Monday, April 8, 2013

Bates Motel: If You're Not Watching This Show, You Should Be

This is the kind of tension you just don't get on TV anymore!  A heart pounding thriller that needs little blood, nearly no gore or extreme violence to prove it's point.  Seriously in the first 5 minutes of this weeks episode "Trust Me" had my heart racing, but all of it was done with the delicacy of Alfred Hitchcock.  So little entertainment now-a-days doesn't shove sex and gore and CGI and blood in your face.  This show has sex and violence but none of it is over the top.  We just see enough to get our emotions to peak and leave us wanting more.

This weeks episode starts where last weeks ended.  Norman is doing his creepy Psycho walk to Shelby's house to get the belt he took from Keith when they dumped his body.
During last weeks episode, we saw a motorcycle drive by, it looked to just be for artistic effect, but in actuality it was Dylan.  Dylan sees Norman sneak into Shelby's house, and provides distraction for Norman to get out.  Little does he know that Norman is being clawed by a drugged up sex slave in the basement, but Norman gets out with just a few scratches.  Dylan calls Norman out on his actions later, but Norman denies, denies, denies.  It's becoming hard to figure out what Norman believes verses what he's made up.

Norman goes to visit Emma, to tell her what he's seen, but her father comes to the door.  Oh, hello Professor Quirrell, it's weird to see you without Voldemort on the back of your head.  Glad to see you got that cleared up.  Anyway, Emma's father tells Norman that she is sick and can't be seen.  He then goes on to tell Norman that he knows Emma has a crush on him, so Norman needs to be respectful.  Norman promises.  Meanwhile, poor Bradley's dad has passed.  She begins spending more and more time with Norman as she feels he is the one person who understands how she feels.  LOOOVVVEEE TRIANGLE!!!

Anyway, the show becomes a lot of set up from here on in, but I was happy to watch because I know this is the kind of show where every interaction, every shot has a purpose.  Basically, Norma is still screwing Shelby.  Norman begs her to stop in the creepiest scene ever, even defending his jealousy of his mom's new relationship with, "You're my mother not my girlfriend!"  Norman goes as far as to tell his mother about the sex slave, but when Norma checks out the situation she finds nothing.  She explains to Norman that he sometimes sees things, but Norman won't hear it.  So what does Norma make her possibly totally insane son do?  Go FISHING with the one guy Norman would potentially try to kill, Shelby.

Tension builds throughout the episode, "Oh God, Oh God," became my mantra as Shelby tries to bond with Norman over fishing.  It's awkward and painful to watch and just as Norman's face starts to turn Psycho, Shelby gets a phone call.
You know they found Keith's body and your heart is pounding.  It turns out only to be his hand, but its enough to make you wish you were dead.

Norma get's taken in for questioning again.  Turns out they found carpet fibers under Keith's watch which they will be able to match to the carpet Norma threw out.  Norma tries in vain to get those carpets back, but she knows she's screwed and spends most of the rest of the episode crying.  Norman screams at her, telling her that she should have just called the cops like he said, but she admits that killing Keith wasn't self defense. Norma's been through some shit, it's obvious her back story is an epic one and I cannot wait to hear it.

As Norma weeps away in her room, Norman storms outside to find Dylan drinking and smoking.  They have some brotherly bonding as Norman confesses everything that happened with Keith and Norma.  In a touching moment, Norman takes a shot of whisky and coughs on it.  When Dylan giggles Norman says in the most wounded voice ever "Don't laugh at me."  After Norman gets the murder off his chest, Bradley texts him.  Dylan convinces Norman to go be with Bradley.  And then...

******NORMAN GETS LAID!!!!!******

With some beautiful blue filtered cinematography we find Norman and Bradley under the covers.  Okay so we don't know if that actually were having sex, but that's what was implied so I'm going with it.  I'm really surprised at the choice of getting Norman laid, but I'm sure somehow Norma will psychologically torture him about it.

At the end of the episode, Norma realizes that Norman isn't home.  Dylan tells her that Norman is out with a girl and he hopes he's getting laid.  She freaks the fuck out.  But she doesn't have time to get too upset because SHE FUCKING GETS ARRESTED FOR MURDER.