Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Face Off: Two Heads Are Better Than One (spoilers)

Ladies and gentlemen, I think this may be the best cast this show has had yet!  And BRYAN SINGER as a guest judge!  Need I say more?  The director of my two favorite X-men movies and the producer of X-men first class and producer/director on House M.D. and all around awesome guy Singer came on the show to plug his new film Jack the Giant Slayer.  The contestants were paired off in teams of two to create a two headed giant that Jack would fight.

The teams and concepts are as follows:

Alam and Eric Z:  This was a weird makeup.  A blue giant with heads under his feet.  I didn't get it.
Anthony and Autumn:  They had a multi headed monster, with a head in the back whispering to the main head.
Jenna and Meagan:  Hot mess.  Weird tree giant.  Honostly I don't know what was up.
Eric F and Chris:  A literal two headed GIANT where the actor's head would represent the head of a poor villager.
House and Wayne:  Two headed one armed giant.  One head was operated by the actor's other arm.

All of the teams did amazing work, but it was apparent from minute one that Eric F's idea to make a real giant seemed un-doable.  But Chris supported the idea, despite that every week Eric F takes on too much and nearly doesn't finish.  But this make up ROCKED!  It reminded me of a British pantomime puppet!  I could not get enough, and while the other makes ups (with the exception of Jenna and Meagan and Alam and Eric Z) were fantastic, nothing held up to the well thought out giant.  It was no surprise when Chris and Eric F. won.  Eric's idea to literally make a giant was fab-u-lous, this is the kind of thinking movie makers need today!  CGI my ass, that make-up/puppet was unbelievable, and having Jack stabbing at the giants hand was a touch of humor that no other contestant thought to add.

Jenna's needed to go since day 2.  I know she has a tumor that is causing her hand to go numb, but she should have left the show so other people could have stayed on.  It really wasn't fair, in two challenges she dragged her team mates down and then did nothing but complain.  Its sad because she is obviously talented enough to get on the show, but I was getting sick of hearing about her issues.

All and all I am so impressed with these artists.  I think Autumn needs to go next though because she is annoying and I don't want to hear about how awesome she thinks she is.