Friday, February 1, 2013

I Want to Marry CBS Thursday Night and Have it's Baby...

Okay, to be fair, The Big Bang Theory was a bit shit tonight, but they have an off episode about once and every four episodes, tonight's happened to be one of them.  But MAN did Person of Interest and Elementary kill it.  Really, there are not many shows of this caliber on Network TV lately, its been a bunch of shows that they promote the hell out of and then pull of the air within four or five episodes... but there is a network that flies under the radar but is really worth a watch....

Now, I have to be honest .. I was getting ready to drop POI at the end of last season.  It was beginning to get monotonous, flashback about John or Finch, SSN comes in, they save somebody or arrest somebody or whatever.  On to next episode.  But this year we are really getting into the meat of each characters past, and having it catch up to them.  Now we have a Gordian knot forming, tangling the pasts of Finch and John, dragging in Detectives Carter and Fusco.  Now I can't wait to see what's going to happen episode to episode, and maybe we'll soon find out how Finch sustained his injuries!  That's like 90% of the reason I kept watching in the first place.  Also I have to shout out to the great acting on the show, but how could you not when they assembled such a superb team.  I especially love Taraji P. Henson... mostly because I feel she was robbed of academy award back in 2009.  I guess that would make me biased.

Oh Jonny Lee Miller, I just cannot get enough of you!  If you are not watching Elementary you are missing out.  Episode after episode it just keeps getting better!  In an earlier blog post I had complained about Liu's performance as Watson, but she is growing on me.  I still find her a bit apathetic, but I am enjoying seeing her at her shrink's office, really starting to become emotionally available.  I think we are going to find out something about Watson soon, I'm interested in seeing how she will handle it.  Miller, though, is just a powerhouse, I smell some awards going his way as soon as he is eligible to be nominated... Then again Kevin Costner somehow beat Benedict Cumberbatch, so what do awards know?

But, as I alluded to earlier in the post, there is another network with fantastic shows, that nobody really seems to watch.  But USA has some amazing programming that just not enough people are watching!  Here's which shows you should be watching and why:
1.  Psych:  In my opinion, Psych is one of the funniest shows on television.  Now the plot of the show may seem like a rip off of the Mentalist, but nay, the Mentalist ripped Psych off, hard, and Psych loves to point it out.  If love constant references to every bit of pop culture from the 80s and 90s or any other useless trivia this is a show you should be watching.  Half the fun of the show is catching Shawn and Gus's references to everything ever.  When Shawn dressed up as Lestat in a Halloween episode I knew I could never stop watching this show.

2.  Burn Notice:  90% of the reason you should be watching this show is Bruce Campbell.  The man is hilarious, and also totally badass... he was Ash for God's sake!  This show is sexy, smart and always interesting.  Following sexy burned spy Michael Weston, played by chameleon actor Jeffrey Donovan the show never gets old and constantly becomes more complicated.  Intense, sexy and full of big explosions.  If you want to check this show out you must watch from season 1 or you will be lost.

3.  White Collar:  Matt Bomer.  Okay he isn't the only reason to watch the show, but man is he pretty.  This show's best asset is it's ensemble of extremely talented actors, playing complex characters.  I myself am a Mozzie fan, played by Willie Garson (best known for his role on Sex and the City).  Mozzie is a career criminal full of fun gadgets and conspiracy theories, and no matter how close he get's to FBI Agent Burke he still calls him "Suit".  This show is funny, sexy, fully of mystery and double crosses, really it's very well written.  

4.  Suits:  Now in it's second season, I'm not totally sold on this show, but it has it's moments so I watch when I have time.  My biggest problem with the show is that it is on at a time slot where they are allowed to use more "PG13" language, so they squeeze the words "shit" or "dick" in as much as possible.  This show also has a really great ensemble, so while I may not be sold on the writing, the actors are worth watching.

5.  Royal Pains:  A great "fluff" show.  It's MacGyver meets House, with a very nice personality.  The show is more than anything fun to watch as the main character makes diagnosis that no real doctor could make just by looking at you and then fixing it with household items.  They show has good humor and cool mysterious diseases.  I don't watch regularly but I always enjoy when I catch it.

Now, there other shows on USA but I don't watch them and could give no valid opinion on them.  So people of the blog-o-sphere, give USA a chance!  And if you want to ignore me, just keep watching CBS Thursday because I expect it will just keep getting better and better.