Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Doctor Who Christmas

So while I’m new to this whole blog thing, it’s time for me to give my opinion on the Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Snowman” (But really only my opinion about Clara). Hopefully anybody who cares has seen it, but as this time of year is always busy SPOILERS!!!

I came into this episode leery, this is the first episode sans Amy and Rory who have been with the 11th Doctor for nearly 3 series. I had gotten so used to them that the idea of losing them seemed ludicrous!  I mean, the 10th Doctor’s companions were more like Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers at Hogwarts. Besides, we had already met Oswin Oswald in Asylum of the Daleks and I really didn’t mind that she died. I wasn’t looking forward to that kind of bossy, totally show-offey, a little bit whiny, souffle maker becoming the Doctors new companion. Besides, nobody could really replace Donna Noble in my humble opinion.

Then, lo! We meet Clara! Why… this isn’t Oswin at all! She is smart, brave, good with kids and doesn’t flinch when a lizard lesbian quizzes her in a most intimidating way. She even uses her mind to melt killer snowmen! Okay, I can get on board with this chick.

…and then she dies.


But NAY! The doctor realizes Clara and Oswin are THE SAME PERSON! Whaaaaaaat. And we are off to a new adventure with an older, maybe a bit more cynical Doctor. I have a few ideas about Clara, but none of them actually make any sense. And one is a bit incestual seeing how Clara kisses the Doctor (which by the way caused me to yell out “No Doctor! You’re Married to River!” but then again I am really confused about their marital status.)

Feel free to start a conversation on this post! We have months before the next new Doctor Who episode so lets keep the Whovian spirit alive! Ask me a question or tell me I’m a moron, its all good!