Thursday, May 23, 2013


So, without my nerd Thursday I turned to tumblr. to try and stave off my newly found Thursday night boredom.  As I liked gifs of Sherlock and Doctor Who or chuckled at funny little gifs I didn't think I would stumble upon anything that interesting.  Most of the stuff on tumblr. is reblogged to imgur and I had already exhasted today's images on there.  And then I had my mind blown.

 Of course, The Nerdist figured this all out before I did and here is the link to their site with the full tumblr. thread  As you can read on the link, the creators of Rugrats were huge Who fans and based Tommy Pickles off the Doctor!  THINK ABOUT IT!  Tommy is always going on adventures through time and space via his imagination instead of the TARDIS.  He has a trusty screwdriver that gets him not only out of his playpen but other sticky situations.  Not to mention his loyal band of misfits, that despite the risk, always follow the brave Tommy Pickles to adventure.  Can we even go as far to call Angelica his Master?  Well okay may that's going too far.. but still MIND BLOWN!

So, it would seem I have been brainwashed into becoming obsessed with Doctor Who and I have Rugrats to thank!  It makes me wonder what other subliminal messages I missed that affect my life today.  I have a great affinity for 90s cartoons, I've even blogged about it  If anybody else has any fun facts about 90s cartoons or fun Doctor Who references (like Daleks in the terrible Looney Tunes: Back in Action) please comment!