Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Netflix! You Cheeky Bitch!

Whether or not people have forgotten about the Netflix/Qwikster debacle of 2011 it was something that hit the company hard.  I know a lot of people who quickly turned around and dropped the service due not only to the weird split company, but to the price increase.  My father, whose Netflix I was using, nearly immediately cancelled his subscription, feeling that not only had the CEOs suffered some sort of collective aneurysm but that there wasn't enough content available for him to waste his money on.  I myself hardly used the site feeling that it easier to find most of the shows I watched by using websites like megavideo or sidereel, besides the fact we don't live together so I had to rely on streaming which never had anything I wanted to watch.

Despite Netflix's struggles, within the last year they have offered many more streaming options, constantly expanding their content. Of course it helped that The Piracy Act has made it really hard to stream videos.  Today Netflix released some of the most exciting news!  Netflix has finally made a deal with Time Warner!  "So what?" you may wonder.  SO WHAT!  So now you can stream any Cartoon Network/Adult Swim show!  As a cartoon connoisseur and Adult swim fan I now have tons of shows that I love at my fingertips! Now, they haven't listed all of the shows which will be streaming, so far only releasing information about Adventure Time, Regular Show, Johnny Bravo, Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  While I love all of those shows I'm hoping they will also stream all old cartoon network shows (ie Cow and Chicken) but most importantly I pray to the media Gods that The Mighty Boosh is included in the deal as I believe American rights to the show are owned by Adult Swim... COME ON MIGHTY BOOSH!

Netflix is now also offering several series produced by Warner Bros including FRINGE (oh yeah!), Chuck, The West Wing, Evolution and the ever vague "And More!"  Not to forget that this May, 14 new Arrested Development episodes will be released all at once!  More info on that here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57563169-93/netflix-to-debut-new-arrested-development-episodes-in-may/

No George Michael!  It's a great day for being happy!

So Netflix, you cheeky bitch, your luck has changed, and I think you will be getting back a lot of the subscribers you lost in 2011, well played... well played.