Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Horror Story: The Name Game (spoilers)

I feel you Sarah.  That's pretty much been my face this whole jam packed season.  This isn't going to be a complete summary of what happened during this episode, more of a rant of what I loved and hated.  If the creators of this show can turn this train around I will be very, VERY impressed.

Now onward.  Tonight's episode tonight started with Kit being revived by Dr. Arden who lies and says no aliens came while the oxygen slowly drained from Kit's brain.  I have to say I am rather impressed by the prosthetics used on the character Pepper, not to mention the brilliant acting of Naomi Grossman.  I was convinced throughout the season that she actually had microcephaly (also known as pin head deformity).  Well done.

Dr. Threadson got free, to threaten poor Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters some more, but boy oh boy did Lana pull the switcher-oo on the Dr. who can't kill her until she births and breastfeeds his rape baby.  And that french dead girl had kit's alien baby and he seemed pretty happy about that.

Lily Rabe continued her brilliant performance as the demon possessed nun, raping the Monsignor, heartlessly watching Dr. Arden kill his forest monsters, torturing the brilliant Jessica Lange.  Her plot-line has been by far my favorite.  And then the Monsignor killed her to save her soul.  Well fuck.  I have to say though, the image of Dr. Arden's suicide cremation of her body was tragic and beautiful.

And as always the brilliant Jessica Lange continued her amazing performance.  Having been doped up and electroshock-ed  Sister Jude does everything to hold on and God does Lange sell it.  The greatest moment between her and the Reverend Mother in which she begs to right her wrongs against poor poor poor Lana.

Honestly I was more into this episode than most of the season.  And then, this happened:

Listen I know you are the guys who created Glee or whatever but you listen to me.  I Hate Glee.  Nobody asked for this cross over.  Nobody.  Never, ever do this again (though I must admit Miss Lange did look fab).  This was the scariest moment in the show so far.  Also, Evan Peters I fucking love you but my dear, you cannot dance.

So in summery of the main plot points: Grace has given birth to Kit's alien baby, Sister Jude's mind turned to mush and she danced about it, Dr. Threadson got out but Lana is doing a great job blackmailing him, the now virtue-less Monsignor killed Sister Mary Eunice to save her immortal soul, and after killing all of his forest monsters a heartbroken Dr. Arden having lost his love goes into the cremation chamber screaming to death as he and Mary Eunice burned causing me to scream "OH GOD!".

So I really I can't wait to see how this all wraps up.  I'm ready, lets go.