Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's... Monty Pythons.... Family Guy?

So I can get irrationally excited when things I love are referenced in pop culture.  Partially because I know what their talking about (i.e. when I screamed "IT'S A THEREMIN!" when Sheldon Cooper brought one out to annoy Leonard) and partially because I hope people will learn about something really awesome and maybe become fans themselves.

I haven't been that into Family Guy lately.  I guess its just lost it's luxury for me, but my Dad continues to watch while I click through Imgur or play Candy Crush on Facebook, but when I heard my Dad say "Uh, Sara," I knew it had to be good.  So I ripped my eyes from my laptop and I looked up to see Michael Palin in his classic old man garb scrambling to say his one and only classic line "Its..."  (which by the way was going to be the be the name of the show), followed by a parody of the Sousa opening.  Here is an example of one such an opening:

So, in my normal fashion, I got irrationally excited and now I'm blogging about it.  I am a HUGE Monty Python fan.  On nights when I can't get to sleep I turn to my Flying Circus box set and gently giggle myself to sleep, usually to be awoken with my heart pounding because John Cleese is screaming.  Especially when I put on the episode that involves self defense against fruit because he really screams his head off in that one.

Those 6 men really captured lightning in a bottle, touching on both the real world and the very very surreal one.  I think they even predicted the future of both politics and television programming.  Two sketches in particular really creep me out with how close they came to what people actually watch on TV today:

The first is a sketch called "Britain's Most Awful Family".  Can we say Honey Boo Boo Child?

The next is a sketch entitled "The Blackmail Sketch" which pretty much feels like all reality TV.  I can't believe ABC hasn't picked this up yet.

Of course this isn't the first time Family Guy has referenced Flying Circus.  I even once got offended when this happened:
I'm a girl and I friggin' love Monty Python.

Anyway that's my mini Monty Python mini-rant for today (that's right their will be longer ones).  Hope you enjoy the clips :)