Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elementary: Miss Hudson The New Transexual Voice On American TV

As if I couldn't love and respect this show more for breaking the boundaries of whats on typical American network TV, Elementary does it again.  First, they change Doctor Watson from a stuffy dude, to a stuffy dude-ette, an Asian women no less, one of the least represented cultures on American TV, then they update a classic nearly flawlessly, give the fantastic Johnny Lee Miller a platform to be brilliant, and now, NOW they have cast a transgendered woman to play one of the most beloved Shelock Holmes characters Miss Hudson.  How can you not love it?

Meet Candis Cayne, formally Brendan McDaniel, a very successful transgender actress.  This is the kind of confidence, talent and bravery that doesn't get awarded enough in the country.  Bravo CBS, you have just done something no network show has successfully done.  You have cast a LGBT actor in a role where they are neither the victim nor the comic relief, she's just a normal person.  Yes, they make it known that she was once a man but it is quickly breezed over it.  It doesn't really matter and I LOVE it!  And she's some kind of genius   Oh I am loving this, I am eating this up!  That's right CBS, Bravo!  And not to mention, Cayne is FABULOUS.  I mean, yes she is gorgeous, see above picture, but she is a talented actress.  The scene where she Sherlock's apartment was my favorite part of this very blah episode.

Tonight's episode "Snow Angels" may not have been a knock out episode, but the introduction of Miss Hudson made it for me.  I hope to see her in many more episodes now that she is going to be the housekeeper at the Sherlock/Watson abode, especially because she has great chemistry with both Miller AND Liu.  In fact, I find her repartee with Liu a lot of fun, I can see them having a great girls night out.  Can you see a Joan Watson/Miss Hudson get their kiki on.  I can.