Wednesday, June 26, 2013


RHYS IFANS WILL BE PLAYING MYCROFT HOLMES!  I'll give you all a chance to run to the bathroom as you must be pooping yourselves with JOY!  Whoever is casting Elementary is a fucking genius.  Seriously, first Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller making a wonderful team, then Natalie Dormer as the (spoiler) Irene/Moriarty dual personality and now THIS!  Casting Department of Elementary, this is for you:

Now if you don't know who Rhys Ifans is, your wrong, you do.  I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that most Elementary fans are Harry Potter fans.  Lets face it, most human beings are Harry Potter fans.  Ifans adorably played Luna Lovegood's zany dad Xenophilius.  Or, most recently, he played Dr. Connors AKA the Lizard in The Amazing Spider-man.  But I have been in love with Rhys Ifans since I saw Notting Hill in the theatres when I was 13 with my mom.  Don't judge me, I know it's a lame love story, but I remember being obsessed with Ifans portrayal of disgusting roommate Spike.  I just thought that he was not only hilarious, but endearing.  From then on when Ifans was in something I wanted to see, well I would always do a happy dance.  Like this:

   Now, if you still have no clue who Rhys Ifans is may I suggest watching some of my favorite performances of his, some of which I already mentioned:

  1. Neverland (2 part miniseries)
  2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  3. Pirate Radio
  4. Notting Hill (just watch his bits)
  5. The Amazing Spiderman
  6. Little Nicky (I know whatever I love him in it, deal)
I think Ifans is a perfect foil for Miller's Holmes.  Now, in the books, Mycroft is Sherlock's older brother who posses the same genius and deductive reasoning as his little bro, but is to lazy to do anything about it.  But, despite his laziness, Mycroft holds a VIP government job.  The Mycroft/Holmes relationship has been explored in both BBC's Sherlock and The Sherlock Holmes movies in very different ways.  Though both versions of Mycroft are played with a certain kind of laziness (Mark Gatiss never seeming to stand and Stephen Fry a naked lounge lizard/party animal) their relationships with Sherlock are portrayed differently.  The Cumberbatch/Gatiss relationship is strained to say the least, Cumberbatch seemingly despising his older brother while Gatiss looks down on his little bro with haughty disapproval.  Downy and Fry portrayed the brothers with warmth, respect and love, quite a contrast.

However they decide to play it, I trust the writers of Elementary to do something brilliant!  Even if, in some freak writing disaster, they do a bad job developing Ifans character it doesn't matter.  This is the guy who rocked out in LITTLE NICKY.... The only performance I actually remember in Notting Hill!  THIS MAN IS AMAZING!  Trust me, we will not be disappointed.