Monday, February 11, 2013

Being Human: Sticks and Rope (Spoilers)

ALEX!  Look at you!  Carving out a niche for yourself on this show!  And good God, this episodes actually scared me.  At one point I even let out a scream, which was weird because I was watching it on my computer with my headphones on and my dad looked at me like I was insane.  But little boy ghosts are super creepy.  This season is going to be epic.... especially with who will be in the next episode, but we'll get there... despite the fact that I am bursting with fountains of joy.

This episode had three main components, Hal and Tom in competition for employee of the month, Alex gets stuck with the ghost of a Victorian boy and Rook using Crumb to try to save his organization.

Hal and Tom are in competition.  Again.  Haven't we seen this before?  Yeah, we have but the whole thing ended with a food fight and you can't hate that.  Basically, Tom wants to feel like he matters, so when an employee of the month competition comes around, he sees it as his opportunity to prove himself.  Of course, their boss is pining after Hal, so even when Hal purposely tries to suck at his job, Tom somehow gets screwed.  It doesn't help that both of them have the devil whispering in their ear.
We learned in the season premiere that the devil feeds on the hatred between werewolves and vampires, so he pits Hal and Tom against each other.  At first it works, but Alex is able to make both men see reason.  Not before the two boys have a monster food fight in the middle of the hotel dinning room.  Their boss fires Tom blaming him for the whole thing, and Hal did the whole "if he goes, I go" thing and they are both sacked.  But the devil can't have that!  So he gets that snobby boss to hire them back.  Then he makes he face bleed, which was totally fucked, and she cleans herself up by killing herself.  But the devil needs one last thing to happen before He Will Rise.  Ghost girl's gotta go.  She keeps the peace between the werewolf and vampire, and he can't have that.  BTW, Phil Davis is absolutely fantastic and needs an award.

While this is going on, the scariest thing to ever happen in Being Human history is occurring   The ghost of a little boy starts haunting Alex.  It is the creepiest thing ever when she hears her name in the child's voice as water drips into the sink.  Each drop whispers the name "Alex."  When she turns the sink on, the most horrifying screams come with it.  Terrified she runs to get Hal and Tom.  Together, the three of them find the boy, named Oliver, who turns out isn't really scary so much as a pain in the ass.  And kind of racist.  At first he is demanding, driving Alex insane.  But Tom, being awesome entertains the boy at least for a while.

Alex hits the wall and sends Oliver to his room.  Hal suggests that she go talk to him.  Before she opens the door she hears little Oliver talking to a creepy voice coming through an old radio.  Alex asks who he is talking to, but Oliver won't answer.  Alex softens, and the next day she and Oliver have a great time.  Alex is reminded of her brothers, and really takes the young ghost under her wing.  Oliver starts to feel guilty and admits his past to her.  He tells her he is afraid of the men with sticks and rope, who went after Annie once.  Oliver felt responsible for the drowning death of his little brother, and he committed suicide.  He goes to tell Alex what he's been up to when the lights go out and neither ghost can exit.  Then things get horrifying.  

Oliver's dripping wet scary ass ghost brother shows up.  At first they run from him. but Alex realizes this is his unfinished business.  Oliver goes to his brother, and it seems all is well and the HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS THE DEMON GUYS WITH STICKS AND ROPES!  I screamed, that happened.  We see the devil is using these guys as a mouthpiece, saying he must take one of the ghosts to hell, and Alex volunteers   Oliver tries to argue, but the men with sticks and ropes grab her.  In the nick of time Oliver's dripping wet scary ass ghost brother reappears and Oliver's door opens.  Alex tells him to walk through and close the door on his way.  The closed door ends the devil's connection with the demons, but they don't vanish until they leave a message.  He. Will. RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Poor Crumb.  This episode we find him locked up by Rook and starving.  Rook promises him blood, once he helps Rook out.  Crumb has lost it.  He has gone totally off the rails.  He agrees to help Rook, but he doesn't realize that he is agreeing to be trapped in a room with his sister and niece with extreme blood lust.  Rook's partner begs him to spare the child, but Rook feels sacrifices must be made.  A starving Crumb kills his sister and niece both.  Poor Crumb is just a nerdy guy who has gotten mixed up in a mess he has no idea how to fix.  Rook shows the video of Crumb killing his family to try and save his department but it's no use.

After killing his family Crumb finds Hal and begs for help.  He feels the monster rising inside of him and begs Hal to save him, but Hal refuses shoving him out the door.  We next see Crumb standing next to some body of water when Rook's partner comes, asking to be turned.  He is a nerdy guy just like Crumb, and they believe they can help each other.  Are these two bullied nerd vamps going to cause a commotion?  Is it all a trick to save this supernatural department?  We'll see!

But after this whole great episode what am most excited about.

 JULIAN FUCKING BARRATT!  The Boosh Boy hasn't been around an awful lot lately, and with Noel doing Luxury Comedy I think we've all longed to see his face again.  AND THERE IT IS!  There it fucking is!  Look at him!  Can't you hear him saying "Hey how's it going, I'm comin' atcha like a bee, like a buzzard."  I watched the show on a terrible internet connection so I didn't even realize it was him, thanks Tumblr. for clearing that up for me.  I AM SO EXCITED!  I have always been a Howard girl, I can get down with elbow patches and slap base.  LETS DO THIS! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!