Sunday, July 21, 2013

True Blood Pros and Cons: Don't You Feel Me? (spoilers)

After last week's episode it's going to be hard to impress me, and this week's episode did fall a bit short.  That's probably because it dealt mostly with the plot lines I greatly dislike, if not, hate.  And be warned, an early spoiler, they finally killed a main character.  I'll get to that, but first I want to say that even though they set up this inevitable death early, I think a lot of people will still be upset.  I am not one of those people, but True Blood has absolutely coddled it's viewers.  This has not been Vampire Diaries where a character dies, like, once a week or dare I say Game of Thrones where literally nobody is safe.  The True Blood audience is only used to those fair-weather characters that come in mid-season dying.  In fact, we expect those people to die.  In the books, most of the characters on the show are dead or so unimportant they don't even have their own plotlines.  So, I'm interested to see if there is an internet uproar.


  • YEY!  Bill still has a connection with Sookie!  Warlow saves the day!
  • Warlow really seems to love Sookie.  Okay, I am biased, I love a bad boy, especially a British bad boy (I love you Loki),  But Sook, I'd get on that, literally and figuratively.
  • OH GOD PAM AND ERIC!  YOU GUYS ARE SO BADASS I DIED!  Fuck yes team Pam and Eric.
  • Steve Newlin is the best pussy vampire ever.
  • I love that Walow obviously like Lafayette.  He was clearly getting a kick out of his fabulousness.
  • While I love that the fairy realm saves Walow, but if Sookie can just pop there and it's empty, why doesn't she spend more time there to save herself.  Also, when they come out will it be like, two years later?
  • I love that when Bill can't call Warlow, his first question that he asks totally nonchalantly "JESSICA!  When I summoned you, how close to killing you did I come?"
  • OOOH!  Jason!  I am so proud of you!  Look at you being so smart!  Joining the LAVTF to save Jessica.  Look at you use your small little brain.
  • Oh yeah Sookie, tie Walow up, tie him up good.
  • Adalynn is a pretty name.  The four other names took it too far, but whatever.
  • Lala be looking FAB-U-LOUS.
  • "Terry you are acting real strange, even for Terry."
  •  I think Sookie and Warlow have the best chemistry so far, even despite the fact that Bill and Sookie are married in real life.  Even though Warlow is asking a lot from her, I'd still do it.
  • The Gov and Eric have an awesome good guy/bad guy thing going.
  • Nora, I may have wanted you to die for a while, but that's rough.  I forgot about the vampire STD.  It will be interesting to see how that whole thing plays out.
  • You can see Lilith's merkin through her dress.
  • I'm glad Sam gave Emma back to her Grandmother as that seems best option.  I just hope this whole thing is over now.
  • That is some fabulous vampire glamoring Terry, but shit they fried his brains.  They took away everything that makes Terry Terry.
  • I love Jason.  This is his best season.
  • When Sarah walked in while Jason was joining the LAVTF I was like "Oh shit!"  Even though I knew it was coming.  I never would have thought that Jason would have handled it so well though, he blew her mind!  Maybe Walow's blood healed Jason's brain a little more than he meant it to.
  • "It is not God, it is science."  That is the smartest thing a True Blood "villain" has ever said.
  • Can I just say, Jessica's "Copulation Study" scene is maybe the most heartbreaking thing that has ever happened on True Blood, it made me sick, but it was poignant and tastefully done.  To think things like this have happened in real life makes me sad and sick and I think True Blood handled it fabulously.  Also, the male vampire needs to be in True Blood for the rest of forever.
  • I knew Terry was going to get killed.  I saw it coming... but that didn't stop me from saying "Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God."  They handled the scene between him and Arlene beautifully, but it was still heartbreaking, despite the fact I have been begging for this plot to be over.  Rest in peace Terry.
  • OH YES!  Bill hasn't done anything this fucked up in a LONG time!  Bill fucking with peoples heads.  Or fucking while twisting peoples heads.  Oh well, goodbye Gov, but your death was immanent.
  • Tara, I just want to say I'm happy you're awesome this season.
  • OH!  Great escape Eric!  Bravo!
  • I love when Eric is incognito, he said "Fantastico".
  • This is literally what I wrote in my notes for this last bit:  "Oh gosh Sookie what are you doing!  WHAT!  Oh, hey, you haven't been naked in a while!"  That's what I wrote about that, but yey for Warlow/Sookie sex! 

  • Sookie's father's field of dreams exit was super lame.
  • Since when can vampire Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon float like that?  If I was Pam and Eric I would float everywhere, Beetlejuice cartoon style.
  • Guess what?  I still don't care about Nicole OR Sam.
  • The filter they use to film in Fairy World is Barbara Walter's dream filter.
  • Gross.  Alcide and his family and his pack a gross.  Take a shower.  Ya'll need Jesus.
  • What the fuck is Arlene wearing?! Is that a blue valor jumpsuit.
  • This episode is focusing way too much on plots I hate.
  • What the hell is with that vampire concentration camp doctor?  Who the hell cast this guy?
  • I really hate Willa.  Is she gunna die soon?
  • "Oh God" I said with an eye roll as Alcide approached Sam.
  • I'm just saying, I don't think a werewolf could beat a shifter.  They can shift into ANYTHING.
  • The afterglow after Bill drank Walow's blood really pissed me off.
  • SERIOUSLY?!  GLOWING SEX LIGHT!  That totally ruined that sex scene for me.
So, another episode down and we are really winding down to the end.  I'm interested to see where this goes.