Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh Sleepy Hollow....

I am trying so so hard to like you.  Really I really am.  You encompass everything I love, an amazing legend, a dark concept, supernatural elements, a creepy factor... by all intents and purposes I should be eating you up.... But you are not giving my much to work with... well besides the hot Englishman and Orlando Jones (who is severely underutilized).  Other than that that, you really are not wowing me.  Honestly, did you ever see that episode of South Park where Butters tries to hatch an evil plan and his side kick keeps yelling "SIMPSONS DID IT!"  Well when I watch this show all I can yell is "SUPERNATURAL DID IT!"  The whole show just feels like rehashing of plots I've seen on the CW for years, from Buffy to Supernatural with a bit of Vampire Diaries thrown in for good measure.

And while I'm bitching, WHAT IS WITH YOUR SPECIAL EFFECTS?!  They are awful.  Like, SyFy channel movie awful.  You are on Fox for Christ sake, you have had some of the greatest scifi/special effects shows, hell, you spawned the X-Files! That show that kept people creeped out throughout the 90s!  YOU HAD FRINGE!  Some of the best Network special effects I've ever seen were on that show... Like this gem:

How dare you throw these b-movie effects at us and expect us to be wowed by them!  Guess what!  Not wowed, not happy, just supremely disappointed.  Sleepy Hollow should have SO MUCH going for it, but it was given some of the worst, most unimpressive special effects I have ever seen.  It is clear they are trying to mimic creepy effects that Guillermo Del Toro has used for years and just failing.  I want to get scared, I want to feel how I felt watching the first season of American Horror Story where I couldn't sleep thanks to the images burned into my brain.  That's why we watch.

So, I will give it a few more episodes, but I don't have any faith that I will fall in love with this show... at all.  Then again, it's on Fox, the channel that cancels shows without a second thought.  It doesn't matter the fan base or how many episodes in they are, Fox will cancel anything that holds them back, so I don't give Sleepy Hollow a much longer life span.  I give it maybe 2 more episodes before termination unless something really mind blowing happens.

On a happier note, S.H.I.E.L.D starts tonight WOOOOOOO!  And Person of Interest is back!  I'm kind pissed CBS broke up my "Nerd Thursday" by movie POI to Tuesday but I'm sure I'll get over it.