Friday, January 4, 2013

Fringe- Comin' to the End (Season spoilers)

So Like a bit of an idiot I assumed Fringe was new tonight.  Secretly, I'm glad it wasn't because there are only three episodes left.  Can you hear my heart breaking?  One of the few American (non-HBO series) I had left!  Last year I lost House and now Fringe!  At least they had the decency to give Fringe a final year to wrap up, unlike most of my favorite shows which just abruptly get cancelled.  God I'm gonna miss Fringe.

Unfortunately, I haven't been totally in love with the season.  Every other season had my drooling over each episode, screaming as William Bell took over Olivia's body and trying to slap Peter for sleeping with Faux-Livia.  This seasons been a bit, well, blah, for me.  They already re-wrote the whole time line of the show when September made Peter die, again, twice, in the same universe... yeah, but their sudden jump to the future seemed kind of abrupt.  Last season was all about the reset timeline, then they suddenly in the middle of the season we are in a dystopian future where bald is the new black.  The episode literally came out of no where, the episode before we're talking about trying to close the universes then BAM! Future.

This whole future thing has felt kind of forced, like the creators new they had to end the show and made a sharp left to be interesting. Okay so we've been given snapshots of how Walter can stop the Observers with the help of the mysterious Donald throughout this whole season. We even got an LSD educed Monty Python cartoon sequence which was pretty cool, but the warped tape video adventures were beginning to get tedious. I even called from nearly minute 1 that Etta was gonna die. And then we found out....


Oh Fringe!  I'm so SO SORRY!  How could I ever, EVER have doubted you!?  PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I know the next three episodes are going to be mind blowing and while I cannot wait, I'm going to be sad to see you go :(  

With that I leave you with my favorite Fringe Gif: