Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trask Industries: First Viral Commercial


I love this kind of real world marketing.  When Colverfield took over the internet in order to promote their movie I was all over it.  From the Slusho website (Slusho) to the myspace pages set months ahead for each character, even a website for the drilling company that supposedly woke the beast (Tagruato), though most people believe the monster fell from space into the water during the last and infamous Ferris wheel scene.

Okay, so this blog post has gotten a bit away from me.  Basically, OMG LOOK AT THE SENTINELS!  They look so awesome!  The new poster for X-Men: Days Future and Past also looks amazing!
So good, I know.  And not to mention Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask, rocking a serious 70s 'stache.

But the BEST part of this whole thing, the website.  Oh yes, a Trask Industries website HAS BEEN LAUNCHED!  Check it out:  Trask Industries.  AMAZING!  AMAZING!  I love this kind of marketing, it makes you feel like part of the universe, and who HASN'T wanted to be a part of the Marvel Universe?  All of us went through puberty hoping against hope that our mutant powers would manifest.  Sadly, it never happened, but now we can look at purchasing Sentanels!  So what if they aren't real!  THIS IS AWESOME!

Sorry I am freaking out.
I'll stop now.