Monday, February 18, 2013

Being Human... WITH JULIAN BARRATT (Spoilers)

So as a monster Boosh fan, a monster Being Human fan and, well, a monster monster fan, tonight's mash up gave me a full on nerdgasm.  Not to mention that I've been following Ripper Street and who else shows up in tonight's episode?  DI Edmund Reid's wife Emily (played by the lovely and beautiful Amanda Hale)!  Oh it's just so overwhelming!  Barratt showed us what Howard would have become if it hadn't been for Vince, and it was epic... I miss the Boosh.

So tonight's episode was called Pie and Prejudice, and while I loved this episode for all of the reasons I already mentioned, I had one huge problem with it... It was almost exactly like the season 1 episode "Tully".  A lonely and scared werewolf gets taken advantage of by an older, seemingly more successful werewolf.  Just like the first time around, the housemates get pissed when the invited/uninvited furry guest overstays their welcome.  Despite the fact that it was the same episode I didn't care because Julian fucking Barratt.

Barratt played asshole weatherman Larry, who lives a semi-charmed life until he is scratched by a werewolf. Then he becomes a con artist, traveling and public speaking about a book he's never even read.  Tom, yet again struggling to be just as good as Hal, sees Larry as a new father figure.  Larry's a successful werewolf. And Tom is a perfect mark.  Larry tells Tom that he will teach him how to be a successful werewolf and Tom jumps at the chance, praying to make his father, McNair, will be proud.  Larry wiggles his way in to the triple supernatural home, and makes a very unwelcome guest.  The Tom competing with Hal gig is getting a bit tired, but I'll allow it this one more episode.

While Howar...I mean Larry, takes Tom for a ride, Hal goes to meet with his 250 year old ghost friend Marie (Hale).  Of course, Alex jumps at the chance to meet another ghost.  Hal refuses, Marie is a sensible lady of her time and he will not have Alex corrupting her!  Of course Alex goes anyhow, and Marie asks Hal if they can spend time, girl to girl.  And then we find out that Marie is batshit totally insane.  She curses, reads peoples minds, and has shags in gross bathroom stalls.  Alex is horrified.  She asks Marie whats happened to her and why she continues to lie to Hal about her lady like nature.  Turns out Marie thinks she was Hal's last victim.  She thinks she is keeping him clean with his visits, she thinks she is so helpful that she's been turning down doors for centuries!

Of course, Alex has to meddle.  She brings Marie home, where she does her best to act lady like as she can, but Larry is being a total lech.  The second Hal leaves the room, she threatens to cut Larry's balls off in the night and stabs the chair a bit close to his bait and tackle.  Hal sees but can't believe, but still refuses to tell Marie the truth.

After nearly losing his balls, Larry storms off to his room to punch a mirror.  Alex begs Tom to see the light about Larry and when Tom goes up to see if Larry is ok he finally does.  Also, Larry calls Tom "TomTom" which was hilarious.  In very Howard fashion, Larry seems to believe the bullshit he is spewing but FINALLY Tom calls him out.  Larry tells Tom that it's the wolf that holds them back, but Tom would never know because he's never known what its like to be human.  Tom leaves, he's going back to the woods where he belongs because he'll never be able to be really human.  He will never make McNair proud.

Confession time for Hal and Marie.

It doesn't go well.  Marie freaks out when she finds out Hal has only been clean 50 years.

But no time to worry, Alex and Hal have to find Tom, who is living next to McNair's grave.  And crying his eyes out.  TOM YOU ARE BREAKING MY HEART!  Hal tries to convince Tom that he is an amazing human and it's not the beast inside that has ruined him.  Hal knows what it's like to have a beast.  But Tom won't have it and Hal goes to have it out with Larry.  We see them confront each other, but the screen cuts to Alex and Tom having a heart to heart.

Alex convinces Tom to come home, but they enter to a bit of a nightmare.  Hal is fighting off a stake pointed at his heart.  Marie's revenge.  But they talk her off the ledge and it all works out, yey.  But what of Larry?

HAL FUCKING KILLED HIM!  NO!  JULIANNN!  He was so fantastic!  How can they let him go so fast!  After Larry begged to see the beast inside of Hal, he saw it... and was choked to death with an electrical cord.  Sigh, but it was so good to see Julian Barratt on TV again.

But, Larry's death did help somebody.  Hal has to call Rook to clean up his new mess.  Good thing too, cuz Rook was about to blow his brains out.

All and all this episode was actually hilarious.  Between Barratt being somewhat Howard-ish and Hale being hilarious cursing and being an awful person you couldn't help but laugh, a lot.  But, there was no devil this time around, so what is he up too?  Hal killing Larry must have given him a real hard on.

Anyway, did I mention I miss the Boosh?