Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ahhhh CBS Thursday, It's Like Coming Home Again (Spoilers)

Well, CBS has broken up my Nerd Thursday, moving Person of Interest to Tuesday, but que sera sera.  Big Bang AND Elementary are back!  The first half of this post is Big Bang, the second is Elementary.  Spoilers ahead for those who haven't watched, and if you haven't watched, I highly suggest doing so.

I'm so excited I'm smiling like Sheldon!

In an hour long back to back premiere event, The Big Bang Theory made a glorious return.  No matter how many changes they've made to the shows format that irk me, I just love these characters too much to care.  But I do miss the four boys hashing it out, being nerds actually talking about nerdy things.  Now it's kind of a show about 3 men's different relationships with women... and Raj.  I still miss Howard the Horndog.  I'm having a hard time adjusting to his married life, though Bernadette is adorable.

The first episode, "The Hofstadter Insufficiency", was just that, insufficient.  In an attempt to for a better relationship between every character, the writers pared Bernie and Amy.  To be honest, their plot line was just awkward and kind of unsatisfying, though I do love me my Amy Farrah-Fowler.  The second plot line revolved around Sheldon and Penny missing Lenard who was partying it up on the research ship.  What seemed like a plot that had the potential for extreme drama or comedy, came up a bit short.  Sheldon and Penny do have great chemistry, but I felt like I was waiting for something to happen that just never did.  The final plot involved Raj's new ability to speak to women.  Howard is his wingman at university party, where Raj ends up blowing it with the HR chair, and then having "a connection with her" all surmounting to... nothing.  The episode was a dud, but thankfully the following episode "The Deception Verification" was fantastic.

I wonder if CBS ran these episodes back to back, knowing the season opener was not going to wow audiences.  "The Deception Verification" not only had me laughing, but shielding my eyes and ducking my head in hilarious embarrassment, but we'll get to that.  The main plot involved Leonard getting home early and surprising Penny with a few private Sheldon-free days together.  Of course, Sheldon catches wise and cannot get over Leonard's horrible deception!  That plot was great and fine and whatever, but the real stars of the show were Raj and Howard.  After an enormous amount of estrogen gets into Howard's blood stream through applying hormone cream to his mother, he becomes a walking PMDD commercial.   Overemotional and convinced he's fat, Howard turns to Raj culminating in what me the most hilariously uncomfortable scene ever on TV.  Howard asks Raj if his boobs look bigger.  This results in a Boob-off that I cannot wait to see the bloopers for.  All and all this episode totally made up for the first, and in the end the characters remark that it's nice to all be together again, and really, that's how the show should be.

Sherlock may go 30 years between seasons but thankfully we have Elementary!  AND it's in London this go round! Well, at least this episode... Anyway, I am all in!  God, I just love this show with everything inside of me.  I didn't realize how much I had missed it until Jonny Lee Miller's first snarky line. 

In this episode we get to all of the Sherlock Holmes characters that really just don't fit in New York.  The episode gloriously opens with LESTRADE.  A ballsy, grenade bearing Lestrade.  Not the strait laced cop who leans on Holmes, no, no, this Lestrade is a crazy bad ass in his own right, not to mention Sean Pertwee son of none other than Doctor Who!  Of course Sean Pertwee is a brilliant actor in his own right, but hell, his Dad was a fab Doctor.  Meanwhile Sherlock is breaking cases in NY, with the hep of Lucy Liu's sexy beat down on a criminal Holmes has outed.  Oh yes, this was a fantastic opening sequence.

Seeing Holmes in London just feels right!  All around Shelock Holmes fans will be happy to see wonderful touches that just couldn't exist in NY like 221B Baker Street!  But what really excited me was "My GOD!"  "Mycroft."  AHHHHEEEEIIIIOOOOOO!!!!  That's something like the sound I made when Rhys Ifans walked on screen.  It's the kind of sound that can't be captured by onomatopoeia.  I've, in fact, already blogged about his casting:  HERE.  The connection between Ifans and Miller is instantaneous.  If Miller flared his nostrils any harder they would explode off his face!  AND I LOVED IT!   

Through the episode we not only got a glimpse into Sherlock's old life, but the usual brilliant performances from Miller and Liu.  Both actors have a season under their belts and have gone into season 2 with firmed grasps on their characters, probably after the explosive ending of season one.  Their relationship has gelled and fully formed making something absolutely beautiful, the perfect Holmes/Watson balance.  With a great opening episode following an insane last season I cannot wait to see where Elementary will take me!  You know what I can't get enough of?