Sunday, April 21, 2013

Supernatural Saturdays: The New Snick (Doctor Who & Orphan Black Spoilers)

Oh BBC, you filthy genius you.  If CBS was smart they would follow your lead with their Thursday night lineup because Supernatural Saturday may be on of the smartest programming moves in a long time.  You are talking to a kid who grew up in a generation where we had TGIF, Saturday morning cartoons followed by SNICK Saturday night PLUS we had Nick at Night giving us specific TV programming every night in the summer (I Dream of Jeanie Wednesdays, Bewitched Tuesdays or whatever).  I like my television programming bundled by day and category because that's how the children's TV lineups programmed me.  Now, to be fair, Saturday programming is tough because I'm usually out but God bless DVRs because I just watch my shows when I get home.

This week's Supernatural Saturday was a doosey, with new terrifying episodes of Doctor Who, Orphan Black and The Nerdist.  Now, I didn't watch The Nerdist this week, but I have to give it a shout out because it as an awesome show for all types of Nerds.  Last week they even did a great segment about the prices of collectible items that is worth a watch.  I collect Nightmare Before Christmas items so it was really helpful to learn how things are valued, some of the things you think would be worth a mint really aren't.

Any-who, this week's Doctor Who may have been the scariest ever.  I mean, really freaking scary.  I mean I watched it at 9 am and was terrified.  The plot followed the Doctor and Clara going back into the 70s to help a ghost hunter and his empathic assistant solve the mystery of the "Well Witch" that has been haunting this spot for centuries.  The pictures of the ghost (see below) scare the poop out of me.
As if the scary ghost wasn't scary enough they add in a terrifying "Silent Hill" looking monster that made the Silence look like fun.  The episode was fantastic, maybe one of my new favorite episodes next to "Midnight" and "The Impossible Astronaut".  Of course in Doctor Who fashion it wasn't actually a ghost but a time traveler stuck in a pocket universe.  And the monster?  It's just been separated from it's monster loved one in our universe.  In the end it's all happy sunshine, but the real goodness of the episode dealt with Clara's beef with the TARDIS.  It seems for now the TARDIS and Clara have reached a temporary truce, but it is really clear that the TARDIS does not like Clara.

WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU CLARA??  Some new theories buzzing around seem to suggest that she may be the daughter of the Doctor and River.  Now, I do think that River and the Doctor will be having a kid, because in "A Good Man Goes to War" when the Doctor takes his cradle out for baby Melody, River mentions that it had been a while since she's seen it.  But we've already met Clara's parents... and also, a version of her kissed the Doctor so... that's weird.  I really don't think she is his kid, but I wonder if the TARDIS has something to do with why Clara is the way she is.  The TARDIS lives throughout time, does the TARDIS want Clara out because she know's she will be the cause of what I will call "the Clara anomaly?"  We will see.

I am LIVING for this show right now.  If you have not watched Orphan Black yet, GET. ON. IT.  NOW!  This week's episode was a nail biter from start to finish.  You need a stiff drink to watch this show because it is just too intense.  In this week's episode, we find out that the crazy clone that is killing her sister's (who may be Russian based on the accent but I'm not sure) is part of some psycho religious cult.  Despite the fact that Sarah stabbed her with rebar, she is still on her mission from God, doing everything to blow Sarah's cover as Beth.  Just... just go watch it, go watch it right now.

Created by letsplaybamboozled on Tumblr.

While the episode was awesome, I just have to shout out to Tatiana Maslany for being amazing.  Sometimes when an actor has to play different characters in a show or movie they come out feeling... well.. a bit cheesy.  It's usually two totally different sides of the spectrum, good character vs bad character.  But Maslany is playing several complicated characters, but she does it with grace and finesse.  She gets down to nitty gritty details, whether it's Sarah pretending to be Beth having accent slips or being a psycho killer clone that you also have a bit of empathy for.  The show could have fallen into a super cheese category, by Maslany is making each performance totally believable.  You go girl!

So, another Supernatural Saturday (or as I generally watch it Sunday) down and I cannot wait for the next, especially with both Doctor Who and Orphan Black leaving me wanting more and more and more and more.