Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bates Motel: Trust Me (spoilers)

Oh, this show!  I'm just loving it!  Okay I know this post is a day late, but I just had to blog about it because this show is just too good not to.  In last night's episode "Trust Me" we were given a lot of info in one episode, but luckily they pulled it all off without jumping the shark.  The Norman Bates from Psycho is really starting to shine and boy is Freddie Highmore a delight to watch.

Last night's episode starts with Dylan fooling around with a gun.  It's pretty obvious that he will be working for the drug lords that are tending the enormous weed field that Norman and Emma ran into in the last episode.  At the weed field, he stands guard (which really consists of drinking beers) he bonds with his fellow guard.  They hunt and chat.  Dylan explains the weird relationship with his family, including that he literally knows nothing about his mother or half-brother.  It is then explained that the burning body was just one of the men involved with the marijuana trade who was there to send a message.  Kind of boring but whatever.

Meanwhile, Norman goes to school, acting totally normal as if in the last week he didn't help cover up a murder and then get chased by drug lords.  Well, Emma isn't as together as Norman is and freaks out threatening to go to the police with the book.  Suddenly cool calm collected Norman snaps and practically screams at Emma, he will not let her go to the police.  He apologizes but he is obviously shaken after their encounter.  While in class, Norman seems totally out of it.  He stares at the test sitting in front of him, totally motionless and LORD is it creepy.  Miss Sexy Teacher leans over Norman, asking if he's okay, but Norman is in another world as he pictures Miss Watson as one of the women tied up and tortured from the book.  And then he passes out.

Norman ends up in the hospital and mother is FREAKING OUT!  The doctor keeps trying to get information from her, but it seems Norma is incapable of telling the truth.  When the doctor asks if this has ever happened to Norman before Norma gives him a blank look but quickly denies it wondering why the doctor would even ask a question like that.  But, we know this is a lie.  The first time we even meet Norman he is passed out, waking up groggy from some sort of episode.  Now we have to wonder... was it Norman who killed his father?  OooOoooOooo.

While waiting for tests to come back, Norma gets a phone call that the new carpet for the motel has arrived.  Norman encourages her to go.  Norma agrees and goes back home... and it seems the cops follow her because they burst in with a search warrant.  Well shit.

Back at the hospital, Norman gets a visit from the beautiful Bradley who has brought him flowers.  They talk about what it's like to lose a parent, though her father isn't dead yet, it doesn't look good.  She snuggles up next to Norman in his hospital bed and whispers that all she wants is to be happy.

While the cops continue to search the Bates Motel, Norma runs back to the hospital.  When she walks into the room she has a horrified expression, and the audience hearts collectively  drops into their asses as we all fear that Bradley is still snuggling with Norman, but thank GOD it's just the doctor to explain the tests are negative.  Despite the doctors urging to keep Norman overnight, Norma quickly shuffles him out, explaining to Norman the the cops are searching their place.  Norman FREAKS OUT asking her over and over again if they found anything, but Norma insists there is nothing to find.  When they get home Norman runs upstairs... you see.. he kept the BELT...  when he realizes it's gone he weeps asking "What's wrong with me" over and over".  What the hell is wrong with you!  WHY WOULD YOU KEEP THAT!?  Oh, Norman.

Norma, thankfully, is able to finagle a meeting with Shelby.  She goes to his house and he explains that he found the belt.  He asks Norma to explain, but he promises to protect her as they start making out.  Norman, however is home freaking out that Mother isn't home.  Dylan does come home, and after his conversation with his fellow guard decided to try to bond with Norman, and then this happens:

Later Norma comes home and explains that Shelby will protect them.  All seems like it will be ok... until while Norman is asleep Norma comes back and blames it all on Norman.  She tells him he knows he has to do.  "I have to get the belt".  Norman walks to Shelby, giving us full face serial killer realness.  GOD does Highmore nail it.  He looks around the house in a high tension scene and comes across what we never expect.... one of ties up Asian girls in his basement:
Norman asks her is shes okay just as Shelby pulls up and BOOM!  The episode ends!

OH.  MY.  GOD.  Norman is already displaying a multi-personality disorder.  How long can Norma protect him.  And it makes you wonder... is the drugged up girl in the basement real?  Or is she a figure of Norman's disillusions... I CANNOT WAIT to find out the answer.