Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lady Gaga joins the cast of AHS and I have zero Poker Face

With a tweet my newsfeed was set ablaze with news that America's favorite little monster has joined the cast of American Horror Story, next season's journey being called "Hotel".  People are losing their MINDBALLS and as the resident AHS fan (or foe) among my friends people are hounding me with the "ISN'T THIS AWESOME" question and my response is a resounding "No.  No it isn't."

Gaga's Tweet

Now, if we were hit with this news after season 1 I would be all over it.  I really like Lady Gaga, I dressed as her for Halloween once for crying out loud.  I think her brand of weird works beautifully with the AHS brand and I think she is a good actor.  But after last years ridiculous amount of musical numbers and waaaayyyy too overpopulated cast, I can't help but cringe as I think on Gaga singing every episode as we cut between every major celeb the show can cram in.

The major AHS problem pretty much since season 2 is Ryan Murphy's need to shove as many celebs into the show has humanly (or budget-ly) possible.  A cast of A-Listers does not a good show (or movie, I'm looking at you Valentine's Day) make.  With too many characters and too many A-listers who need too much screen time, we have ended nearly every season with 80% of the cast DEAD simply because it is IMPOSSIBLE to tie up that many loose ends.  We also end up with sloppy and unnecessary cameos (I'm looking at you Mat Bomer and NPH) whose plot lines serve no purpose to the story, only to their careers.

Now look, after Lady Gaga KILLED it in what was an all around boring Academy Awards, it's hard to look past AHS' major flaws and say "omgLadyGagashesamonsersheisperfectahhhhh" because you can't breathe you are so excited.  BUT, unless they trim the fat a bit and drop their A-List from 37 to 5, home girl ain't getting no screen time.  And she deserves it.  Reports say the incomparable Jessica Lange will not be in the season, but they need to get rid of more that just her to bring the show back to it's humble roots.

And to all of you thinking:
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