Friday, May 10, 2013

CBS Thursday My Favorite Night Of The Week (some spoilers)

Woot!  Not only was it my beloved CBS Nerd Thurs, but alternate side parking was suspended today!  Best Thursday ever!  Tonight we got the super exciting, question answering, season finally of Person of Interest, and with Big Bang Theory and Elementary nearly at their season finales the stakes get raised on both shows.  No seriously, some interesting shit went down on Big Bang.  I know I say it every week, but CBS has created a nearly perfect programming block.

OH YES!  I was so afraid that The Big Bang Theory was losing steam, but the upswing of this show is so promising.  Sometimes after a certain number of years, sitcoms lose sight of what they once were.  Characters change, plot lines get muddled, and sometimes they throw a baby into a mix.  My mom's theory on sitcoms is that once they throw in a baby, the show goes downhill, and she isn't totally wrong... the only truly successful baby I've seen is on How I Met Your Mother and you barely see that kid.

Anyway, I've gotten off topic.  In tonight's episode, "The Love Spell Potential," the girls and boys find themselves playing a Howard-run game of dungeons and dragons.  Between Simon Helberg's dead on/hilarious impressions of celebrities like Nick Cage and Al Pacino and Sheldon's unbridled joy with how Howard narrated the game I could not get enough of this episode.  But, when Penny suggests that Sheldon and Amy's characters in the game have sex, we are given the most uncomfortable sexless sex scene of all time.  It was genius.

Tonight's season finale of Person of Interest answered a lot of questions.  Now, I'm not going to do a recap of the whole show, but I will give you my favorite bits, starting with the fact that John became buddies with the machine... at least for a while.  We even got this cool moment where the machine helps/watches John shoot some bad guys and it looks kind of like one of those arcade shooting games I used to play when I was a kid.

Another bit of exciting news is that we FINALLY find out how Reese ended up with his injuries and everything comes full circle.  Augh, I really don't want to give too much away because this is an episode that needs to be watched, especially because I think that Amy Acker's performance as Root is brilliant   Watch the episode, you'll understand.  J.J. Abrams  why are you such a genius?  Can you imagine if he go together with Steven Moffat?  It would be... it would be beautiful.

OOOOOHHH!!! It's getting so good!  Why does it have to end so soon?!  I'm so happy that we have finally gotten to the Moriarty plot line!  BOY are they doing a good job on keeping the actor playing the infamous character under wraps.  It's all coming to a head and I can't wait to see where it goes, even if it does spell the end of the season.

On Tuesday I got to attend a Q&A with Jonny Lee Miller.  Watching him in person is so different then seeing him in anything he's done.  Miller is a very lose guy, constantly shifting his position and twitching his feet.  Nothing like the put together, ridged Holmes he has created... but can I just say, handsome. as. fuck.  I snagged a front row seat to see him in all his glory.  Miller answered questions about both his TV/Film career and his life in the theatre.  He spoke of Danny Boyle as a God among directors, describing his work with him and Benedict Cumberbatch on Frankenstein as the greatest thing he ever accomplished.

Miller also spoke extensively about his work on Elementary and how he nearly turned down the role!  Can you believe that!?  But he said once he read the script he couldn't turn it down, and rightfully so.  He also talked about how he and Cumberbatch have a great relationship and speak about playing the same role once again, but when the questioner asked for him to elaborate, Miller said that those conversations are private, but not before saying Cumberbatch is an amazing human being.  Miller was funny, sweet and just down right wonderful to listen too.  Not to mention he had just come from running a 50 mile "mega marathon" for charity, so basically he is awesome.

Now, at the Q&A the questioner talked about how Natalie Dormer (who I affectionately call "boobs" on Game of Thrones) would be playing Irene Adler.  Somebody in the audience yelled "IRENE IS DEAD!"  Miller looked momentarily thrown, then replied "Irene is dead," and spoke of flashbacks.  Tonight's episode however shows us how good Miller is at avoiding spoilers.  No matter how much the questioner probed about upcoming episodes Miller stayed tight lipped and thank GOD he did because if he spoiled tonight's twist I would have been sorely disappointed.  Not to mention that Miller's performance upon seeing his lost love was beautiful.  Oh, if only I was in charge of the Emmy's...

OK, done with my ranting... G'Night