Monday, September 16, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Premiere (spoilers)

Filled with unnecessarily melodramatic camera angles and tricks, a kind of "I feel like I've seen this before" plot and music that sounds like it was ripped strait out of Sherlock... and the Headless Horseman with a semi-automatic.... Really?! Sleepy Hollow has one thing going for it though... a really engaging cast.  I was able to get past all of the flaws in the plot and filming, just because I wanted to see more of Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie... and I will watch Orlando Jones and John Cho in anything.  I'm kinda glad I watched through, because the episode did have its creepy moments.  I may have had one of two touches of the willies.  Oh get your mind out of the gutter.  

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane was not a casting choice I understood.  Yes of course, Johnny Depp is sexy, but Johnny plays a great fool.  I didn't see handsome Mison playing kind of awkward scholarly Crane... but he pulls it off.  There is a charming innocence in his performance, combined with his rugged good looks and his lovely lovely accent I fell more and more in love with this portrayal of Crane...  Even if his brush with concrete was a bit Hocus Pocus-y.

Nicole Beharie scored her biggest break in this years Jackie Robinson biopic 42.  I feel like she really is the head and shoulders of this show (man I am just FULL of puns).  She gives a solid performance in a kind of weirdly written show.  I think this a great breakout TV role for her and she seemed to have INSTANT chemistry with Mison.  Since Fringe ended there hasn't really been a super kick ass, no shit taking, no tears woman on network TV and I think Beharie fills the role that Anna Torv left perfectly.

John Cho seemed to be the budding Renfeild of the show and BOOM dead.  At first I was sad to see him killed off so quickly, but from the preview it seems that he may not be as dead as... as well having your head pretty much torn off by a demon.  I hope to see more of Cho, I think he is a brilliant and all too underutilized actor.  The real eye catcher for me though was Orlando Jones.  I just love him, he can do no wrong in my eyes.  I don't know what it is but I find him so engaging... And though he didn't exactly fit the character description, he was a kick ASS Ford Prefect.  They seem to be spinning his character towards something sinister which I find all too exciting!

All and all I will give the show a few more episodes before I really decide.  It could go either way, the plot was engaging enough to keep me on, but it felt like they ripped a bunch of other shows apart and glued them into prime time.  I kept thinking, this reminds me of something Supernatural did or, this feels a bit American Horror Story.  I guess we shall just have to wait and see.