Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Psych... FINALLY Back For Season 7

It's FINALLY back!  After what seems like an eternity, Psych is back for it's 7th season.  Now, if it's going to take you 400 years between seasons, best not to end season 6 with a cliffhanger.  In fact, I completely forgot last year ENDED in a cliffhanger.  So it was a little awkward when I had to google to remind myself what was going on.

Last season ended with Sean's dad getting shot on the beach.  It was a whole dirty cop thing.  So this is one of those episodes where Sean gets really serious for a bit, which is cool because I think James Roday is pretty hot when he gets all serious on us.  But what is Roday without Dule Hill.  Within 20 mins, Sean's dad is doing better and Gus is there to help Sean catch the baddies.  Who would have thought these two men would make such an epic comedy duo.  Their "TSK" fight during this episode was epic.  But, they plot of this episode was kind of boring, I felt like we kept going around in "he did it but how do we get him" circles.  Of course they catch the bad guy in the end, and Sean gets all serious on us again for a bit but then Juliette comes in to save the day.  Not a strong opener, but the hilarity was there so I'll let this one slide.

There are some thing about the show that are starting to slip after 7 seasons.  Sean barely does the Psych thing anymore, and it's beginning to seem like his psychic charade is the smallest part of the show... even though its the title of the show.  Also, I am not digging Sean's relationship with Juliette.  I know they are together in real life or whatever, but there is no chemistry   It kind of seems like Maggie Lawson doesn't know whether to play the tough cop or the sweet girlfriend.  It's kind of like when you try to say two words at the same time and it comes out as one weird amalgamated word like "Awestastic" trying to say awesome and fantastic... it just ends up gibberish.

But on the pro side, the show is still hilarious.  Gus's whine/girly noises are enough to keep me watching.  There is great comedy not only between Sean and Gus, but I do love me some Detective Lassiter.  Timothy Omundson is a great foil for Roday and Hill.  Last season's haunted apartment episode was one of the funniest of last season.  I also love the addition of Woody the mortician, the hilarious if not insanely awkward, but mostly hilarious Kurt Fuller (Zachariah for you Supernatural fans out there).

Anyway, I'm just happy to have Sean and Gus back on TV.  Judging by the coming attractions for the season there are a lot of laughs coming our way.  And as always, lots of fabulous cameos.  Let's do this!