Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh Such Exciting Things!

Something that I'm ever obsessed with are movie trailers.  It may sound weird, but I see myself as somewhat of a movie trailer connoisseur.  This is a something that really annoys my friends, especially when we go to the movies.  I like to play this game during the coming attractions where I name the movie by the first 5 seconds of the trailer, then rattle off everything I know about said film before the trailer has even finished running.  Its a wonder I have friends at all.  So today I'd like to give you the IMDB pages (which include trailers) of films that I am really REALLY excited about.

First I give you Star Trek into Darkness a movie I am excited about on so many levels that watching the trailer nearly has me hyperventilating.

Firstly the trailer starts with my favorite voice in the entire world.  Screw James Earl Jones, forget Morgan Freeman!  When you hear Benedict Cumberbatch speak you will wonder how he doesn't get every voice over job available   His voice is a thing of pure and total beauty, setting aside the fact that he is gorgeous, is Sherlock Holmes, indisputably nails playing Stephen Hawking and switched off playing Frankenstein and his monster with (ironically) Johnny Lee Miller. Side note:  Will National Theatre PLEASE release the Frankenstein performance on DVD for America.  PLEASE!

Okay so Benedict Cumberbatch aside I LOVE Star Trek.  I grew up watching it because Dad is a huge fan, Next Generation was always on when he was in control of the remote.  When the two of us saw the last movie (spoilers if you didn't see it) my Dad was not a fan of the whole Spock going back in time and changing the whole timeline thing.  He hates time travel, which is weird because he loves sci-fi and will watch Doctor Who when I have it on.  But I digress.  I love that I will have no idea what's going to happen in this movie, and I can't even get mad if they don't follow true to the original Captain Kirk/Spock timeline because it's all NEW!  New adventures, new characters, new timeline!  It's all so very very exciting!

Next we have for your viewing pleasure Warm Bodies which has just released the first 4 minutes of the film (which I have already watched twice) on IMDB as seen here

I love the idea of having this sort of reverse zombie movie.  I love zombie movies but after a while its all the same moaning, groaning and gore.  We get it Hollywood, zombies are gross.  Now of course this isn't the first "reverse zombie" movie, but every other movie like this tends to have re-animated dead people who are still completely in control of themselves and shenanigans ensue   This starts from the zombies point of view as a shuffling, rotting, hungry, less than human thing.  Now yes, the movie seems to turn the main zombie back into something more human, but he doesn't start out that way.

I love any new twist on monster movies, especially when we see things from the monsters point of view, which is probably why I'm such a huge Anne Rice fan, because YES Anne Rice's vampires REALLY are monsters, not like Edward Cullen, he's more of a sparkling fairy.  And Anne Rice also wrote a books from a Mummy's AND a Werewolf's point of view... so... Go Anne!  If you're like me and love the idea of movies in reverse may I suggest Tucker and Dale vs Evil which is sort of a deconstructed hot kids get murdered in the woods comedy.  It's fantastic and Alan Tudyk is in it, need I say more?

So that's the end of my rant on the trailers I'm excited about today.  Please comment and leave me other great movies to check out!