Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AHS: Edward Mordrake

Edward Mordrake eh?  What an interesting title/character... JUST LIKE SEASON TWO'S ANNE FRANK EPISODES.  GAH!  This show just lives to irk me and I love to let it.  Okay, Anne Frank is an extremely iconic figure (who probably shouldn't have been touched in the first place), but in the history of "freaks" Mordrake is a well known figure.  For anybody who doesn't know, Mordrake is a famous "freak" who appears to be more urban legend that actual fact.  According to the story, Mordrake, a young handsome heir to some title or other had a second face on the back of his head.  This second head apparently whispered evil things to Mordrake who eventually committed suicide.  This "actual historical figure" this just feels a lot like something AHS has already done.

Edward Mordrake

In other news, here are my theories on Twisty.

  1. He used to work at the Freak show and due to some terrible tragedy he either was shot in the face or tried to commit suicide,
  2. He is Lange's son and whatever destroyed her legs (my thoughts bombs in Berlin during WWII) destroyed his face.

Anyhow, it's just started raining.  What perfect timing!  Time to settle down and watch.
  • Little Roberts is back!  But more importantly DENNIS O'HARE IS BACK!!!!!!!
  • Video killed the Freak show.  Guess people would rather watch Ed Sullivan.
  • Remember last year when O'Hare was doing naughty things to Roberts corpse?  Yeahhhh I really do stay by my belief tht next year should have a completely rebooted cast.
  • Oh God his little girl is already afraid of clowns, that's like the scariest of them all.
  • Is this "Trick or Treat" scene reminding anybody else of Hocus Pocus
  • FYI somebody wrote an article about Bates weird accent
  • Aw the Doctor is so sweet to the Bearded Lady.
  • "I'm not crying because I'm gunna die, I'm crying cuz your the one doctor to treat me with respect."  *heart breaks*
  • So, no freak performs on Halloween just like in season 1 ghosts could leave the house.  
  • How did Mordrake get a knife??
  • FYI this is a totally different than the Mordrake story I've heard.
  • Hey Kathy, I can see your lace front.  Sort that out hair and makeup.
  • That's a damn good Woody Woodpecker Patti Labelle
  • Uh-oh Patti I would not piss Ritchie Ritch off.
  • Poor Meep :(
  • Aw, Roberts and Peters are real life lovvahhss.  Wonder if that will play into this season.
  • Oh thank God the "head removal" between Dot and Bette is just a dream.  I was worried.
  • "I was having the most beautiful dream" what the actual FUCK Dot.
  • The fortune telling scene where Roberts "reads her mark" was very interesting
  • I love that Elsa is rocking a kimono while smoking opium.
  • Angela Bassatt you are EVERYTHING
  • I wasn't sure if she was jerking off her boy parts or her husbands.
  • "You've got a beard for starters."  That's pretty mild for considering you went to 3 titties and a weenie.
  • Why is this a plot?  I do not car about the strong man and the bearded lady.  This is way too long a scene.
  • OMG the smallest girl scaring the tallest girl is the most ADORABLE scene I have ever seen.
  • Oh God, Ritchie Ritch dressed as a clown is gunna kill LaBelle!!!
  • Why do people taunt killers?
  • The way "Esmeralda" wouldn't touch lobster boy's hand.
  • Oh DAYUM son O'Hare is channeling Russell Edgington.
  • Jimmy's rage seems to be the most over the top thing in the world.
  • So... I guess O'Hara is a bit of a freak himself?  Double dong?
  • This poor little girl is so afraid of clowns... but I am sorry that clown HAS to smell bad.  You have GOT to smell him before you see him.
  • Soooo Dot is a total D-Bag.  Good for Sarah Paulson, she gets to go less screaming and hysterical crying this year.
  • ....another...fucking...out of time tune.  THERE ISNT EVEN AN AUDIENCE.  GOD I HATE YOU RYAN MURPHY!!!!!!!!!  This actually makes me want to stop watching.
Even Tumblr. agrees

  • So even though Esmerelda isn't real, Mordrake comes in all tall dark and handsome with a serious hard on for Elsa?  I'm calling it now, Kathy Bates ends up dead after this 2 episode arc.  You know what else had a two episode arc?  Anne Frank during Asylum.
  • Why am I watching the trial of two weird accents?
  • Ok so it isn't Kathy Bates... is it Dot?  The freak who doesn't want to be?
  • Honestly, Ritchie Ritch is scarier than Twisty.
So that's it.  I'm so mad at Ryan Murphy I have no more to say.

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