Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: I Can't Even!

OH!  OH!  I am just!  I... I... no. Words.  Silence.  I can't even.  I promise you, no other priemere this season will fill me with as much joy, as much pure undiluted happiness as Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  There was a possibility of being disappointed, there always is... but this... this was beautiful.  This is what TV is for people.  Now, if your familier with my blog, I sometimes do a pro/con style where I jot down notes during during a show and bullet them out in a pro/con fashion.  But since this was SO AWESOME, I am giving you a Pro/Not-Really-a-Con list.  If you haven't watched READ NO FURTHER.  Not only does my list contain spoilers, but also you would have no idea what I'm talking about as this contains quotes and blurbs on memorable moments.  Enjoy!


  • THE MARVEL MOVIE OPENING TITLE SCREEN.  You know it's good when you get excited over the title screen.
  • The immediate tie-in to The Avengers movie was awesome, your automatically back in the mindset of the Marvel universe.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Marvel action figures of the Avengers in the opening scene.  In this universe, these are real people, not comic book characters.  Isn't that cool to think about?  When a kid buys a Tony Stark action figure it's because there is a Tony Stark and he helped save the world.  I cannot describe to you how mind blowing this is to me.  Thank God I'm not high because this entire blog post would be about the awesomeness of these real hero action figures.
  • BOOM!  Start off with an explosion.  That is how you mother-effing start a show
  • I've missed Joss Wheadon's writing on TV.  Not only is it brilliantly hilarious, but always poignant, beautiful and makes you think.
  • From an exlosion to an espionage scene!  WELL!  Lieutenant Ward gets one hell of an introduction in the field.  An can I just say, that is one super awesome serving dish he has.  Not only does it scan finder prints AND is an x-ray machine and you can use it as a weapon.  Also makes chili and fries.
  • One of the best lines of the night: "It means somebody really wanted our initials to spell shield."
  • Agent Colsen- best intro on a tv show ever "Sorry that corner was really dark and I couldn't help myslf."  Classic Joss Whedon delivered flawlessly.
  • Thank God Coulson isn't dead!  When he was killed during the Avengers I pulled a Colby Smulders "COULSON!"  But no, he isn't dead... even if he was shanked by "Asgaurdian Mussolini."
  • "I think it's a little poop, with knives sticking out of it." -Coulson.  Oh Wheadon we've all missed you!
  • Oh man.  Oooooh man. "He really doesn't know, does he?"  WHAT DOESN'T COULSON KNOW!?!?!?!?!  OH GOD HE REALLY DIED DIDN'T HE! DIDN'T HE!?!?!  Oh gosh, is he, like, a clone or something?! OH MAAANNNNNN
  • I am eating up all of the references to the franchise.
  • There are so many great one lines, a half hour in I've decided to stop writing them all because they are all too too good.  Joss, you are my hero.  For real.
  • Fitz/Simmons are adorable.
  • Oh yes, I am even mentioning the commercials.  Forget Thor, GOD LOKI IS THE HOTTEST THING EVER.  I could watch him smile all day long.
  • YES!  Referencing so much!  Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. is where S.H.I.E.L.D.  tested the Tesseract!  EEEEEEEEEE!
  • Centipese?!  What is that?!  Are we setting up something?  Next avengers movie?  Can't WAIT!
  • "Sweaty Cosplay girls" at Stark Tower!  Oh yeah, I'd do it.
  • The truth serum scene with Agent Ward was brilliant!  I love anything that subverts expectations...Especially when a big tough muscly guy says "gramsey"
  • "This is a disaster"  "No, it's an origin story"  Brilliant writing.
  • Falling in love with Fitz: check
  • OH MY!  The Super-Soldier formula that made Captain America is being used in a bad way!  I love that they are using each Avenger backstory and tying everything together.  Not to mention that just like in Iron Man 3, the people being experimented on not only get super strength but become unstable and can blow.  All of these connections are so exciting to me.
  • Agent May kicks so ASS for somebody who doesn't want to do field work.
  • Mike Peterson's speech about what are we compared to the superheroes and Gods is brilliant.  We read comic books and watch movies because we think of superheroes as amazing.  We call them heroes for a reason.  We look up to them, we want to be them.  But at the end of the day we know they aren't real.  But can you imagine living in a world where superheroes and big green monsters and GODS exist!  Not to mention attacking aliens.  Can you imagine how small you would feel in that world.  They bring it up in Torchwood actually.  They talk about how people start killing themselves when they realize how small they are in the universe, how much they really don't matter.
  • OMG I almost died when I thought they shot Mike and SO relieved when it was just the "night night" gun.
  • An O84.... WHAT AN O84?!
  • BAH!  Lola is a hovercar!
  • YEY!  The GRRRR ARGHHH ending title monster is back on TV!!
  • ::sigh:: I hate that even though X-Men and the Avengers live in the same universe, the franchises are owned by different companies.  So, we don't get mutants, we get "gifted".  I mean, to be fair, Mike was not in fact a mutant, but still.
  • "With great responsibility comes... a ton of weird crap."  Again, Spiderman, same universe, different parent company.
  • Coulson's gotten a bit more intense, which makes me believe that something is wrong with him... like he really did die.
I went in with high hopes and I was not disappointed.  Hello fandom, we're going to make a great fucking team.