Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Welcome to my mind!  I still haven't decided how to blog about this show, because I get too excited!  So, here are my live bulleted notes about the show as I watched.  Last week it seemed a lot of people who read this blog were not vibing the show as much as I was.  I think the biggest problem is the characters thus far, you'll see what I mean when you read on.  Other than that I can't help fangirling over this show.  I'm really, really enjoying what I'm seeing.  FYI spoilers ahead.

  • Marvel opening: yep, still excited about it.
  • "Its gonna be blue skies from here on out."  BOOM plane ripped open.  I love me a good flash forward opening, I'm a sucker for that kind of writing.
  • Skye signing on as a consultant is rustling Ward's feathers, but according to Coulson it's a calculated risk, but then again, "Technically Stark's a consultant."
  • Fitz/Simmons, still super adorable, these could become my favorite characters easily.  I love.  Simmons the peppy adorable Brit, Fitz the kind of grumpy Scottish nerd.
  • 0-8-4:  "It means... we don't know what that means."  An object of unknown origin, how fun!  What was the last 0-8-4?  Oh no big deal, it was just Thor's hammer... though I would think it would have been the tesseract... right?
  • Again we are talking about what happened with Loki.  Coulson compares it to taking a bullet bbbbuuuuttttt I would disagree.  I think it's pretty clear that he is more than likely L.M.D.  Tahiti is the memory they gave him to fill the gap in time between his death and manufacturing. 
  • Skye keeps wanting to tell everybody everything, but Coulson tries to make it clear that secrets are important.... then again the insanity in NY was no big secret.
  • Is this going to be a lead up to Thor?  Is the 0-8-4 GOING TO LEAD UP TO THOR?!  It is the next movie coming out after all.  I'm just saying.
  • What the hell is with May's past and why the hell did Ward call her "The Calvary."  SNEAK ATTACK!!!  I 100% did not see that coming!  A well timed, well filmed action sequence, BRAVO. I thought this was just going to be a boring, bonding, chat scene, but boy was I wrong.
  • I watched this episode DVRed but of course I checked out the Thor sneak peak.  Hello my sexy Loki, your movie looks fantastic... I've missed you.  Oh, hello Kat Dennings, I forgot you were only in these movies to add humor.
Kat Dennings is funnier than me?
  • Couslon speaks Spanish as well as Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  NY-ers, you know what I'm talking about.
  • Looks like Coulson and this Camilla Reyes chick obviously know each other, greeting with a not so chaste kiss.  Oh you know they banged. 
  • OK, I can't help but compare to parts of this show to Buffy, Fitz/Simmons taking on a bit of a cute Willow/Xander duo.
  • BOOM!  Another explosion!  REBELS!!!  This show keeps taking me but surprise!!  Whenever you least expect it....  ACTION! 
  • Did anybody else love that spinning/shooting scene with Coulson and Reyes?'
  • the 0-8-4 is full of gamma radiation and is made of the same tech as the tesseract and was developed around WWII.  So that's Capt. America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man all referenced in one moment.  I just can not get enough of the allusions to the other comics/movies
  • The 0-8-4 has a Tesseract Fuel cell or as Coulson puts it, "The device filled by evil."
  • Agent Ward is a bit annoying, but I think I will eventually get used to him.  He is the overly stereotypical military man who butts heads with the geeks and everybody who doesn't follow the rules.  Actually, I'm not in love with Skye either.  This tension in the group is a bit too much like The Avengers.
  • Is it me, or has May only said like 5 words in these 2 episodes?  Can she talk?
  • Soooo the 0-8-4 is a lazer weapon.  Great.
  • Skye and Ward try to make friends with alcohol.  They bond a little too easily, even though Ward keeps insisting he is a one man wrecking machine and so not a team player.  This was probably my least favorite scene tonight.
I know I know this is from last week and I couldn't  find this weeks.  So sue me.
  • "A hundred people with 1% of the solution, that will get it done."  What a great line!
  • Reyes teases Coulson for his love of the past and his need to cling to things.  I was right, Coulson and Reyes did the do, but Coulson finds Reyes' directness suspicious.  At that point you know something is going down... how Ward figures it out is beyond me.
  • OH NO! FITZ!
  • After the commercial break Coulson has had a proper beat down, while the team is tied together in the cargo hold.  Of course, Fitz adorably blames himself because he "should have learned kung fu."
  • Some of the truth about Agent May being "The Calvary" comes though, but what that exactly means... well, we don't know yet.
  • Just like in The Avengers, the agents team up in the time of dire need, just like when Coulson died in the film.
  • Turns out Reyes wants to use the 0-8-4 to take down the rebels.  A bit of a pedestrian baddie, but they need an excuse for action.
  • May breaks her own wrist to get free, mother fuck-it she is bad ass.
  • Reyes- You're having a midlife crisis.  Coulson- More afterlife.  Oooooh, how much does he know?
  • Called it, "You gave them something better.  A common enemy."  Just like the Avengers.
  • "You guys talk a lot."  -May.  Nailed it.
  • I couldn't have been more wrong about how the action led up to the opening explosion.  Using the 0-8-4 against them was BRILLIANT.  I would never have never guess S.H.I.E.L.D blew up heir own plane.  I love when my expectations are subverted
  • Didn't write much here, too involved in he action of a crashing plane fight sequence.  Sorry.
  • No way a life raft would have stabilized pressure in the plane.  Just saying.
  • The Slingshot.  Great name for a classified location.
  • the 0-8-4 gets sent to the sun.  So much for this being an exciting lead up to Thor.  LeSigh.
  • Skyes' connection to The Rising Tide is obviously a dangerous one.  Whatever she is up to, she is about to be a turn coat and it may be the most interesting thing about her character.
  • AHHHHHHH NICK FURY! AHHHH!!! AHHH!!!! I LOVE THIS! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!  I can't, I can't, smiling this much hurts!!!
  • "Yeah we're gonna have to kill the fish tank."  Best ending line ever.
Can't wait for the next episode, I am all in.