Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doctor: This Is Your Life!

Oh yes!  The rest of this season will prove to be interesting!  Now last season with the Doctor, everything was new!  In season 6 we met the Silence for the first time, the Doctor met the personified TARDIS, the Doctor got married!  No Daleks, no Cybermen, new, new, new.  But this season, we start with Daleks, move to Silurians and lost some companions to the Weeping Angels.  So whats up season 7?  Are we winding our way toward a very exciting 50 year anniversary... I really freaking hope so!

Now, in last night's episode "Cold War," we get re-introduced to an old Doctor foe, an Ice Warrior.  Now since the reboot in 2005 the Ice Warriors haven't been given the same attention that the Daleks or Cybermen have.  In fact, they haven't been given any attention at all, even if they were a fan favorite back in the day, but last night they finally got an update:

But the Ice Warriors are not the only thing that showed up again last night, Captain Avery from last season's "Curse of the Black Spot" was back... but this time as a Russian Cold War submarine Captain.  Ok?  So here is the thing, the Doctor never mentions it.  Why?  Obviously he is a different person, but Captain Avery played a pivotal role last season, so how could the Doctor not recognize him?  What made this different the Clara/Oswin situation?  Now, all Doctor Who fans know, that since the reboot in 2005, every Doctor companion (with the exception of Rose) showed up in a previous episode, sometimes as the same character sometimes not.  Of course, Clara showed up as Oswin in "Asylum of the Daleks," and then again as Nanny Clara in the year's Christmas episode.  Freema Agyeman played Martha of course, but she also played Adeola, Martha's cousin in "Army of Ghosts."  Donna Noble was in an episode completely separate from her time as the Doctor's official companion.  Then there is Karen Gillan who not only played our beloved Amy Pond, but was one of those creepy, eyes on the backs of her hands soothsayer chicks in "The Fires of Pompeii."

So with this season turning out to be Doctor: This is Your Life!  You have to wonder, has Steven Moffat or Russell T. Davies been planing this 50 year anniversary for longer than the audience can imagine?!  Is this Doppelganger story line been building since Rose left?!  Probably not, but then again none of us live in the mind of Moffat or Davies and we all know some brilliant things are going on in both those brains.

Now, as far as the 50 year anniversary episode is concerned, here is some things we know.  David Tennant AND Billie Piper are coming back.  Now, I assumed that it would be the human version of the Doctor that lives with Rose in an alternate universe coming back, but I have heard/read some rumblings that it will be the actual Time Lord version of Tennant.  But, with the way this season is shaping up it almost makes more sense for 10 and 11 to literally confront each other.  It wouldn't be the first time two Doctor's have met, but we shall have to wait and see...  Check out some cool pictures from the filming:

The past seems to be attacking the 11th Doctor pretty hard this season, and there have been rumblings of Captain Jack returning!  So are you ready Doctor?  Are you ready?  Because this is your very, very long life!