Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bye Bye True Blood

Get your fill while you still can!  Though, if you ask me, the writing has been on the wall for this show since about season 3.  Overstuffed with characters and full of unwieldy plot lines, it's honestly a surprise True Blood has lasted this long.  But, the official announcement came today that the 2014 season will indeed be the shows last.  I kind of feel like a load has been taken off my chest, like I will no longer feel pressured to watch a show that I love to hate and hate to love.  After this seasons emotional roller-coaster (an amazing start with a supremely disappointing end), it's hard to see how the fanbase has stayed so loyal.

But how will it end is the real question.  The season finale left a lot open ended, with a hoard of Hep V positive vamps on the move toward Merlott's... I mean... Bellefluer's?  Right?  Not to mention Sam is somehow mayor, Sookie was seemingly forced into a relationship with Alcide, Tara was drinking blood from her possibly Hep V carrying Mama, Bill wrote a tell-all book basically about being a vengeful God and Jason is tongue-tied with Violet.  Again, too many characters, too many plots, too much to do in 10 episodes that are meant to wrap up the show.

Generally I have faith in writers, as a super-fan of many things, there have been times I have doubted other show I love like Doctor Who or Being Human or even The Vampire Diaries.... but I have little to no faith in the True Blood writers.... but will I watch anyway... OH COME ON YOU KNOW I WILL.... espicially if we get another glimpse of full nude Eric.  I would be okay with that.