Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bates Motel: Underwater (RECAP SPOILERS)

Oh man!  This show knows how to serve up suspense and horror.  I am really enjoying how they are giving us a great homage to Hitchcock, because there has been very little blood and gore and yet my heart pounds between commercial breaks.  Tonight's episode was mostly set up for the season finally, but it still delivered a lot of gasps and at least one HUGE "OH MY GOD!" moment.

The episode opens with Shelby's body being carried from Bates Motel yet again, this time with a bunch of stoner onlookers.  Inside we find Sheriff Romero staring at the stained mattress where last week we saw Shelby's body grinning up at Norma.  Norman tries to comfort his mother with some tea, but this time Norma is really shaken.  Romero asks if she has any idea who did this and she immediately accuses Abernathy, since not only was he creepy, but he was asking a lot of questions about Shelby and Summers.  Norma tells Romeo that Abernathy was convinced that she had something that Shelby was supposed to give to him, but she has no idea what.  When Romero pushes the subject, Norma goes... well Norma and demands to know why she is a crazy magnet.

The next day, Dylan and Norma take the mattress out of the house.  Dylan is pissed that Norma is making them set fire to the gross mattress, also complaining that Norma will "make a meal" out of this ordeal for the next year... but to be fair, it was fucking horrific.  Norma meets them outside and tells the boys she smells something.  For a minute you think "oh shit another body," but it's just the hippies smoking weed.  Norma goes bananas on one of the stoners names "Rauf" who gives her lip about the town being built on weed.  She screams at him basically telling him that this isn't the town, this is her property and on her property there will be no weed smoking.  Norma then takes Dylan aside asking "What kind of people are these people you brought here."  He alludes the question and Norma FREAKS out.  She screams about hating this place and moving.  Norman doesn't seem to keen on this idea.

Bradley lays fully clothed in a bathtub.  She looks forlorn when suddenly BOOM!  Norman pounces on her, drowning her, hands around her throat as she gasps for air.  Even after Norman wakes up from this dream, he continues to fantasize about drowning her.  That's weird Norman, get it together.

Emma comes early to help Norma organize the motel office.  Norma tells her to just trash everything other than the original deeds and any paperwork pertaining to the property.  Norma also tells Emma that she will not tolerate any pot smoking at the motel so she should "bust up" any of that nasty behavior.  As Norma walks out the door she runs into a flower delivery man.  Emma comes out as well, commenting on the gorgeous flowers and Norma looks over the moon... until she reads the note... "See you soon."  Chills!  Norma immediately calls the Sheriff's office, but once again he isn't there.  She leaves a message with his very flippant secretary about the flowers and demands that Romero get in touch with her.

In town, Dylan runs into Bradley.  She gets weirdly flirty with him and asks if he knew that her dad had an office at Gil's place, where Dylan is currently working.  Bradley wants to get inside her dad's old office to get some of his stuff.  She manipulates him and Dylan reluctantly agrees.  Dylan isn't the only one in town though, Norma is as well and she busts into the office of the Realtor that sold her the motel.  She demands to know why he didn't tell her about the bypass, but he swears he didn't know it was going to be approved.  Norma demands her money back, asking him to put the motel on the market ASAP with an immediate open house.

In school, Norman stares dreamily at a sign for the winter formal.  Miss Sexy, I mean, Miss Watson, catches up to him, gushing about how wonderful the short story he wrote is.  In fact, she thinks it so good that it could be published.  And, if that wasn't great news, she also informs him that he's gotten strait As for the quarter.  Norman seems really happy about all the news and agrees to meet Miss Watson after school to edit the short story for publishing.

Norma gets back to the motel and plays maid to the hippie nastiness   As Norma returns to her cart she sees a black car slowly drive by.  She can't be sure it's Abernathy, but it doesn't matter, at this point he is in her head.  Back in the house, Norma does an internet search (on a search engine I've never seen before) for "safest cities in America."  Norman comes in and Norma demands that he lock and bolt the door.  Norma meets Norman at the top of the stairs, and Norman is carrying the newly taxidermied Juno.  Norma tries really really hard to be proud of his work, but you can tell she is freaked out.  Norman tells her the good news about his 4.0 average, saying that he really loves his school, but Norma points out that he is the one getting the good grades, not the school.

In his room, Norman uses this unknown search engine to look up "Drowning someone in a dream."  Dylan walks in and upon seeing the stuffed Juno immediately says "that's juts weird dude."  Norman shuts the door and asks if Norma has said anything more about moving.  Dylan says he hasn't, but then he sees Norman's internet search.  He asks about the dream, but Norman says it's just a dream, reading from the website that dreams like that means that he is overwhelmed in life.  Dylan pushes to know who he was drowning and after trying to avoid answering Norman admits that it Bradley.  Dylan looks horrified, but admits that what he assumed, Norman swears it was just a dream and that he has never wanted to hurt anybody in his life, "except you once and a while."

At Gil's pot farm, the potheads are processing a FUCKING TON OF WEED.  Dylan takes Gil aside and asks if Bradley's dad had an office there.  Gil misreads the question, thinking that Dylan is asking for an office, and since Gil is so furious with her dad he tells Dylan he can have to office, "Just throw all his shit out."

Emma goes to work at the motel and finds a young kind of cute stoner smoking weed.  She goes to confront him, but he quickly runs into his room.  Emma doesn't back down, knocks on his door and tells him he needs to stop.  He tries to sweet talk her, asking is she wants some, but she is a verbal Zorro and gets him to snuff out the joint.  As she walks away the cute hippie watches her.  Ah young stoner love.

