Sunday, July 7, 2013

AT LAST: True Blood Pros And Cons (spoilers)

HELL YES!  THIS IS THE SHOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH!  I don't even care that they have gotten so far away from the books that the only similarity is the character's names.  That is big of me to say.  I am the kind of person who will boycott a movie ::cough cough World War Z:: if they stray to far from the book.  But this is epic and I love it.  I filled three note pages with pros tonight, destroying the one and a half of cons.  I am practically beaming right now.  Like Fae beaming.


  • DAMNIT!  No nudity in the warnings again.  True Blood, you used to be my lady porn.  I need you back to season 1/2 levels of sex.
  • Nora, damn it, you have some serious Fae issues and now you are in trouble.  You have nobody to blame but yourself.
  • Sookie, when you call 911 you give your address... not a description of your house.
  • GOD!  I HATE THESE WOLVES!  Why the hell would they kill all the kids?!  If they are trying to keep a low profile, not killing them would be the better option.  White trash with fur, that is all you are!
  • Listen writers.  I don't care about Terry, Arlene, Andy or his Fae kids.  I don't care what happened to Patrick, I don't even want you to mention Patrick again.  Or have any of them near fire.
  • Are Sam and Alcide even connected to Sookie anymore?  Why do they even have a story line?
  • I really hate these Fae kids.  No. Really.
  • Willa is worse that Jessica when she first turned.  She better not survive this season.
  • I KNEW BEN WAS BAD NEWS!  I KNEW IT!  I wrote about it and I'm glad somebody in the universe knows that I knew it.  I like to be right.  Anyway, that was one hell of an opening.
  • LALA IS MY GIRL!  Saving Sam's ass again.
  • I live for Ginger's screams.  LIVE FOR IT!
  • Dear Gov.  I really like you.  I am enjoying your character, your acting and most of your plot line.  Just remember one thing.  You are no Russel Edgington.  Never forget that you can never replace that fabulous villain.
  • TARA!  When did you become so useful?!
  • I love every minute of Pam/Eric screen time.  Every.  Single.  Minute.
  • Okay, I may hate the Andy/Fairy kids plot, but that "You ain't slept since you were 3," one liner made me laugh out loud.
  • Shirtless Jason.  Yum.
  • I'm sorry, but Sookie's weird flashbacks are hilarious.  I know they aren't supposed to be, but if I remembered things like that I would do nothing but daydream.
  • This one is a 2 parter.  First, that gay scene between Ben and Jason was amazing.
    • I was getting annoyed that Jason couldn't tell he had been given Vampire blood.  He was a V addict at one point, how could he not know.  Thankfully at the breakfast table, he mentioned that it was like how he felt on V.
  • I loved the scene between Bill and one of Andy's Fae kids.  I don't know why, but Bill's gentleness with her was kind of adorable but also kinda sexy.
  • Yum.  Eric sauntering onto that Merry-Go-Round was the sexiest thing ever.  That was the most excited I've ever been about a Merry-Go-Round since I was like 8.
  • YES!  Eric turned her!  That was all I've been waiting for when it came to Willa.  Pam is so not going to be happy.
  • Seriously, Lafayette needs to open some sort of supernatural rescue service.
  • Michelle Tanner's childhood bestie said "shit".
  • Sometimes Grandpa Fairy looks like a hobbit.
  • Grandpa Fairy's way of helping Jason get over his gay dream was epic.  "That Ben is a handsome fela!"
  • HOLY CRAP!  Warlow is half vampire half fairy.  That is some epic power.
  • How is Ben suddenly super hott now that he is outed as Warlow.  Is it the vampire thing?  Or is it because now he is suddenly English?
  • I need to know why Warlow spit Grandpa's blood out instead of drinking it?  Is he saving room for Sookie?
  • I love how Sookie is getting ready for her date with Ben.  She puts on her sexy bra, then looks at the mirror and nods as is to say "Yeah! Boobs!"
  • NOOOOOO!!! PAM!!!
  • Damn.  Sarah loves to screw everybody except Steve Newlin.  Maybe that's why he's gay.
  • Jason is the worst cop ever.  "That was my best dirty harry!"
  • JESSICA! NO!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO!  Ugh!  My heart just broke for that girl!  When she screamed, "I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE YOU BUT IT WAS ME!"  Ugh... my heart is dead now.
  • FUCK YES SOOKIE!  FUCK YES!  I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!  YOU OUTED WARLOW!  I thought you were just a dumb slut but I have never loved you more.
So, Ben is Warlow and things are getting really interesting.  I really just wish they would focus only on that plot line, and the plot line with the Governor.  I just hope they don't wrap things up to quickly like they did with the Afrit plot last year.  Until next week!