Sunday, June 30, 2013

You're No Good: True Blood Pros and Cons (spoilers)

My hope is growing with each episode!  Of course there are still some bumps that I am really not enjoying ::cough cough Andy Bellefleur cough cough::.  I think that even though they have strayed so far from the books, they are finally reeling it back in, allowing the show to actually make sense.  Oh happy day!  I'll start with the cons first, because the pros are awesome.


  • The brief nudity warning at the beginning of the show.  That is surely not enough nudity for a sex scene.  Damn, no sex scenes.
  • The vampire concentration camp thing is a bit lame, especially because we've done this before.  Come on True Blood, you can do something more original.
  • Are they really leaving Fangtasia?!  This needs to be untrue.
  • The VUS.
  • Bill's overzealous Jesus-ey-ness.  I'm kind of over the religious angle on this show.  
  • THE WEREWOLVES SUCK!  EVEN ALCIDE IS UN-LOVABLE!  Alicide is one of the most lovable characters in the books, now even his shirt coming off isn't enough, I'm not telling you to stop, but you're still a dick even with your glorious body.
  • Can somebody please tell me why Andy has such a big plot line still?  I mean, he is a great/hilarious secondary character, and I get that his fairy children will be playing some big part in Bill's Lilith plans, but that doesn't mean he needs to be having shooting lessons with his ex-witch gf.  Just sayin'.
  • Can I just ask... who the hell is running Merlotte's?  How is it still even open?
  • The fairy Ben is still alive.  I get they are building him up to be bad or something, but I don't want Sookie to sleep with him.  Only Eric.
  • Wait... How late is that class Jessica walked in on being held?  That's a late ass college class.
  • VUS, what the fuck did you think would happened when you sneak up on a pack of white trash werewolves?
  • ERIC IS A BADASS AGAIN!  We have got seasons 1 & 2 Eric back!  I'm not even talking about his memory loss, he was getting kind of lame even before that, but this... this is the Eric we all think about alone at night.  I know what you're doing.
  • Jessica and Bill's relationship is adorable.  Go ahead judge me.  I don't even care that she isn't even a character in the books, their dynamic is adorable and I love it.
  • Grandpa Nial is awesome.  I love him in every way, there is nothing I would change about the casting or performance.  +10.
  • Uhhhh, LaFayette said HUNTY!  
  • GINGER IS BACK!  She is hilarious and the way that Eric treats her is even more hilarious.
  • I love how Nial "read" the blood.  That was a really cool moment.
  • Sookie and Jason are brother and sister again!  I mean, not that they weren't, but they have had almost no relationship since season 1.  It's nice to see them acting like a family again.
  • Ah, good, Eric has the bleeds.  So that still is a thing.
  • STEVE NEWLIN IS BACK!  Even if his ex-wife Sara is annoying, I LOVE STEVE NEWLIN!
  • The scene between Bill and Sookie was EPIC!  "You're dead to me!"  OUCH!  YES!  Hurt me so good True Blood, hurt me so, so good.
  • I love that Andy is still saying "Vampire Bill"
So here is the real question... WHAT IS GOING ON WITH JASON!?  Is this going to be a Buffy The Vampire Slayer thing where he just has a regular old illness like Buffy's mom, and it's hard to believe because they live in a supernatural world!  I'm am like hyperventilating about Jason's situation.... What is Sookie's mind-reading all his life gave him a tumor!  PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE A TUMOR!  IT'S NOT A TUMOR!  AHHHHhhh I can't wait for next week!