Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So I've been doing a lot of blogging lately about Sherlock Holmes.  First, I posted about all the incarnations of the character (House, Sherlock, Elementary, ext) and I followed Elementary like a good little member of the new fandom.  But, with Elementary's season over, BBC's Sherlock still in production and a third Sherlock Holmes movie barely out of the gate I began to feel a void in my life.  Then it hit me as I set my DVR to record tonight's episode of Psych... Psych basically is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes!  Don't believe me?  Read out doubter, read on!

Shawn Spencer/Sherlock Holmes:  Shawn Spencer is the Psych's crime solving genius.  Like Sherlock, he sees everything and can deduce things at a moments notice.  Now Shawn is not an addict or a completely antisocial, conceited, sociopath, but he has his own way of pushing people away.  First of all, Shawn is overconfident, feigning psychic powers in order to be a detective on his own terms.  Like Sherlock being the police's Consulting Detective, Shawn is the SBPD's psychic detective.  Shawn is immature, rude, sloppy, takes nothing seriously and does his best to get on people's nerves, but no matter what, at the end of the day, he always solves the case.  Sound familiar?

Burton Guster/Doctor Watson:  No, Gus isn't a doctor, but he does work for pharmaceutical company.  Like Watson, Gus is the only character that connects with and can kind of sort of control Shawn.  Gus, like Watson with Sherlock, gets easily annoyed with Shawn, but for some reason sticks by him not matter how bad it gets.  Shawn often degrades Gus, puts him in horrifying situations and still Gus is always there for him.  Also like Watson, Gus often uses his knowledge of medicine to help Shawn with cases he works on.  In some ways, Gus's mind is more like Sherlock's as he has incredible knowledge of seemingly everything but, he doesn't have the same ability to make the deductions Shawn can.

Juliet O'Hara/Irene Adler:  Juliet is not only Shawn's love interest, but the only one on the police force who can really go toe to toe with Shawn.  SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCH THIS SEASON  Juliet is the only person who figures out Shawn's big psychic secret.  Like Irene, Juliet is smart, cunning, bold, and making a name for herself in what is considered a man's world.  

Henry Spencer/Mycroft Holmes:  Henry is Shawn's dad who taught him everything he knows.  Like Mycroft, Henry is even headed, cool and stern.  Also like Mycroft, Henry is not only just as smart as Shawn,  but one of the few people who can talk to him reasonably.  Henry was once a high ranking police officer, but is no retired and often just wants to stay out of the messes Shawn makes, but almost invariably gets pulled in.

Carlton Lassiter/A Combination of Inspectors:  So in the Sherlock Holmes books there are several Inspectors, all of which have a different relationship with the consulting detective.  Like in BBC's Sherlock's Sargent Sally Donovan, or even the books Inspector Bradstreet, Lassiter acknowledges that Shawn is good at what he does, but has no tolerance for his tom foolery.  Lassiter in his own right is a smart and capable detective, but Shawn constantly one-ups and insults him.  The Lassiter Shawn relationship is a love/hate thing for sure.

Chief Karen Vick/Inspector Lestrade:  Like Lestrade, Vick has little to no patience for Shawn.  She knows that he is the best and will most likely be the only one who can solve the most complicated cases, but God does Shawn drive her crazy.

Mr. Yang/Moriarty:  Mr. Yang is a serial killer who nearly destroyed Shawn's world twice.  Yang is an genius, his/her mind the only one to ever challenge Shawn.  Like Moriarty, Yang becomes obsessed with Shawn and challenges him personally.  The only times Shawn has nearly fail have been at Mr. Yang's hands. Yang and Shawn nearly destroy each other, but like Sherlock, Shawn eventually does prevail, but not without some major losses.

So there you have it.  I'm positive I haven't stumbled onto anything new, but I'm really missing having Sherlock Holmes in my life.  Hope you enjoyed!