Monday, May 6, 2013

Bates Motel: A Boy And His Dog :( (spoilers)

First I have to say that unfortunately due to work, I am missing a Q&A with Freddie Highmore through the actors fund tomorrow.  UGH!  I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS FOR HIM!  BOO!  Stupid job.  Whatever I get to see Jonny Lee Miller tomorrow night, so be prepared for a blog post on that, possibly linked with Thursday night's episode of Elementary.  Anyhoo, even the title of tonight's episode made me want to die.  Damn it!  THIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH!  We are getting close to the season finally of Bates Motel, and in a way I'm kind of glad, the intensity of the show requires breaks, just like American Horror Story.

The show opens with Emma's Dad teaching Norman about taxidermy.  The scene is kind of sweet, Mr. Decody apologizes to Norman for his loss, going on to tell Norman that he thinks he will love taxidermy, that he is artistic enough to do it.  But here is what's weird, Norman seems totally okay with Mr. Decody taking apart the dog her fell in love with.  He says that it seemed "dishonorable to put her in the ground."  I guess that's why in 20 years or whatever he doesn't bury Mommy Dearest.

Cut to Emma having a serious breathing episode.  She runs into the bathroom, dry heaving and struggling with her inhaler.  When she finally catches her breath, Emma overhears some of Bradley's friends talking about Norman, and what a sad weird-o he is.  They talk about how he would be crazy to think Bradley would ever sleep with him.  Emma gets pissed and reads those girls hard, telling them the truth about Bradley sleeping with Norman.  "By the way you have toilet paper on your shoe," BOOM!  EMMA OUT!  But here's the thing, Emma's little outburst ends up coming to bite Norman in the ass.  Later in the episode Bradley confronts Norman about telling Emma.  She begs Norman to just forget it and not to tell anybody else about it.  Norman snaps and storms out of school followed by the uber sexy Miss Watson.  With tears in his eyes he tells her that he just wants to go home, but when she tries to pull him back into school he practically knocks her over pulling his arm away.  Ruh-roh.

Norma reads the newspaper that morning only to find that the bipass is still going up, rendering the Motel pretty much useless.  She calls Romero at the station but doesn't get an answer.  It seems like for some reason Norma has decided that she and Romero are besties now.  Anyway, as she's on the phone she see's creepy Abernathy smoking a cigarette and staring through her window.  Norma decided to play maid and goes to clean up #9.  Abernathy is still in the room, but insists she clean up even while he is still there.  The situation is awkward as Abernathy grills Norma about Shelby's death, asking Norma about the nature of their relationship.  Of course Norma goes full denial about the whole thing.  Things get even more awkward when Norma breaks the bedside lamp and suddenly Abernathy is on her.  COME ON NORMA!  You are a rape victim.  What the fuck are you doing in that creepy man's room!  Norma tries to leave but Abernathy stops the cart... OH GOD!  But he just takes two towels and moves on.  What the actual fuck.

Back on the pot farm Dylan gets a call from his boss to go on a run.  Unfortunately, Dylan only understands half of what he's supposed to do and Remo gives him attitude   It is obvious that Remo can't deal with Dylan's inexperience.  The two men go on a road trip together and you know it's going to be a rocky ride.

Norma goes down to Romero's office.  She is weirdly nice to him, but he is obviously unenthused.  She tells Romero that she wants him to help her finagle her way onto the City Planning Committee so she can put a stop to that bypass.  Norma feels that they should help each other because they are the only two that know the truth about the sex trade ring and what really went down.  After all, he's the one who rewrote the story so he looked like the hero.  But Romero was not having it.  He threatens her right back, using the phrase "burn you down to the ground."  Boom, somebody put Norma in her place baby.  Just as Norma leaves her verbal lashing her phone rings.  Norman's school asks for a parent conference to discuss his behavior.

Norman gets suspended for three days for cutting.  Norma plays defensive mom as Miss Watson and the school principal discuss Norman's emotional instability.  Norman doesn't interact with other kids, he is emotional, quiet and reserved.  Miss Watson thinks that Norman should speak with the school psychologist but Norma quickly nips that in the bud.  She tells the school officials that she would rather Norman see a private therapist, hoping that will get her out of it... until Miss Watson asks for the name of whatever therapist she chooses.  Norma is obviously just trying to protect her son... but she is digging into a deeper and deeper mess.

