Wednesday, January 2, 2013

American Horror Story: Asylum

Possible Spoliers for those who have not watched the whole season:

So the Christmas season is over and it's time for my favorite part of the year when every TV show I watch finally picks back up.  Tonight, American Horror Story: Asylum will be all new.
Last we saw the Deranged Santa Clause crucified the Monsignor and Aliens came to save Kit who was sort of killed by the Nazi doctor, returning a very pregnant Grace... yeah.  That's the kind of season it's been.

Oh American Horror Story, have you jumped the shark by taking on way to much subject matter?  I mean this season involves Aliens, Serial Killers, Crazy People, Abusive Nuns, Rape, Nazis, Demonic Possession, Weird Freak Monsters living in the woods, Human Experimentation, The Personification of Death... did I miss something?  I feel like I may have since literally every scary and/or disturbing subject matter has been explored, except ghosts.  I guess we cleared ghosts in season one, which btw was one of the greatest TV experiences I've ever had.

Oh how I pine for season one, for my murderous, evil Tate who I love so so much.  I long for my plotting ghosts and teenage love between my dear Tate and his lovely suicide queen Violet.  And while Jessica Lange is still a bit of a frigid bitch this season, I miss her southern accent and 4000 cigarette a day habit.  Habit, Ha!  Get it?

Anyway before I end this epic rant I want to shout out to Lily Rabe who (beside Jessica Lange) has stolen the show this season as a once a bit touched but now demon possessed nun.  She has been an absolute joy to watch.  I saw her in Seminar this summer with Alan Rickman and she was great, but I would have never realized this kind of performance would come from her, so Brava Lily!
So, be prepared for my later rant on tonight's episode.