Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jonny Lee Miller, You Elegant Genius You

That's right!  You lay there and look smug!  You deserve it.  Every episode I become more and more in love with Miller's portrayal of Shelock Holmes.  Now, I'm not going to lie, I worried for Miller.  Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant at playing Sherlock, but Miller's Sherlock is not only different than Cumberbatch's virginal more analytically minded Holmes, but just as brilliant.  If you are not watching this show, you really are missing out.

Tonight Sherlock gave an impassioned speech to Watson, admitting that not only had he known that she wasn't being paid to be his sober companion anymore, but that he tried to push her away.  It was beautiful.  Then when he turned around and asked her be his partner!  Oh!  So lovely!  When he said "I'm better with you," my heart literally melted.  I am dead now.

This plot is leading to an obvious romance between Sherlock and Watson, but when?  Who knows!  Are they going to go Bones style and wait 6 seasons to start the romance?  I kind of hope so, they can't jump the shark, the show is too good.  This works out really well for Liu's character as well.  Now that she has finally admitted she loves Sherlock's work she has really opened up.  It seems that the shell around her character has cracked and when she hit Sherlock with a basketball and said "It could have been a knife" I saw light at the end of the tunnel in Liu's close to the cuff performance.

But back to Miller. I haven't seen many of his movies, but I must get on it because I really am falling for his simple and elegant performance style.  I adored his last American show Eli Stone.  The only reason that show failed was due to the unfortunate writers strike which also took down the brilliant Pushing Daisies.  Eli Stone was another beautiful performance from Miller, who also delivers a near perfect American accent.  I implore you to give me recommendations for other Miller performances, I have seen Dracula 2000, Aeon Flux and Dark Shadows.