Friday, February 1, 2013

Warm Bodies: Best RomCom Ever

Just saw Warm Bodies... AND I LOVED IT!  A RomCom for the nerds and geeks of the world!  It's a really interesting take on zombie movies, finally seeing whats going on in those dead heads.  Most impressively the movie aims to explain why zombies eat the brain.  Really a very unique take on the zombie genre.  But let's hope they don't go vampire on us.

Nicholas Holt and Teresa Palmer give impressive performances in this movie as not only do they have to rule the screen in relative silence, but they are also quite good at American accents.  Holt is climbing the ranks as a possible new American heart throb if he stays on the right track, you couldn't help but fall in love with him in this film, especially with his impressive voice over performance.  And, come on, he's really cute.  Palmer is both beautiful and believable, she has to carry the brunt of the emotion in Warm Bodies, as zombies don't really get too emotional, but she provides a good balance to Holt's grunting and shrugging.  I flip every time I see John Malkovich is in a movie, but he is unfortunately kind of wasted.  His part is small and while he is brilliant in it, they really don't develop his character.  The real star of this movie was Rob Corddry.  He was hilarious, and weirdly kind of hot.  He stole the show every time he was on screen, giving the most subtle facial expressions and pitch perfect one liners.  At the same time he offered a beautiful and emotional side to a character you expected to be nothing other than the funny sidekick.  Well done Mr. Corddry I was really, really impressed.

I only had a few problems with this movie.  First off, it wasn't quite gory enough to be totally considered a "zombie" movie.  I just wished for a little more blood and sinew, especially when the zombies were feasting.  The movie drags a bit in between action sequences and I really believe a little more violence would have gone a long way.  Also, the obvious Romeo and Juliet allegory made me slap my head more than once.

At the end, I truly did enjoy this film.  I tend to shy away from romantic comedies, but this was one really worth watching.  I really fell in love with Holt, and I may have said "aww" or a worried "oh no!" more than once, but hey, it was really romantic!  Just a heads up, if you enjoyed this movie, I highly recommend the book series "The Forrest of Hands and Teeth."  More romance and zombies, but these zombies are a hell of a lot more violent and terrifying.