Dylan is on the road with Remo.  They are at a bar and Remo is piss drunk, bragging about his 23 years of experience.  Dylan calls Remo out on his drunkenness and the men come to blows, Dylan kicking some ass even with one are.  The fight ends in a bit of a stalemate, but Remo warns "you better watch it golden boy or I'll try to destroy you."  Then, like, five seconds later, the two men are talking casually.  Remo tells Dylan that he "doesn't have leadership potential."  Remo has been working for the "big boss" for 23 years, but Dylan hasn't bet him yet.  Dylan tells Remo he should just quit, but Remo says that there is no quitting .. you only get fired.  Literally.  FIRE-d.

Later that night Norman apologizes to Norma about what happened in school.  Norma demands to know exactly what happened, but Norman doesn't want to talk about it.  Norma begs Norman to not be so emotional all the time, he needs to fit in.  Norman thinks he does fit in, then immediately wants to go to a taxidermy lesson with Emma's dad.  As Mr. Decody puts Norman's dog's sit on a dummy, Norma has private words with him.  Norma doesn't think that Norman should get into taxidermy, because he is unusual enough as it is.  She doesn't want him to be labeled a freak.  The conversation gets awkward as Norma tries to backtrack on things she says, but Mr. Decody assures her this is good for Norman because his is calm.  "What could go wrong."  Famous last words.

Dylan and Remo meet up with some uber hippies for the job.  Remo tells Dylan that one of the guys is an ass and should be left behind, but Dylan makes an executive decision to take all the hippies.  That is until a few hours later as annoying hippy plays the guitar loudly and give Remo attitude about lunch.  Well, Dylan pulls his gun on the guitar playing hippy and tells him to get out.  It is the first time that Remo seems to have any respect for Dylan.

Norma gets back to the motel and see's Abernathy leaving, so what does she do?  SHE FOLLOWS HIM!  What the hell Norma.  Abernathy goes to the docks and Norma follows him to Kieth Summer's boat.  Somebody needs to sink that fucking boat because what the fuck.  That is like the boat on the river Styx.  Abernathy is obviously looking for something but doesn't seem to find it.  He leaves and you think Norma is off the hook and then BAM!  ABERNATHY IN YOUR FACE!  SHIT!  He knew she was following him!  He keeps telling her that he wants "It" and for the first time Norma really has no idea what he is talking about.  But he earlier lie about her relationship with Shelby comes back to bite her in the ass.  He tells her Shelby was bottom run and he is top.  When she is ready to talk, he'll be in #9.

Norman and Norma are in a therapists office.  The therapist asks Norman questions, but Norma answers for him every time, and Norman just parrots her answers.  Norma tries to avoid making another appointment with the doctor, but he asks for a word in private.  The doctor thinks that Norma could use a bit of therapy herself due to her control issues.  He tells her that sometimes when people feel the need to be in control on the outside, on the inside they are a mess.  Norman FREAKS OUT at him.  She tells him how in control he is and to back the fuck off.  GOD VERA IS SO AWESOME!  THROW AWARDS AT HER PLEASE!

After therapy, to prove how in control she is, Norma goes to #9 and tells Abernathy to get out.  She throws the money in his face and he struggles no to lose it with her.  He once again brings up her relationship with Shelby, but she tells him he has no power over her.  If he doesn't leave in 5 minutes she is calling the cops.  The last thing Abernathy says before leaving is "You wana play, we'll play."

Norman is playing with his stuffed dog and he seems delighted.  Emma comes in wanting to talk about why she spilled the beans about his sleeping with Bradley.  She explains about the nasty things the girls were saying about him and she just couldn't keep her mouth shut.  She tells him how special he is to her, how he is her only friend and she doesn't want to ruin it, even if she does have feelings for him.  Norman accepts her apology and they hug.  Emma's dad walks in mid-hug and gets awkward about it, but Emma tells him its okay.

As Norma disinfects #9, Dylan pulls in with the van full of hippies asking Norma to put them up.... even though they are all drug dealers.  Good Dylan, get your mom involved in the drug trade.  Well, Norma is just DELIGHTED!  To thank him, she asks Dylan to go to dinner in town and he agrees and she nearly floats away with happiness.

Norma goes to change, and we just know something is going to happen..... but what did happen I did not expect.  Norma goes into her room, turns on the lights and... SHELBY'S CORPSE IS ON HER BED SMILING AT HER!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!  No joke, I actually got nauseous over this twisted turn on events.

I can't.  I just can't.