Friday, January 4, 2013

Elementary my dear...

I am addicted to TV.  The first step is admitting it.  I am a media addict.  Even when I'm working full time I never miss a beat thanks to the technological blessing of the DVR.  Thursday nights are my CBS nights,  The Big Bang Theory (shout out to my dog Sheldon) followed by Person of Interest ending with the new series Elementary.  Big Bang is great but not much to talk about and while I try to love Person of Interest it never captures me for the whole hour, I tend to fade in an out just enough to know what is going on.  But Elementary, my dear, is really peaking my interest this season, let me tell you why....

Judging by my last post it should be pretty obvious I am not only a fan of Sherlock but a monster fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, not so much that I would call myself a "cumberbitch" but a fan none the less.  Now, I've actually been a fan of Johnny Lee Miller's since he starred in the sadly doomed Eli Stone (stupid writers strike, you also owe me for Pushing Daisies), so when I found out he would be playing Sherlock Holmes I was excited.  America had just lost House, which was basically Sherlock Holmes played by the ever brilliant British actor Hugh Laurie, why not replace it with another brilliant British actor actually playing Sherlock Holmes?  Great, good, fine.

I actually had a chance to be an extra in Elementary's pilot and nearly burst with excitement when Jonny Lee Miller walked onto set.  Than I saw Lucy Liu and was a bit leery.  Now don't get me wrong, I love Lucy Liu, hello she is a badass (and fyi she was really nice to us exhausted extras who had literally been up all night).  If you haven't seen her in Kill Bill watch it right now.  I just didn't see the point in changing Watson's sex, was it their way of modernizing the show?  Whatever, I guess I'd have to watch, so I did.

About 5 episodes in I was impressed with the show, LOVED Miller but couldn't quite put my finger on what was irking me.  Then I discovered Sherlock.  Mind.  Blown.  Not only because of Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman is a freaking genius.  He is the perfect foil to Sherlock and brings his own life to the show, there is such passion in him, he needs Sherlock and Sherlock needs him.  Liu's Watson, not so much.  Yes, they keep pushing this story that she secretly hates her job and secretly loves Sherlock's but she hasn't sold it yet.  Her character seems apathetic about everything and it seems like Miller is working overtime for the both of them, I can see in his eyes when he looks at her how much he needs her, but I don't get the same from her.  Freeman and Cumberbatch love each other, the fight and make up, they laugh and they cry.  Liu just looks sort of frustrated as Miller laughs and cries and works and begs for forgiveness and pines for a lost love and admits to mistakes you know it kills him to admit.  In fact, I enjoy Miller's relationship with Jon Michael Hill's Detective Bell so, SO much better.

But they show is still in it's infancy and I'm hoping Lui has some sort of mental breakdown or something.  BUT!  Coming attractions have hinted to Moriarty joining the party... AND WAS THAT VINNIE JONES I SPOTTED?!  That's right folks!  Bullet Tooth Tony is playing M.  Words cannot express my excitement.  I may need to get out more.

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