Wednesday, October 16, 2013

American Horror Story: Boy Parts

After turning off all the lights (well except for one because I'm a bit of a scaredy cat) I settled in to watch episode 2 of Coven, when I experienced something I haven't in a while as far as AHS is concerned.  Excitement.  I found myself really looking forward to tonight's episode.  To pass the time I watch Disney's Halloweentown (seemed like a good balance), but I couldn't help thinking back to everything that happened in the premiere episode, wondering where it's all going.  IT'S FUN!  I really hope people who were disappointed with last season stuck it out because with in 20 minutes of "Boy Parts" I was in love, not only with the simpler story line, but with the outstandingly strong female cast.

Tonight's episode started with a gator bating, which probably upset me more than anything else that happened in the episode.  Ok, no, that's probably not true, but I can't deal with seeing animal cruelty.  I also couldn't stand Lily Rabe being killed off in the first episode.  Imagine my JOY when she shows up alive and well... and grants the gators new life to kill those poachers.  Later gators.

Lily Rabe's return aside, this episode had some really incredible moments, most of them between Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates.  These are two powerhouse Goddesses of acting and they deliver.  Adding Angela Bassett into the mix, well damn.  These three women, I mean, really.  It's sinfully good to see them all at each others throats.  You can actually smell the Emmy Nominations.  Smells like liquid gold.  Who would actually win?  I dunno three way tie?  Though I have to say, when Bates called Bassett "That black devil" did you expect her to finish that sentence with "BOBBY BOUCHER!"  Maybe I've watched Waterboy one too many times.

But of course, we are talking about three epic actresses here, I would expect nothing less.  What really impresses me is the chemistry between Roberts and Farmiga.  Truthfully I've always thought of Emma Roberts as a weak actress, but I think she is really killing it (no pun intended).  Her fiery beast of a character Madison is a great foil to Farmiga's kind of wimpy limp noodle Zoe.  These two girls are holding their own up against these powerhouse, award winning actresses.  Poor Evan Peters has to hold his own in this sea on fucking awesome women.  Considering he spent most of this episode as a speechless zombie/Frankenstein Monster we can't quite compair yet.  We'll have to see how he reacts to finding out his witch girlfriend is a "black widow" obviously the worst witch power ever.

In this episode we also got a bit of a history lesson.  First of all, we've learned these women are all strait out of "The Crucible".  I mean, I noticed that Lange's last name was Goode, a common last name in Salem and seen during the witch trials, but also in The Crucible ("I SAW SARAH GOODE WITH THE DEVIL!).  In tonight's episode Queenie (Sidibe) mentions that she is a decedent of Tituba and the Theatre Major in me screamed "ARTHUR MILLER!"  Later in the episode, during an intense hair-styling showdown, LaVeau explains to Fiona that she wouldn't even have power had her ancestor Tituba not shown the white girls of Salem.

Tonight we also learned that not only is Cordelia (Paulson) apparently married but trying to have a baby.  Unfortunately, she is having a hard time conceiving and her husband asks her to use magic.  Maybe I'm messed up in the head, but that black magic fertility ritual scene was UBER hot.  Like, so hot.  Hot.

On an ending note, I mentioned before that I was once a theatre major anddddd OH MY GOD IT'S PATTI LUPONE!  It's like they found every strong female actress ever and cast them and I DON'T HATE IT!  Get Helena Bonham Carter on this show and you have me for life.  Also, side not, the "Rhiannon" jam session was amazing.  I fucking love Stevie Nicks and secretly hope she appears on this season.  ALSO-ALSO, When are we going to find out who the hell Spalding is because Dennis O'Hare is amazing and I want to see him do more than be creepy and grin.