Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Premiers, The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It's that time of year my friends!  That time of year that makes me feel like I'm  getting ready for the Sadie Hawkins that my high school never threw.  The time of year where I am a wizard and my wand is my remote control.  That's right friends, it's fall premiers.  And while of course I am pumped for my returning faves, it's time to try out some new shows.  Now, I'm a bit terrible when it comes to giving new shows a chance, I generally know within one of two episodes if I'm in or out and 90% of the time I'm out.  But, this year it looks like we have some good'ins, but just my luck I'll get stuck with midseason cancellations (I'm lookin' at you Alcatraz).  So here are the top 5 shows I'm going to give a go, from least likely to keep watching to what will probably be my new favorite.

Sleepy Hollow
9/16 Fox

I have been a fan of the Headless Horseman Story since I was a kid and forced my parents to read Disney's Legend of Sleepy Hollow book over, and over, and over again.  You know, this one:
On top of that, I am probably Tim Burton's biggest fan and watch Sleepy Hollow on loop starting every October, so of course it would only make sense that I would check out Fox's spin on the legend.  Honestly, I don't have much faith in this show.  Ichabod seems a little too hott and waaaayyyy to brave.  And, come on, do we really have to modernize everything....?  Is that the only spin on stories people can think of?  Well, I plan to watch tonight despite my lack of faith, but then again, I had no faith in Fringe and it turned out to be one of my all time favorite TV shows.

10/25 NBC

I am a sucker for Vampires, pun not intended.  No, wait, pun totally intended.  This show can go either way.  Dracula is one of my all time favorite novels, so it's going to hard to impress me.  I have been into the vampire genre since before Twilight was a dream in a Mormon mother's mind and Anne Rice was the reigning Queen of the Damned.  I just can't say no to Vampires.  Besides, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is oh, so pretty to look at.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
10/10 ABC

Okay, now it should be said I am only watching this show for one reason.  Just one.  Michael Socha, AKA Tom from Being Human. I am just so happy to see some of my favorite actors across the pond make it onto American network TV.  Actually Lenora Crichlow (Annie) also made it on a network show, but it looks so bad even her appearence on it couldn't get me to watch.  Anyway, I really don't enjoy the show Once Upon a Time, so I'm hoping Wonderland is different.  If not I really don't give it one or two episodes... Even if I do love Michael Socha.

The Originals
10/3 CW

It's a Vampire Diaries spin off with all my favorite characters with the exception of Damon.  Need I say more.  No I didn't think so.

The Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D
9/24 ABC

I can't.  It's just impossible to tell you how excited I am for this show.  It's Marvel and Joss Whedon.  It's the perfect combination.  How do I know.... HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE AVENGERS?!  Get off this page right now if you haven't and watch it.  I'm not even kidding that is an actual command.  Beyond the fact that its a Marvel/Whedon collaboration, this show is an amalgamation of all things I have loved that are now gone.  It's like Fringe meets Heroes meets Torchwood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The X Files.  It's perfect... its... its... 

So that's my new fall line up which I am somehow going to cram in the already too many shows that I watch.  Have any suggestions?  Happy to hear you out!

Happy Watching Friends!