Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some Fun Marvel Movie Goodness: X-Men Days Of Future And Past PLUS Avengers News!

PETER DINKLAGE AS BOLIVER TRASK?!  Well that's what Bryan Singer's twitpics seem to be hinting at.  Not only did we get this photo of Dinklage looking dashing and mustachioed, but twitpics of a Trask Industry clothed person standing over a craft services table!


Now, this isn't 100% officially the character he will be portraying, but I think it's pretty obvious and really exciting.  I am happy to see Dinklage do anything, but to see him in my favorite Marvel franchise... well I near shat myself at work.  I got so excited in fact that I immediately posted this article to my facebook: Yahoo X-Men Article (fun fact in the article, Trask's face is based on Walt Disney).  One of the first response I got was "Which X-men.  I don't remember any midget X-men."  I don't think any comment ever made on my Facebook page has ever made me so angry.  Two reasons why:

1.  Peter Dinklage's acting ability is far more superior than his size.  He has proved himself in every role he has played from his triumph in The Station Agent to his glorious portrayal of Tyrion Lannister.  Even though, yes Tyrion is a dwarf and he was called an "angry elf" in Elf, most of the time Dinklage's dwarfism isn't the definition of the role.  The fact that he is a little person should not be a factor in his casting, nor honestly in anybody's.  Dinklage is breaking barriers with his talent, giving every kid with a dream hope whether they are short, tall, gay, strait, black, white, talent is the deciding factor and Dinklage is the mouthpiece for that.

2.  The not-to-be-named Facebook poster obviously did not read the article.  I think that Dinklage's dwarfism will add a new twist to the Trask plot line.  For those who don't know here is a quick breakdown. Trask sees the rise of mutants as a threat to humanity, despite the fact that both of his children were born mutants (his son a pre-cog whose powers which are suppressed through his father's technology and his daughter a time traveler who disappears).  Trask develops the Sentinals and sort of hides behind them to fight the mutants.  The Sentinals become an epic villainous force in the X-Men universe.  Dinklage's height can play as a factor in his building of the Sentinals as he is not only powerless against the mutants as a human, but as a little person as well.

But, Dinklage isn't the only exciting casting news!  Quicksilver, son of Magneto, will be introduced to the series as well... and who will be playing the supersonic mutant?

TATE... I MEAN EVAN PETERS!!!!!!!!  Well shit, this is going to be the best movie ever.  

But see, there is a bit of the snag in the whole casting of Quicksilver.  The Avengers 2 will also be introducing the character along with his sister Scarlet Witch (rumored to be played by the brilliant Saoirse Ronan).  So?  Evan Peters gets to be in two huge blockbusters.  Not exactly.  Here's the problem, The Avengers and X-Men have two different parent companies, even though they were both created by Marvel.  When asked, Joss Whedon said that he had not cast Quicksilver, so it's doubtful Peters will be pulling double duty.... besides, I would like to see him in the next season of American Horror Story.

So, basically X-Men: Days of Future and Past is going to be the greatest movie ever, even if it doesn't gross what Avengers 2 probably will.  With Dinklage and Peters added to 2 veteran casts combined (the original movie series plus the cast of the pre-boot First Class) we are in for a TREAT!  But people, listen, put good vibes into the Whedonverse and maybe we'll build up enough Whedon based karma to get Peters into both movies.