Friday, January 18, 2013

American Horror Story: Continuum (Spoilers)

That's kind of how I feel watching this season.  It's like watching a train wreck, but by GOD you just can't look away.  I'm a bit behind on my blogging, but here is my rant on Thursday's episode of American Horror Story entitled "Continuum," possibly the most confusing episode of the series so far.

The show opens with Kit pulling an ax out of a body, but it's hard to tell whose.  Bloody faced, he sits down and responds to one of his children calling to him.  I thought to myself "YES!  This is how I like to see my Evan Peters, murdering people!  Oh joyous day!"  Imagine my disappointment when we find out it wasn't actually Kit's doing at all!  Rats!  We flashback to before the ax murder and see Kit, Grace and Alma living a strange Mormon-esque lifestyle, raising their two kids with Kit switching off between baby mama's nightly.  It has been about a year since all of their lives went to shit, and things seem great.  But things aren't always as they seem as Alma becomes increasingly upset with Grace's fascination and constant drawing of the aliens that abducted them.  Alma hits the wall with Grace and delivers death using Grace's favorite weapon, slamming her with an ax twice.  Kit pulls the ax out and we are back to the beginning of the episode.

Then we find ourselves at Briarcliff, back in 1968 which is a year before the murder at the Walker family home.  Sister Jude and Pepper now seem to run the joint from the inside, playing a pretty intense game of Candy Land.  The Monsignor comes in to talk to Jude, but Jude refuses to respond as her name is now "Betty".  The Monsignor tells her that he had been promoted to Cardinal and is moving to New York, giving Briarcliff over to the government.  He promises Jude he will get her out before he leaves, but she tells him not to give her false hope, even if she seems relieved.

.The government take over of Briarcliff happens pretty fast as overflow from the prison come in quickly.  Three women saunter in and one of them is the Angel of Death herself!  Well Jude nearly wets herself in fear, especially when she find out that this tough talking, beehive wearing, cigarette smoking angel is her roommate.  Jude warns her to stay away.  The next day, the tough Angel of Death stabs on of the original Briarcliff crazies for taking his meds instead of pinching them for her to sell.  Jude is really starting to lose her shit, and as she walks back to her room we see Alma entering Briarcliff....wait?  Didn't she kill Grace a year from now?  Well that makes zero sense.

Jude, now back in her room, wakes up to find the Angel in her true form, lips inches from hers.  Jude freaks the fuck out and  security runs into her room to find her beating up a woman who isn't the Angel at all.  Jude finds herself in her old office, in a strait jacket and looking rather confused.  She demands to see the Monsignor, only to be told by the new head of Briarcliff that became Cardinal two years earlier.  Jude becomes just as confused as me, as she insists she just talked to him a day ago, "Ask Pepper!" but NOPE, Pepper apparently died a year and a half ago.  What... WHAT?!!

Now it's 1969.  Lana is now making a mint on her story.... even if some of it is totally made up.  As she reads a passage from her book, "Maniac" we realize this part of the book is about something that never happened to her.  Lana you liar!  Bloodyface never brought another woman down to you!  Luckily, I didn't have to shout that at the TV as Threadson does it for me, standing up and calling Lana out.  Then Lana's girlfriend stands up, accusing her of leaving out the fact they were lovers from the book.  Of course, Lana is imagining all this and the audience at the book signing sympathizes with this poor woman.  As she signs books for her adoring fans, we find out that Lana has turned into a superbitch, yelling at her assistant and being super demanding.  Then Kit shows up and Lana changes her tune.

Kit and Lana go to coffee, where Lana brags about her career and future novels, until Kit totally calls her out on not bringing down Briarcliff.  Burn!  Kit tells Lana that not only did Alma die there, but Jude is still alive!  Lana leaves shaken, and Kit leaves pissed.  As Kit goes to his beat up truck, I half expected to see the bodies of his kids in the back, but nothing so exciting, but as he drives away time changes yet again and we see Dylan McDermott (whose name I don't believe has yet been mentioned) sitting in a car looking rather ominous.

The episode ends with McDermott demanding his mothers book from an elderly shop owner.  He tells the owner of the bookstore who he is, and she tells him that Lana's only child was her rape baby, and that he died at birth.  McDermott goes nuts, telling the woman that not only is he her son, but he is going to call her out on all her lies and then shoot Lana in the face.  At this point she kind of deserves it.

All and all the episode was entertaining, but I still really hate that the Sister Mary Eunice plot has been wrapped up.  I think this season would have been much more successful if they focused on less, but next week is the series finally, so if they tie it all together beautifully I will be more than impressed... Until next week AHS... until next week.  I'm putting a lot of faith in you.