Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wholockians! If You Haven't Been Watching Game Of Thrones, You Will Be Now!

MARK GATISS HAS JOINED THE CAST OF GAME OF THRONES!  I am avoiding doing actual work right now just to right this post because I am FREAKING OUT.  I love Mark Gatiss, not only as an actor, but as an increadbly talented writer.  Without him, we wouldn't have the brilliant writing of Sherlock (or anybody to play Mycroft) and he has penned some of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who including The Idiot's Lantern, A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song and The Lazurus Experiment.  He took a starring role in The Lazurus Experiment, but has played roles in several of the episodes he's written.  Gatiss has also penned 4 Who novels.

Now, I have not read the GoT books, but I watch the show with the ravenous soul of anybody in a fandom.  I even cosplayed as Daenerys Targaryen (which I will possibly revise at NY ComicCon).  Which character he will be playing is being kept firmly under wraps, but I am sure the readers of the books have figured it out.  I can't see Gatiss as anything other that a stuffy British guy, you know, the basic Mycroft character, but I would kinda like to see him as like a wildling or a crazy magic weilding sorcerer or something that can only exist in the GoT universe.  As if I wasn't excited enough for next season after the Red Wedding, now I have to wait a year to see Gatiss' role.  Ugh!  At least Sherlock should be back soon!