Monday, September 30, 2013

For The Triumph of Evil: Sleepy Hollow Keeps Me Watching

Well, well, well, this is the first episode that really gave me the creeps and it was exactly what I have been wanting from this show.  Honestly this was the first episode I truly enjoyed!  But, I can't help but wonder if I love this show for the right reasons.  Sleepy Hollow reminds me of so many other things, a lot of it feels unoriginal, reminding me of TV shows and movies that I happen love.  Does it's lack originality make it a bad show?  No, but I would love to see it break away from norms and give us a new and body original plot line.

Keeping in tone with it's Supernatural-like story line, Ichabod and Abbie fight a new demon this week, with the end of the world looming in the over-arching plot line.  The show opens with Abigail Mills being trapped in a weird and super creepy dream.  Dreams obviously play an important role in this series which is great!  You can do literally anything in this dream.  And Abbie's dream was a doosey!  For the first time I was really creeped out by the all white sandman type monster (fyi I typed this before they actually called him the Sandman, I'm pretty proud of myself).  NOW I'm interested!  I got a chill for SURE!  This is the kind of monster I was waiting for, this is the kind of body rocking chill I expected when I started watching.... One question though, Why hasn't anybody gotten Ichabod modern clothes?  He's been wearing the same outfit for awhile.

The dream sequences in this episode kept me going with their delicious creepiness! That wonderful tight nervous feeling you get in you chest when your heart starts to flutter and you want to turn away but you also can't stop watching.  This is the fear we all love!  Creepy Sandman white faceless monster was FANTASTIC!!  This monster is right up there with Leatherman from American Horror Story!  Ooooh, oohh, that part when he walked behind Abbie in Mr. Galezby's house I literally went "woo!" in fear and excitement.  Really it was a beautiful character design, I just adored it.

Beyond the fact that I loved this weeks monster, I am more and more impressed with Tom Mison's ability to move past his good looks and make a bit of a fool of himself as Ichabod.  I grew up with my parents reading me "Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" book.  Ichabod was made out to be awkward, superstitious, smart and butt ugly.  Well they got 3 of 4 things on Fox.  I really do like his Crane.  His bit with the scorpion venom was just precious.

The biggest problem for me with this episode is how much it felt like Constantine.  I mean, it literally felt like I was watching the movie (trust me, I've seen it like 20000 times).  If you haven't seen it, it pretty much follows the plot of this episode.  In Constantine, there is a tough cop named Angela who denies her abilities as a psychic that her twin sister, Isabel, never gave up on.  Isabel gets locked up in a mental institution and Angela does everything to deny the demons she saw growing up.  Enter a tall dark and handsome man, Constantine, who is a psychic himself.  Constantine forces Angela to face the demons she once saw.  Sound familiar?

This episode, despite being so close to Constantine, really impressed me.  Episode 4 here I come.