Miss Sexy and Norman work very closely on his short story.  Norman's story is about a man who is on fire on the inside, how do you deal with daily life when you are burning up and can't put it out.  Miss Watson stares into Norman's eyes, as they sit way to close, and tell him what an old soul he is.  She gets misty eyed for a moment, and you think they may kiss, but quickly the get back to work.

The night, the stoners are outside singing GooGoo Dolls for some reason, but "Slide" is one of their best songs, so whatever.  The Sheriff pulls up and Norma watches, hoping he will bust the stoners.  Romero asks where they are working and when they answer "Gil's Drydock" he gives them a nod and goes to Norma's office.  The Sheriff really hates Norma.  He gives her attitude about the flowers, they could be from anybody, oh and Abernathy, he doesn't exist the info is fake, oh and, you cleaned the room he stayed in, oh and you didn't get his drivers license   Norma is stunned by the lashing she gets, asking what Romero is going to do.  Romero answers "Nothing.  Call if anything happens."  Then he walks out.  Norma finds her balls again and runs out the the Sheriff "LIKE WHAT!  IF HE DIGS UP ANY MORE DEAD PEOPLE AND PUTS THEM IN MY BED!"  Romero coolly responds "Yeah, like that."  Oh yeah, something is def up with Romero.  I don't know what yet, but he is involved, either with the sex slaves or the weed... maybe both.

At school, Norman and Dylan smile at each other.  At first Norman looks okay, but then defeat spreads across his face and we hear a whisper of that high pitched squeal that turns him psycho.  Later, Bradley meets Dylan at a dinner.  Dylan says he is just going to pack up her dad's things and give them to her, but Bradley gives a sob story about how he mother threw all her fathers stuff out and it feels like he is completely gone.  Dylan falls for the sob story and promises to get her in the office, even if he know it's a bad idea.  Bradley, what the fuck is up with you?

Emma is back working at the motel.  When she gets in, she finds a cupcake waiting for her from the stoner who she "busted".  The apology note attached gives us the name Gunner.  The phone rings and Emma picks up.  On the other end a guys looks for "Dave" but she tells him its a wrong number and hangs up.  Emma decides suddenly to eat the cupcake.  She eats that thing like she has never eaten a cupcake in her life, shoving it into her face.  Up at the house, Norma is looking at real estate, finding a cottage in Hawaii that she is really excited about.  Norman doesn't want to here  it, he doesn't want to move saying, "I won't do it and you can't make me."  Norman is sick of starting over, he knows it will be the same because Norma "does things that don't make sense," ultimately calling her "CRAZY!"  Before either of them could respond to Norman's outburst, Emma wanders in looking like Gandalf the Grey and suffering from a really bad paranoid high.  She kind of freaks out, but Norma figures out she is high and makes Norman get her some food.  Norman tries to apologize for calling her crazy, but she responds "just get the toast."

Dylan and Bradley sneak into Gil's warehouse and are immediately met with gunfire.  Luckily it's Remo and once Dylan identifies himself he stops shooting.  When Remo sees Bradley he is dumbfounded, constantly calling Dylan a dumbass for bringing her there.  Dylan swears that they will just be five minutes in the office and Remo lets them go.  In her dad's office, Bradley gets misty eyed.  Dylan goes to give her a minute but Bradley asks him to stay because she likes having him there.  Bradley has some serious problems with men.  She tells Dylan she is just looking for a gold pocket watch, but as they look for it, Bradely finds some love letters from "B".  She immediately thinks that he father was having an affair and runs out.  Dylan chases after her, but not before taking the letters.  Outside, she demand to know who B is and why her dad would do that.  Dylan responds by saying "People are complicated.  He was still your dad, he still loved you."  Who wouldn't love Bradley.  Apparently nobody.  They hug for a little too long before getting out.

Norman is in bed and Norma comes in asking if she can sleep in his room.  Norma says he'll sleep on the floor but Norma insists that they will both fit and Norman's bed.  When he agrees, she gives him the creepiest, happiest smile.  They are snuggled up together talking about sleepovers they had back when Norman was a kid, and they get weirdly intimate.  Norman rubs her arm and she kisses his neck as the chat.  They both apologize to each other, Norma about the move and Norman about calling her crazy.  its... its just wrong.

Norman goes to see Miss Sexy (that's her name now) the next day.  Norman says he doesn't want to send in his short story because he doesn't think his mom would like it... because she wont get it.  Miss Sexy asks how the therapy is going and he admits he only went once.  Miss Watson (just in case you forgot her real name) tells Norman that he doesn't need to tell his mother, but he says it doesn't seem right.  Miss Watson tells him "I know what its like for you," and you get the impression that she was once in an abusive relationship.  She seems to be connecting with Norman on a level a teacher never should.

Norma goes back to the Realtor's office to see how the plan's are going for the open house.  Unfortunately, there won't be an open house.  Because of the bypass, nobody wants to buy the motel, it's only worth half of what she paid for it.  "It's underwater," he tells her.  Norma threatens to sue, and he basically tells her to go ahead and try as he is basically bankrupt.  So what does Norma do?  She beats him with her purse.  Seems rational.

Norma gets in her car to find a ticket on her windshield and it seems like it's the last... OH MY GOD ABERNATHY IS IN THE BACK SEAT WITH A GUN!!!  Abernathy tells Norma that Shelby owed him 150k from the last batch of girls.  He is convinced she has it and wants her to bring her the money tomorrow night.  He asks her over and over if she can do that, and she agrees to bring the money.  WHAT MONEY NORMA!  YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!  Oh Lord... Abernathy tells her that if she falls through, he will kill he sons, and then her.

Thanks to pickupthepi3ces on tumblr.

Next week's season finally is sure to be epic.  Just think about the terrifying moments that have come at the end of nearly every episode, imagine how those moments will culminate into a season finally!  CAN NOT WAIT!