Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday Night TV OVERLOAD

WHY DOES THURSDAY NIGHT NEED SO MANY GREAT TV SHOWS!  It's no fair!  My DVR is about to explode!  Since I spent what seems like all night watching TV and hitting the fast fwd button through the commercials I just didn't have the energy to actually blog.  I was spent.  And while Big Bang celebrated another hilarious episode following the disappointing season premiere episode, and Elementary made me say "awwww" and "Oh my God I just love him!" more than once, this blog is really going to be taken over by VD.  Not the STD, The CW show and it's new spin off The Originals.  Skip to the bottom for Elementary.  SPOILERS!!

Vampire Diaries is an amazing show in mind for one single reason.  They always keep it fresh.  I have yet to become bored with a plot line or character.  The season premiere opened with a sort of "what I did this summer," montage.... and pretty much all Elena did was Stefan.  Not that I blame her, I'd do the same.  Meanwhile, Matt is traveling the world and having threesomes with Rebekah, Bonnie is also "travel" but really she is just dead and Jeremy is covering for her, Tyler is in helping a wolfpack in Tennessee and kind of avoiding his lady, Katherine struggles with being Human and Stefan is in a box underwater while Silas dopplegangs and Caroline gets ready for college.

Other than Bonnie being dead and Silas being out, things don't seem terrible as Elena heads off to college, though Elena is worried about Stefan.  But of course things go down hill quickly as Elena and Caroline get a surprises roommate who has vervain water.  Ooops.  Quickly the realize how hard college life will be for 2 young vampires... also, is it just me, or do you constantly forget that Caroline is a vampire.  FYI their roommate Megan used to be on Wizards of Waverly Place and Disney's Movie "Lemonademouth" in case you were wondering why she looked familiar.

Meanwhile, back home, Stefan is drowning and coming back to life over and over again, which is giving me a panic attack.  At the homestead, Katherine looks to Damon for protection because she is being followed, while Silas goes around reading people's mind and causing trouble.  Matt is back at his day job serving up beers and Rebekah asks him to keep their "no strings attached" relationship going.  

Things get majorly f-ed up.  First, Megan, the vervain drinking roomie is killed at a frat party, tossed out a window and devoured by a vamp.  At home, Stefan aka Silas reveals himself to Damon and demands he have the cured Kathrine.  Jeremy tries to smuggle Katherine away, but when Silas tells Damon that Stefan is suffering, he asks Jeremy to bring Katherine back.  What does Jeremy care, Catherine killed him and his death killed Bonnie.  But Catherine is a survivor and forces Jer to crash the car, and Jeremeny nearly dies... again as Catherine gets away. 

At the end of the episode Damon tells Elena pretty much nothing, Elena holds some secrets from Damon, Tyler pretty much breaks up with Caroline, Silas reveals he can control lots of minds, then kills Bonnie's dad (fyi why does that upset her so much, she's dead) and the girl Matt had a 3 some with shoves the magic deathproof ring on his finger and has some guy do some weird voodoo that turns his eyes black and kills him.  I fucking love this show.

Soooo I was slightly disappointed in the premiere episode of The Originals.  Don't get me wrong, this show is going to be epic.  I mean, it's full of sexy men with English accents, so you know I'm in (I am especially looking at you Elijah, yum).  Unfortunately this opening episode was pretty much the same a the Vampire Diaries episode that aired last year.  There was very little new information, in fact, they just cut together clips of last seasons New Orleans episode which felt like kind of a cheat.  The plot was only slightly moved forward, but pretty much nothing new until the very end.

Quick recap.   First off, the show started with a flashback that looked like it was ripped out of Interview with a Vampire of the originals landing in the big easy in the 1700s or something.  Basically, in the present day, the witches want the originals to run the oober sexy Marcel and his gang out of NO.  Marcel controls the witches and doesn't allow them to do pretty much anything.  So the witches kidnap Hayley who is preggo with Klaus' hybrid miracle baby.  At first Klaus is ready to let Hayley go down, but my sexy darling Elijah will not let this baby or his family be harmed.  By the end of the episode, Klaus sides with the witches not for the baby but to be king.

Here's where things get a bit hairy.  The witches don't want Marcel dead, the originals don't know why, but apparently Marcel has an ace in the hole.  An extremely powerful witch girl who is in his possession and obviously loyal to him and sense whenever they use magic.  Uh oh.  Is she powerful  enough to even kill Klaus?  Then, again, even if she was, Klaus wouldn't except help in defeating her.  Klaus unexpectedly daggers Elijah.  DAMNIT KLAUS!  YOU'RE BROTHER LOVES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!  You hot mess son of a bitch!  Oh YOU KNOW I WILL KEEP WATCHING!!!

On a side not about Elementary, it was a great episode for Watson.  We finally learn the whole story about the patient she killed during a routine procedure.  Sherlock was amazing to her, choking me up when at the end of the episode he asked to go to the grave with her, to pay respects to the man who changed the course of her life.  Honestly, Miller is such a raw actor and when he explains to Watson how important visiting the grave is to him I nearly choked up.  WHY IS THIS SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW!?!?

Oh man, Thursday nights are going to be rough from here on in, an emotional roller coaster!  I am going to need a xanax.