.
  • BOOM!  Warlow has TWO plot twists!
    • Warlow saved Sookie from her parents from committing filicide.
    • Bill has the same control over Walow as a maker!
  • I am really enjoying all plots involving Eric, Tara and Pam.  Especially since Eric is a super badass again.
  • PAM IS SO BADASS!  Ugh I love her.
  • The Governor is not a simple "evil character".  He has logic about his daughter's turning and real feelings about what is happening.... and not in the campy way of Russell and Talbot.
  • Warlow is the most complicated "villain" this show has ever seen.  It is not black and white with Warlow, it's deep and complicated, there is more to it then just a baddie.  Of course, more and more it is seeming that he is no villain at all, but it will take a lot to convince all of the other characters that his goodness is true.  Especially since he did banish Nial.
  • Even if it was Sarah, that sex scene was the Tits!  I HAVE MISSED THIS!  "I truly believe God wants you to fuck me!"  This is pure True Blood season 1 goodness!
  • YUM!  You could eat off Jason's buns!
  • It's nice to see Jess and Jason talking again.  Even if Jess is freaking out saying "I'll rape you or something!"
  • OH NO JESSICA!!!!!
  • Hey!  The therapist is the Priest from Constantine!  Yey!  I love him!
  • "Hold the fuck up.  Am I in therapy?"  Oh PAM!  She would just rather be in the fucking room.  Even though every time they have a vampire sex scene, I feel like that kind of speedy there would be some serious chaffing.  There is not enough lube in the world to stop them from starting a fire in your vagina.  There I said it, you know you were all thinking it.
  • When the therapist offers Pam a reward in the form of a hot Asian blood donor, I love her "I could get used to this" face.
  • This therapy session may be one of the most intellectual scenes True Blood has ever had.
  • Lafayette finally called Sookie out for never being at work.  "Whatchu doin' at your place of work cuz I know it ain't work."
  • YES!  MORE LAFAYETTE!  When was the last time he even saw Sookie?  When Tara turned?
  •  "I ate four fairy girls and I am so fucked up!"  Great scene between Jess and Tara.
  • Seriously, I can watch a whole episode of Pam in this therapy session.  Everything about this is perfect.
  • Lala can talk to the spirits despite getting possessed all the time and that boy has no patience for the dead, "STACKHOUSE'S CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"
  • Mmm I could listen to Ben's English accent all day.
  • The blood contract was for marriage not literal blood!  I love that they have subverted what we expected!
  • OH FUCK!  Her parents were really going to kill her!
  • When they gave Eric the stake and he said "Give me something to kill."  I whispered "oh no Pam..." and then when the door opened and Pam was there and I knew she was going to be there... I still screamed.  I'm not proud.
  • OH FUCK SOOKIE NO!!! Don't die!  But... don't become a vampire either!
So, this episode was great.  We got sex, intellect, violence!  What more can you ask of HBO.  This season is making me so happy!  I now anxiously wait for Sunday nights, unlike last season when I groaned at every episode.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

AT LAST: True Blood Pros And Cons (spoilers)

HELL YES!  THIS IS THE SHOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH!  I don't even care that they have gotten so far away from the books that the only similarity is the character's names.  That is big of me to say.  I am the kind of person who will boycott a movie ::cough cough World War Z:: if they stray to far from the book.  But this is epic and I love it.  I filled three note pages with pros tonight, destroying the one and a half of cons.  I am practically beaming right now.  Like Fae beaming.


  • DAMNIT!  No nudity in the warnings again.  True Blood, you used to be my lady porn.  I need you back to season 1/2 levels of sex.
  • Nora, damn it, you have some serious Fae issues and now you are in trouble.  You have nobody to blame but yourself.
  • Sookie, when you call 911 you give your address... not a description of your house.
  • GOD!  I HATE THESE WOLVES!  Why the hell would they kill all the kids?!  If they are trying to keep a low profile, not killing them would be the better option.  White trash with fur, that is all you are!
  • Listen writers.  I don't care about Terry, Arlene, Andy or his Fae kids.  I don't care what happened to Patrick, I don't even want you to mention Patrick again.  Or have any of them near fire.
  • Are Sam and Alcide even connected to Sookie anymore?  Why do they even have a story line?
  • I really hate these Fae kids.  No. Really.
  • Willa is worse that Jessica when she first turned.  She better not survive this season.
  • I KNEW BEN WAS BAD NEWS!  I KNEW IT!  I wrote about it and I'm glad somebody in the universe knows that I knew it.  I like to be right.  Anyway, that was one hell of an opening.
  • LALA IS MY GIRL!  Saving Sam's ass again.
  • I live for Ginger's screams.  LIVE FOR IT!
  • Dear Gov.  I really like you.  I am enjoying your character, your acting and most of your plot line.  Just remember one thing.  You are no Russel Edgington.  Never forget that you can never replace that fabulous villain.
  • TARA!  When did you become so useful?!
  • I love every minute of Pam/Eric screen time.  Every.  Single.  Minute.
  • Okay, I may hate the Andy/Fairy kids plot, but that "You ain't slept since you were 3," one liner made me laugh out loud.
  • Shirtless Jason.  Yum.
  • I'm sorry, but Sookie's weird flashbacks are hilarious.  I know they aren't supposed to be, but if I remembered things like that I would do nothing but daydream.
  • This one is a 2 parter.  First, that gay scene between Ben and Jason was amazing.
    • I was getting annoyed that Jason couldn't tell he had been given Vampire blood.  He was a V addict at one point, how could he not know.  Thankfully at the breakfast table, he mentioned that it was like how he felt on V.
  • I loved the scene between Bill and one of Andy's Fae kids.  I don't know why, but Bill's gentleness with her was kind of adorable but also kinda sexy.
  • Yum.  Eric sauntering onto that Merry-Go-Round was the sexiest thing ever.  That was the most excited I've ever been about a Merry-Go-Round since I was like 8.
  • YES!  Eric turned her!  That was all I've been waiting for when it came to Willa.  Pam is so not going to be happy.
  • Seriously, Lafayette needs to open some sort of supernatural rescue service.
  • Michelle Tanner's childhood bestie said "shit".
  • Sometimes Grandpa Fairy looks like a hobbit.
  • Grandpa Fairy's way of helping Jason get over his gay dream was epic.  "That Ben is a handsome fela!"
  • HOLY CRAP!  Warlow is half vampire half fairy.  That is some epic power.
  • How is Ben suddenly super hott now that he is outed as Warlow.  Is it the vampire thing?  Or is it because now he is suddenly English?
  • I need to know why Warlow spit Grandpa's blood out instead of drinking it?  Is he saving room for Sookie?
  • I love how Sookie is getting ready for her date with Ben.  She puts on her sexy bra, then looks at the mirror and nods as is to say "Yeah! Boobs!"
  • NOOOOOO!!! PAM!!!
  • Damn.  Sarah loves to screw everybody except Steve Newlin.  Maybe that's why he's gay.
  • Jason is the worst cop ever.  "That was my best dirty harry!"
  • JESSICA! NO!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO!  Ugh!  My heart just broke for that girl!  When she screamed, "I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE YOU BUT IT WAS ME!"  Ugh... my heart is dead now.
  • FUCK YES SOOKIE!  FUCK YES!  I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!  YOU OUTED WARLOW!  I thought you were just a dumb slut but I have never loved you more.
So, Ben is Warlow and things are getting really interesting.  I really just wish they would focus only on that plot line, and the plot line with the Governor.  I just hope they don't wrap things up to quickly like they did with the Afrit plot last year.  Until next week!